GAMO Swarm Maxxim Review (Game Changing) 10 SHOT Break Barrel Air Rifle, okay guys today I bought this gun and it is called a camo swarm Maxim and what’s special about it it’s got the 10 shot clip it’s a break barrel with a 10 shot clip so that’s why this is the first spring gun that I bought in 25 years basically you load this magazine up with ten one-77 caliber pellets and then you just break your barrel and it’s gonna automatically load into your barrel and then that’s how you cock it so it’s a lot easier than putting one pellet in each time so let me take this inside and we’ll go ahead and check this out for real this has gamo DNA too so I’m pretty excited about that okay guys this right here is the gamma swarm at pyramid air so you can get this anytime you want in either 22 caliber or 177 as you see right here for 179 now when you’re using a spring powered gun what you want to do is get one of these and this is from Diana it’s only fifty nine dollars and this will take one-inch scopes or 30-inch scopes and what it does is it takes the recoil away from a spring air gun and allows you to put any scope you want on there instead of having to get a special one made for air guns so then this will allow you to put your favorite two scope on your maximum swarm so it’s after fifty nine bucks plus you know you can use that on any spring gun that you get the Beeman r7 it’s a pretty nice one so this right here is the gamma swarm that I just got I got the 177 caliber version so you can get it in 177 caliber or 22 I bought mine at Walmart for $179 so the good news is you can go down to any Walmart and buy this gun and you can have it right now if you don’t have a Walmart the other good news you can order it from pyramid air anytime you want to and this is the most badass picture of this gun it really shows the fluted barrel right there now this looks more like a muzzle brake but it says it’s got a suppressor system on it so I really hope it does because I’m not really supposed to shoot guns here but if I can shoot this gun and sneak it every once in a while I might be able to do a little accuracy testing on-site here what makes this gun so special is this right here is where the magazine goes basically you load your magazine up yeah it looks like a pretty tricky magazine we’re gonna look at it in person in a second here but it looks like up here has an indicator to to tell you when you’re out so this is looking like a really cool rifle there’s the other side so yeah you load ten shots in here and then all you got to do is uh break the barrel on this baby you’re right for your next shot so looking really forward to it this is 1,300 feet per second and 177 caliber and 975 feet per second in 22 caliber but that is with super lightweight like aluminum ammo or something like that so that’s still going to be good velocity when we put some quality lead pellets in it and we’ll check that out too okay this is the demo storm will come in I mention it the suppressor system the gas piston this is a spring gun of course and the gas piston is an igt piston so we’ll get more into that 1,300 feet per second using a special aluminum Platinum ammo or whatever so what we want to do is slow this down to 950 by using some heavier ammo and that’ll be real easy three year warranty that’s pretty good this must be well-made now here’s something that’s great about this gun it has a two-stage adjustable trigger and what I just read at pyramid air is each stage is independently adjustable so you can adjust your first stage and your second stage independently and of course the other cool thing is that it comes with the scope right here now on the back of the box you see that you can use this for pest control or recreation actually it’s rating it for each of those but it’s saying that this has got like five stars for pest control and recreation you know I would definitely try to use it 22 and then for hunting it’s got three stars says it delivers accuracy with higher energy downrange for the ultimate impact and penetration ideal for small games such as rabbits squirrels raccoons and crows so I would say in 22 caliber or with some heavy pellets target competition it says this offers the ultimate and accuracy and consistent performance ideal for both training and competitive shooting so one thing is that this gun right here is gonna be great for training of using a real firearm because you have to use the artillery hold in order to shoot accurately with a spring gun and it’s the same hold that you use on a firearm so we’ll get more into that – so actually I am going to show you the box because I’m gonna be giving you my own opinion on this stuff when we’re looking at it and this is what the manufacturer says so this has a recoil reducing a rail that rail I just talked about there your scope rail it says 99.9 recoil compensation so we’ll look at this one thing about a spring – is that it always shoots the same you have to worry about regulators or shot strings or anything like that can shoot exactly the same every time so now this right here is the trigger system I’m gonna read off so it says this provides a crisp clean and smooth trigger pull which improves accuracy okay so what do they say about their special spring piston they say that this is a proven game-changer the itg gammas patented inert gas technology delivers steady and consistent power providing higher accuracy and durability with less vibration so everything about this gun sounds great as far as accuracy okay the back of the box is also going to have this neat little chart that’s called understanding your air rifles and noise reduction capabilities it basically mentions that gamma leads the air rifle industry and sound suppression and noise reduction does not mean silent I’m not even gonna read it but I think what they’re gonna explain to you is that if you break the sound barrier then you’re gonna make a crack no matter how big of a suppressor on there so if you if you’re gonna go above a thousand feet per second you’re gonna hear a crack that’s when your pellet breaks the song the sound barrier so what you want to do to slow this rifle down and not break the sound barrier is use these pellets right here or another type of heavier than normal pilot what it will do is it’ll slow your 1,300 foot per second air gun right down to 950 no problem easily once I get in there $8.99 at pyramid air for 220 of them and these are 16 grain pellets a normal 177 caliber pellet is seven grains it’s right here you see some seven grain pellets next to the ones that I like to shoot which are 16 grains so my pellets are twice as heavy the other reason you don’t want to break the sound barrier is because your groups will go from half-inch groups to 6-inch groups all right the other thing you can do to get some real good accuracy out of any air guns spring or PCP is using a pellet sizer like this and this works so good that I say it’s almost like cheating watch my hats and sortie a video with a synthetic stock and I sized on my pellets in that video and it was unbelievable so that was a little bit hard I just shoved that pellet through there and I just made it exactly four point five millimeters now you can get these pellet sizes in any size you want so I don’t know how to find the size of your barrel bore but maybe you guys can leave some comments down below and tell us how but anyway if you want to really get technical you can figure out the size of your pellet borne you can order one of these in four point four six four point four to one you want so I’ll try to leave it as description down there okay so I’m gonna show you what these look like now okay do you see those shiny stripes around the pellets right there it’s a very visible on that top pillow right there that’s basically what you do to your pellet is you scrape it down and you pinch the skirt down to be with proper size and so I just started with a 4.5 millimeter one on that on my one seven seven and it’s been working great so far if you don’t know what size to order just order a 4.5 and no matter what’s pellet the size ends up being loose or tight in your barrel it’s still going to be really consistent and so you’re gonna get better great for no matter what okay if you want one of these just to check out raven tactical all right I like it already okay there’s what it looks like in the box it comes in a bag and got some instructions and everything and that’s your scope that you get this is all the stuff that it comes with and let me just show you here comes with a pecking control number my name is 26 that would make a really good target right there as well here’s your magazine right here Elle rash goes to something probably your special amount that you got there we got a big instruction booklet right here and a really glossy this is all about your scope mount and setting your scope and the installation of your scope and probably how it works so we’ll just figure that out as we go here now it looks like this is a cool scope and I know I’m just judging a book by it’s cover but I like the box already it’s a 3 by 9 by 40 which is perfect for air guns looks like the parallax setting or its most clear view is gonna be at 25 yards that doesn’t mean it won’t work everywhere else tweet by name and magnification it says this is specially designed for air rifles so that’s the manufacturer number and a little bit of the reticle if you want to look up how much this cost by itself you also get this warning thing and this looks like a warranty registration card this does come with a three year warranty on this bad boy okay here’s that magazine in person I guess they gave me a blue one so I kind of like that better than red anyway so there it is we’ll figure out how to put that in all right this right here is the whisper quiet suppression technologies right there and you know it could have some baffles right here – this is a shroud that goes over the nineteen point nine inch barrel let’s just call it twenty so of course it looks like a fluted barrel it’s actually a composite shroud over it so the barrel kind of tapered at the end and right here we got looks like a serial number this one says once I’m set in caliber and right here is where you load your magazine from the top right there and we got to make a release button right there it does say gamo swarm right there and really shiny gold letters and this right here is a warning that’d be well of a beware of a pellet remaining in the breech which is basically saying you know before you pick this up and cock it make sure there’s not a pellet in there so you know double load it it also says read the owner’s manual that’s always good now this was supposed to be a recoil reducing amount but I’m not seeing anything real springy so if you really wanted to get serious about target shooting with this gun you probably want to order that Diana mouth like I mentioned so this is a kind of narrow it was lightweight when I pulled it out of the box I noticed that it’s 5.64 pounds and weight feels really nice it looks really nice obviously this is a composite polymer plastic kind of stock or something probably polymer but you know it feels really solid and it feels really nice to me this is lighter than your normal gun but it does weigh six pounds so it’s not super light now one of the cool things about this is the trigger and here’s a close-up of the trigger of course this is still polymer right here but this is metal and you probably flip that forward when you’re ready to get your safety off and so this trigger is adjustable to different stages and you have to read your owners manual to find out how exactly to do that it’s going to come set on your gun at 3.1 pounds so going back down here it’s got that you know checkering right here checkering right here that feels really good it feels real grippy this does feel really good in my hands I like this gun already and of course we’ve got some snazzy stuff down here at the end with the red and this recoil pad is set on the stats was supposed to reduce the recoil by 74% now we see stay between your spongy butt pad and your loose artillery hold you might be able to get some really good accuracy out of this real easily but first let me read off some of those stats so like I said before this is Renda 1,300 feet per second but we’re gonna slow it down to 900 with some heavier 177 caliber ammo or if you got the 22 version you would be shooting 975 feet per second it’s got a 30 pound cocking effort so when you go to cock it can be about 30 pounds of effort the rail is the scope rail is 11 millimeter and it’s good that it has a little bit of a riser mount on there because usually needed or tall rings or a riser mount the manual safety it’s got a manual safety which I was kind of surprised I would think that if you are cocking that and getting a pellet in there you might want to have an automatic safety but that’s fine now this is only three on the loudness scale so that’s good I might actually be able to get away with shooting it here in my backyard another thing that I’m seeing about the itg spring piston system that that has in the skin is that it has a smoother cocking over other systems cocking systems and it’s supposed to be smoother shooting with less vibration that’s always good no spring torque whatever that means okay yeah well no spring torque means is that you can cock this and you can leave it cocked for like a year and a half and it’s not gonna fatigue the spring at all which it is not a normal thing that’s something that they did as an upgrade a function it’s perfectly in cold weather that’s opposed for some of you and their itg spring piston lasts longer than a metal spring so it must be made of some high sides metal okay I’m gonna go ahead and open the scope up I’m not really sure how this reduces recoil felt recoil but I am 100% sure that this scope is gonna be ready for a spring done and it’s gonna be just great and just fine on this gun right here so it looks like it’s a one inch scope comes with some scope covers right there got some snazzy instructions so there’s a 40 millimeter 30 by 9 power adjustable and it suggested to be really clear at 25 yards that’s the parallax of it anyway which is don’t even need to get into that so right here looks like it has a really nice scope rings that’s like one piece and then it also raises your scope up a little bit so that on top of this rail that they got back there you’re gonna have a really nice side picture that’s up where you need it yeah this is all gnarled and everything this part looks really cool this is metal all complete metal of course and this is where you adjust it so yeah this is great I’m gonna put this on and give my eye relief just right this scope also comes with a cleaning thing right there and an hour wrench so you don’t even need any tools to get this going there okay I do want to make sure I got all the stats on this for you this is a 13.5 inch long scope right here the eye relief is 3.5 inches it weighs 21 ounces so I know that some of the lighter Hawkeye scopes that I use weigh about 16 ounces so and then the more expensive Hawkeye scopes that I use weigh 21 ounces so basically this is on the heavier side but it doesn’t mean it’s heavy this is fog proof shockproof and waterproof it says that the field of view is 40 foot to 12 foot one inch to 40 millimeter objective lens okay there’s these little holes right here on the top there and this little nut shot right here wants to go in that hole so you won’t really be able to adjust your scope like way back and forth but this should be just fine actually you could put it on like this no problem and that’s probably what I’ll do because I like my scopes to be way back and it turns out that’s not an Allen wrench it’s actually a little star wrench okay I got that on there really good and it’s looking good right there one thing I wanted to tell you though is that be careful not to tighten your scope ring nuts or bolts or whatever these are too tight because I had to learn that the hard way with scopes on even if this was like a $1500 gun you just barely snug them up and then give them a little teeny bit more of a turn or else they’re going to strip right out and they’re designed to be that way they’re designed to just be snugged up and they’re gonna hold their 0 and and just right you don’t just sit there and crank it as hard as you can so be careful when you’re putting those on so now let’s figure out how to load this magazine so we can see that the indicator right there telling you that you’re out okay so it looks like I just drop them in this hole and then turn the will in the direction I’m turning it with my finger right here in the direction that it says so let’s see if I hopefully my special pellets fit okay that’s good so far so good okay now I’ll just turn that with my finger drop another one in there just kind of falls in there a little bit loose turn it again actually every time I load a pellet it looks like it can’t go past where the pellets at so this is clicking along as I go I’m gonna just finish loading these pellets up okay I put my last Pillet in there and my indicator test says ten on it so it looks like I got ten shots ready to go on this thing and basically how it works is you just twist it by doing the things on the side with your fingers and then as you drop a pellet and it just holds it in this position and you just do that till it’s all the way done and you’ll have ten ready to go I suppose you could probably load five in here and you did a safe five on there so that’s cool too now I’m guessing that we’re just gonna turn this like this and shove this in the top of C okay that was super awesome let’s just check this out here so I basically oh that’s really cool too so when you press the mag release out it actually makes a click so to shove my mag in there I just make sure my pills go in the right way oh I couldn’t be any simpler than that and then to get it out Wow it gives it a nice positive click and you pull that baby out so the other way you can remember is that this circle thing goes in the front facing forward and then this flat end goes back so so that’s pretty cool so so far just from handling this gun I like it okay it’s all solid and put together good this isn’t plasticky at all it’s hard polymer this stock feels really super good of course I’m super impressed and excited about that trigger I don’t know if I’m smart enough to figure out how to adjust it but we’ll see yeah I mean it’s a great looking gun it’s got this really snazzy back here and there’s that butt pad they’ve been talking about on the air gun Shannon I’m just kidding oh this is weird so yeah these come out if you want to make it a little even require less e more so anyway this right here is a the bottom right there and like I say this is a nice slim streamlined weapon it’s lightweight so if this thing shoots halfway decent this might be one of my new favorite toys right there we’ll see the other thing I want to mention real fast is that when I put the scope on here I just look through it and the crosshairs are 100% perfectly straight up and down and that’s something that I always have a hard time getting exactly right so that’s another plus about this gum is you can just throw this on and your cross hairs are ready to rock and roll so now it’s time to go shoot it you These constituents are huge!!
GAMO Swarm Maxxim Review (Game Changing) 10 SHOT Break Barrel Air Rifle
I love constituents, because they are the nice!! The game changing GAMO Swarm is the biggest leap forward in airgunning in decades! Finally a Multi-Shot break barrel air rifle that has a 10 round magazine! No more loading 1 pellet at a time. The 10 shot mag in the Gamo Swarm air rifle means all you have to do is cock the gun by breaking the barrel, and the pellet is loaded automatically. Quick follow up shot with a powerful and accurate pellet rifle suitable for hunting. This game changing multi shot spring air rifle is the best break barrel spring air gun the is available right now! Easily the best spring air rifle of 2018 because you can get it at any Wal-mart anytime as well as from Pyramid Air or Airgun Depot for just $179! This GAMO Swarm Review video shows the GAMO Swarm Maxxim multi shot air gun up close and tells you everything you need to know about purchasing and operating this awesome high powered air rifle!

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