In this day and age, the Air Rifle market is filled with a ton of options. It might seem like a daunting and challenging task to find the right air rifle for your needs. However, one name that pops up whenever talking about value for money air rifles is the Benjamin Marauder Air Rifle. The Benjamin Marauder Air Rifle is an extremely popular Air rifle, and its popularity is attributed to its incredible value and feature set it provides for the price you pay.

The Benjamin Marauder Air Rifle is a potent air rifle in its class and is an extremely capable hunting air rifle as well. This rifle is a perfect match for the serious users who want power and value in an air rifle without breaking the bank. Before we get into the features of the Air rifle, let us take a look at the technical specifications. The Benjamin Marauder Air Rifle comes in 3 calibers: .22, .25 and .177, the power source is a Pre-charged pneumatic system that uses an air compression of 3000psi with a bolt action mechanism; it has a velocity of 1100 feet per second and works as a ten shot repeater. Physical dimensions wise it weighs in at 7.30 pounds and is 42.8 inches long. The Benjamin Marauder Air Rifle is a beautiful and very well crafted rifle. It features either a synthetic stock or a hardwood one which comes with padding for both left handed and right handed shooters providing accessibility to all.

The features that make the Benjamin Marauder Air rifle an excellent choice are numerous, and some of the best are as follows:

1. Unrivaled Power and Accuracy: The Benjamin Marauder Air Rifle is a very potent and a powerful rifle for the price, and its closest competitors do not come even close. Depending upon the caliber of the bullet one uses on the rifle it can provide speeds ranging from 900 feet per second to 1100 feet per second. It boasts of excellent range as well. The Air rifle is an excellent companion for hunters as well as for target shooters. It is capable of taking down small game and small sized animals too. When it comes to the accuracy of the rifle, it is amazingly accurate at both long and short distances. It is very precise to the point that it can penetrate the same target area multiple times.

2. High level of flexibility and modification: The Benjamin Marauder Air Rifle offers a high level of flexibility and modification abilities. It comes fitted with a dovetail mount. With this, you can attach some accessories which include a laser or a red dot sight or even a scope to increase accuracy. You can also add extensions to the gun to improve its hardware such as adding extra air pumps or an air tank. The rifle can also be tuned for various situations, and if you know what you are doing, you can achieve much more with this rifle. To top things off the Benjamin Marauder is also capable of taking in multiple types of bullets.

Besides these, the Benjamin Marauder is also a remarkably silent rifle, unlike its competitors. The Air rifle is also very easy to use as well, and even beginners can get accustomed to it very quickly. The overall build quality is superb. It is built tough and durable.

Some cons of the Benjamin Marauder Air rifle

Though the Benjamin Marauder is an excellent air rifle, it carries with it some minor drawbacks and issues which we would like to address. Firstly, the rifle is a bit on the heavier side, and this might pose some problems for beginners and amateurs. Secondly, even though it has a dovetail mount, you don’t get mounts while purchasing it. Lastly, the bolt mechanism of the rifle takes an amount of time getting used to but is not complicated.


The Benjamin Marauder Air rifle is a perfect example of how an air rifle should be. It provides all the core features which an Air rifle should possess such as power, accuracy, ease of use and flexibility. And the best part is that it is very well priced compared to the competition. These reasons alone make the Benjamin Marauder Air rifle a great buy.

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