Hatsan Barrage Semi-Auto PCP Air Rifle, [Applause] [Music] this guy Oh now that my friends is near gun gee willikers thanks mister the hot Sun barrage will in fact turn you from a boy into a man this thing has it all first of all comes in 177 and 22 it literally is built to be accessorized let’s take a look at it you can adjust everything just every single thing on this gun you can adjust the buttpad back here we’ve got a rubber butt pad you can adjust it not only in and out but also you can adjust it out this way if you’ve got longer arms the raised cheek piece right there can go up and down as you can see right here this one my favorite things about hot signs and that has on both sides where that holds your extra pellet magazine this thing comes with three magazines three magazines in the twenty three they hold 12 shots in the 177 they hold 14 shots so what’s your locked and loaded boom that’s 36 shots without even blinking an eye these guys are getting so smart what looks like kind of a Picatinny Weaver rail is both it’s an 11 millimeter and a weaver rail all in one so no matter what mounts you up for your scope they work I actually tried a weaver it was too short to go over the magazine I grabbed another scope that happened to have 11 millimeters on em BAM now I’ve got a scope now it doesn’t come with a scope but it does come with a couple attachments so this would be your your rear sights which are adjustable for windage and elevation and then the front side here which just kind of locks right on like so slides on screw right there you tighten on and then you’re good to go so it’s got a two-stage just books rigger the Safety’s right here I’m not gonna lie to you I don’t love the safety it’s in the place where I like it the most but it’s very thin and it’s metal so when you try to flip it like that it kind of hurts your finger now yeah I’m kind of a sissy I guess but I don’t love it other than that this gun has everything shrouded barrel super quiet it also has this new technology that keeps the extra air from leaking so you get maximum amount of shots with the air you have in your cylinder 500cc tank right here up front the bottle should bottle shape and it’s a semi-auto let’s take a look we’ll check some accuracy at 25 50 and I’m gonna go ahead and reach out to 75 and see what it can do all right so real quick I’m gonna show you how to load these magazines they’re a little tricky so I just want to make sure you get it when you have your magazine and it’s empty you rotate it down and the wheel will move with you if you go up the wheel won’t move and you can go up see in the wheel doesn’t move so that’s not good you want the wheel to move with you it goes all the way till it stops I could be wrong here but this is how I figured it out then you drop a pellet in the bottom you can’t drop on the top you drop on the bottom skirt first and then when you move to the next space it now holds the wheel from move it anymore and then you just drop them in normal for some reason you’ve got to do that first one backwards just stop the wheel from turning to put the rest of them there if I’m wrong somebody let me know that’s what we figured out that’s what worked for me and I’ve tried everything under the Sun so 8:56 I’m using a 15 grain pellet [Music] what’s amazing to me is all you can hear is the mechanical noise of the gun like the barrel literally gets rid of all of the that comes out of a lot of PCPs let’s take another five shots maybe a little quicker now the cool thing right there I know I’m empty when I’m empty the breech opens up and it stays back just like that popping it out pull one of my other rotary magazines out like so pop it in and away we go let’s try some let’s try out a 50-yard shall we see what it does obviously at 25 yards very accurate [Music] so there’s a pretty 8:05 shocker but 50 yards I mean not bad I myself of my pellets it’s windy out there clearly some of them moving around you know I’m consistently getting right around 850 and change feet per second and a 22 let me take a couple shots to that target and see what if we put a whole magazine in there what happens I mean that is that fun there are not many semi-auto PCPs with this kind of accuracy all right got a refilled she takes 250 bar max which is about 3,600 a little bit more than 3600 psi 85 yards that’s roll City 5 yards with it 22 or using the 15 grain pellet and there are some Flyers out there I’m not gonna lie that maybe shooter error I’ve shot enough paper you’ve seen what the gun can do you know about it let’s go to see what you can do with the semi-auto I don’t know all blacked out super tactical sweet looking sexy rifle and it all blacked out tactical looking sweet sexy truck I think what I’m thinking [Music] [Music] there [Music] Oh Roger that my friends is the hot Sun barrage semi-auto 22 and 177 comes with three mag clips comes with a carrying case comes with every opportunity to make this gun be and look exactly how you wanted to it’s awesome it’s fun do me a favor keep shooting safe go to pyramid err get this gun this has been the pyramid outsider I’m Rosslyn Borriello from American air gunner we’ll see you next time [Music] This is one beautiful extension!
Hatsan Barrage Semi-Auto PCP Air Rifle
I adore constituents, because they are the unbelievable. The Barrage is Hatsan’s answer to airgunners who want semi-automatic PCP airguns that combine fast shots, with high maneuverability and penetrating power.

Hatsan Barrage Semi-Auto PCP Air Rifle