Gamo Urban PCP Air Rifle Review, hey guys welcome to the pyramid insider.I’ taking a look at the Gamo.[Music].so the Urban’s got a lot of features.packed into a relatively inexpensive.package let’s check them out up we have the whisper maximum muzzle.break now.they don’t give a specific rating on how.much noise this cuts but I can tell does do some good although the gun is.not silent by any means but I definitely.consider it backyard friendly down below.we do have our fill port here and the.gun of course comes with your.traditional fill probe now this is.threaded to 1/8 inch pspp you will need.a male Quick Connect adapter if you have.a male Quick Connect setup or a female.on the end of your hose I should say but.we do have a gauge on the front the gun.fills to 232 bars so around 3300 psi the.very simple probe just goes in like that.also comes a little bit of silicone.grease to keep those o-rings on your.probe nice and lubricated and every.couple of uses it’s good to put a little.bit on there and then we just put our.cover back on very easy so as you can.see the urban is rear bolt operated.simple pull back to the bolt there’s also a 10-round repeater standard.gamo BSA magazine one nice feature I on these mags aside from being.under spring tension so it automatically.cycles without any extra mechanism here.this little white dot on the back of the.mag I like this a lot now what this actually tell you when you’re out.around so this white dot will pop up.when you are empty so all you have to do.when you’re looking through the gun load your last round oh there’s the.white dot I know I’m empty got to get.the new mag or reload this one that’re not taking extra shots and.wasting air you can also decock the.rifle very simply just by holding the.bolt back taking the gun off safe and.pulling the trigger hear that just let it ease forward and’re safe manual safety up in front of.the trigger here I like this a lot it’s.very easy to use you just flick it.forward with your shooting thing in your.hand your forefinger there and you’re.good to go very easy very simple so.speaking of the trigger this is the C 80.trigger custom action trigger is.two-stage adjustable out-of-the-box.there’s quite a bit of creep in that.second stage which is not something but I don’t like to adjust the.triggers out-of-the-box for the testing.because you guys should get a realistic.experience for those of you that maybe.don’t want to work on it or.just so you know what to expect when it.comes out of the box certainly not a bad.trigger but of course it could be better.up top we’ve decided to mount a utg 4 to.16 SWAT scope here mil dot reticle but.that 16 actually give us a nice.opportunity to actually see what we’re.doing downrange of 45 yards when we do.the long-range testing so I felt this.was a good option and didn’t throw the.weight off too much and I do like the.side focus as well and then on top we do.have an 11 millimeter dovetail also and.that is straight through there is no cut.for the breech or anything like that got a straight rail I prefer this.actually where the magazine goes into.the actual breach of the gun instead of.splitting it that makes mounting a scope.a heck of a lot easier and gives you a.lot more room to fine-tune eye relief to.what you need the stock itself full.synthetic as you can see thumb actually has a really nice hands aren’t terribly big but the.pistol grip feels really nice in my.hands and and you can see it got a.little room there so if you do have.bigger hands you should fit this gun.fairly well raised cheek piece up here.which brings your eye into the scope.really easily and then rubber butt pad.on the back although it’s not like a lot of recoil with this gun to.contend with but certainly pretty.comfortable overall about six and a half.pounds without the scope it’s really.nice gun actually I think just in terms.of feel and you know maybe taking this.hunting all day or something like that.this would be no problem this is a could just I mean you could just.carry this thing around all day if you.wanted to it is very light very.pointable and it comes into the shoulder.nicely I I like the feel a lot and the.synthetic stock while being hollow.actually the lightweight is a feature like in this case one other thing want to point out right here on the.side of the gun says made in the UK now.gamo being in Spain also has a very.close relationship with BSA so I’m gonna.assume that this gun is actually made in.the BSA factory whether or not all are made in the BSA factory I.don’t know but certainly looks very some of the other BSA rifles that.have come out recently so we’ll go that would also mean potentially.that it is a hammer forged barrel from.BSA which we know are very very accurate.barrels so I am very excited to see what.this thing will do on the range with.accuracy we’ve put a.fifteen pellets or so through this see what is most accurate we’ve.narrowed it down to about four for you.guys so let’s head out to the range.we’ll do some crowny testing we’ll many shots you can get off a fill.and obviously most importantly we’ll see.if she’s accurate set out all right so.we got the crowny setup we got the loaded with ten rounds we’re gonna.shoot the jsb 18 grain heavies we’re.gonna look for a shot string here so many shots we can get off a fill I’m.expecting you probably about 30 or so.with that 3300 psi filled being a little.higher you probably get a couple more.but let’s see where that sweet spot is.where we’re getting the best consistency.let’s see what happens.[Music].reloading the mag pretty simple off the.pellet in there and then rotate to slot and if you lose your grip or.something once you have a pellet there it retains itself so it’s not.going anywhere you don’t rotate it all.the way back on the first ten shots.we’ve started at about 750 we’re just under 770 now probably go up a.little bit more but you’ll see that an.unregulated DCT like this you will get.that initial climb if you go all the that pole point we’ll see what ten do now that I got it loaded.[Music].so looking over our shot string here.pretty good numbers actually for.starting at 3300 kind of right where I.expected once you had about three.thousand twenty nine hundred or so.starts to even out right at that seven.seventy mark topped out at 785 it and we were down around twenty to.twenty three hundred psi right there’s using a lot of air over the course.of the shot string we end up cutting right about fifteen hundred psi be using pretty much fifteen hundred.psi for the consistent shots turning big.well the consistent portion of the shop.strength which is right about twenty-two.shots is pretty damn good so you know.for twenty two shots to go out hunting.with a fifteen foot per second spread.between them that’s solid that’s not.going to be cause any point of impact.changes or anything like that so pretty.good numbers out of gamma.[Music].[Applause].[Music].so pretty impressive results out of the.urban at 25 yards got the air arms 16.grain pellets this is a that’s about as.good as it gets it’s about a half a dime.the JSP 18s at 25 did pretty well also.and I had that one sneak up high on me.there a little bit but overall I can’t.really complain you know flyers a flyer.and then the H&M field target trophies.also very impressive all these could be.covered by a dime at 25 yards so these.will meet your testing needs no problem.the Crossman premieres while they did ok.good enough for pest thing yeah that’ not good enough for 45 let’s see we.could do with the Gamo urban at 45.[Music].[Music].[Music].all right so let’s look at these 45-yard.results the HN ends you know like an.inch and a quarter so not great the air.arms had that one flyer up high other.than that that would have been a again a little over an inch here group of the day though by far the.JSP 18.1 did have that flyer right there.but all four of the shots here you know.very tight cluster and still under an.inch as a whole so this is going to be.the pellet I’m gonna recommend for the.Gamo urban here are those JSP 18 drains.should do you quite well and obviously.getting pretty good energy out of them.and certainly squirrels head worthy at.45 yards so definitely a good option.there and then 25 yards if you are.shorter range hunter out to 30 or so you.know you got a lot of pellet options.that are working this guns.[Music].one pound 11 ounces 1 pound 11 ounces 1.pound 12 ounces so very consistent thing I will say certainly doesn’t.feel that light there’s a lot of that second stage if you watch’s the love that take up and a lot of.extra movement there which makes it a.little bit difficult to get that nice.and light feel but I’m sure if you around with the adjustment a little.bit you get it into a nice for yourself so the Gamo urban guys have seated it’s fairly.consistent over the chronograph will.consistent enough to get the job done.down range in the accuracy you’ve seen relatively quiet I’d say.this is backyard friendly although quiet as it could be potentially the.232 bar fill not a problem really you.don’t have to go that high as you saw.I’m actually probably filling the is gonna maximize more of that with your shots but the fill relatively easy not a huge fan of the.probes in general just because it’s.o-rings it’s extra pieces.I’d prefer more companies start going.just to the quick disconnect on the guns.but you know some of these things we’re.never going to change.I really wish they did though magazine.system functioned flawlessly rear bolts.pretty easy to operate not too much.tension with that hammer spring and.again the Urban’s really nice really.pointable this is definitely going to be.a type of hunters delight type of gun’re in the market for a relatively.inexpensive pcp to get the job done on a.hunt or you know pesty in the backyard.whatever you’d like to do.I think the urban is going to be a.really solid fit for that that wraps it.up for the Gamo urban pcp in 22 caliber.for the pyramid insider i’m tyler patner.we’ll see you guys at the next one.[Music]. 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Gamo Urban PCP Air Rifle Review
This is the fancy module ever%sentence_ending Looking for comfort, stealth and price in your next PCP hunting air rifle? This might just be the one for you. Find out if Gamo’s claims hold up once Tyler gets his hands on the Urban PCP.

Gamo Urban PCP Air Rifle