HOMEMADE Air Power Sniper Rifle Basic Tutorial PVC Air gun POWERFUL !!, Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] straight through both sides and it left a big crack through the middle [Applause] [Applause] okay guys so this isn’t really going to be a proper tutorial but I am going to explain this um to stock up in a step-by-step you need to be a bit smarter to be able to work out this but um okay so more basically got is the same sort of tank setup as with the how to make an air-powered shotgun and that is a step by step tutorial so if you want to go look that video up it’s on my channel will show you how to make all this air tank park along here in the trigger mechanism it’s the same sort of trigger mechanism you’ve got the ball valve with some strong elastic and that can turn and then it clicks into this and this holds it back and when you push the trigger move that up and releases the ball valve the trigger is just being chiseled out there’s actually just a right angled piece of metal it’s just been bent until right angle and then you’ve got that pipe chiseled out you can actually see in there it’s just a right angle going in there and then the triggers just another right angle as you can see that’s all it is which pushes that up very very easy now what we got next is so the barrel actually comes all the way to the back here making a very very powerful the longer the barrel pretty much better accuracy and the more power you’re gonna get as long as you’ve got a big air tank goes all the way along out to the front and this part here it’s just pretty much piece of PVC with holes drilled in it and then some cuts made in the end here and it’s paying black and just taped on it doesn’t do anything for it just makes it look good and you can see the barrel coming out just there and you just roll the balls them nine point five millimeter steel boards and then there’s a magnet at the back of the barrel which holds them in there it works very well there’s a PSI gauge just you screwed into the PVC tank you can buy those on eBay now this is just a cheek rest this here it’s just made from PVC heated up and molded over the top of it also protects you from when the ball valve flicks back it doesn’t doesn’t hit you in the shoulder or anything protect you from that the scope on there is very nice scope it’s just hose clamp on there and there’s like just a piece of metal that the scope sort of acting like a rail for the scope and then that piece of metal is just hose clamped on there very very tight and is very very strong like that so for this part here for the stock it’s just a piece of wood cut out and in the air tank sitting on top of it then I’ve got a heat shrink tubing which is you can look it up on eBay it’s just a tube that goes over you apply heat to it and it shrinks around and grabs and it also sticks with it sort of glues itself there it works really well I’ve got a stand a bipod on here it’s actually a barrel mount bipod it just the legs fold in and they also extend out that’s just attached to a bolt here going into the stock the trigger guard just made from piece of metal screwed around very easy to make again guys if you have any questions on this sort of thing my skype channel is backyard armory on Scott just backyard armory that’s all you have to type in and I can answer any questions there’s just I get overloaded with comments on my channel and stuff so that’s pretty much it guys it’s very simple you know if you want you’ll probably work out a bit more if you seen the how to make an air-powered shotgun video that’s on my channel and that’s a step by step i’m tutorial so if you want to go watch that and then this will start making a bit more sense to you alright guys thanks for watching My brother says this plugin is nice.
HOMEMADE Air Power Sniper Rifle  Basic Tutorial PVC Air gun POWERFUL !!
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Link to how to make an air power shot gun http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLQuygV-Fjk
this gun is made compleetly from parts u can buy at your local hardwere store.
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