Gamo CFX .177 the perfect entry air rifle, hello youtube this video I want to talk about the gamma C effects the gamma C effects is one of my favorite arrogance of all time because it’s really cheap for an arrogant I think I paid about 175 euros for it it has an under lever cocking mechanism which I’m a big fan of and I will tell you why because in the past we’ve had Mickey and I have had some brake barrels also in the cheaper range about 150 to 200 euros and all of them had the same problem we thought that the barrel the brake barrel doesn’t always come back perfectly in the same place so it might be off by half a millimeter or something but the bullet impact its way off even with that smaller change and that’s why I like this under cocking my under lever cocking mechanism because the barrel itself never moves that’s really nice it’s really accurate it comes with fibre optics which I think are great you can adjust them and they’re very nice for when you shoot without the scope I fitted a scope to it because I like that and what I’ve also done is well Mickey’s now this he changed the trigger to Charlie the tuna trigger my own this is this actually Mickey’s CFX I also have a C of X but it doesn’t have the trigger and it has a cheaper scope because I bought a more expensive Deanna madam yeah overall this this gun is a very good bargain except for the trigger the trigger is quite bad so I carry recommend that you switch it with a child eternal trigger which is really nice you can really just dis trigger to almost touchscreen what L so like is this safety mechanism it’s really easy to use just this is safety this is safety off it has a nice click to it so there’s really two really easy to put on the safety with one hand or what your thumb only or now not thumb so you see you can easily lock and unlock the safety overall I think the build quality of this gun is great this is a kind of plastic I think it has a cool look so yeah overall it’s a great gun and more important is the performance I think it really performs very well this one is in point 177 caliber so yeah I think I’ll show you what it can do about the gun itself the factory states that it shoots at 280 meters per second some years ago that was still 320 meters per second but I think that was exaggerated I think 280 is pretty accurate I don’t have a chrony so I cannot test the bullet speed I think it’s pretty accurate the gun itself is very light so that’s very nice and yeah the purpose of this gun I wouldn’t go hunting with this the caliber is too small but um it’s a really nice gun for your backyard for 20 meters it’s perfect no bullet drop or whatsoever of course that somebody dropped butter cut a piece out Martin but 20 meters there’s almost no spread so that is really nice so yeah let’s take it down the range so we’re at the range of my homemade range I’m using these Barracuda pellets because they’re high quality it’s important because you can break got really bad performance when you shoot a low quality pellets I don’t like the gamma pellets because they’re they’re spread it’s pretty wide I want to like about this gun it’s really easy to to cock even a child can do it I had this gun when I was 15 and I thought it was really easy to cut so that’s good what I also really like about this gun is the loading mechanism as you can see there’s a gap that is shaped like a pallet so you can wonder when the gun is cocked you can open this chamber the buddha chamber and you can just lay the bullet inside here i’ll show you as you can see it fits in there perfectly not just give it a little push remark but my nil and that’s in how the gun is loaded safety all right let’s shoot this gun so that’s where I’ll be it’s about 22 meters and I’ll be shooting this bullet catcher alright alright those are four holes on this one is my fold went off a little but you have four holes and look at my finger size I can cover this with the top of my finger so this is really small a very tiny spread so that’s that’s a great performance for for cheap for cheaper rival now let’s let’s check out the power it has so first of all we’ve got an egg now let’s see if we can get this flip oh guy a headache right I have this steel storm lighter and a iron tin painting paint bucket so let’s show them so we shot them this is what one shot and this what’s left of the lighter three separate pieces as you can see it exploded on the side is totally destroyed and as you can see in this painting two entrance holes in two exit holes so this gun absolutely has no problem of getting through this this steel iron or destroying a steel lighter and this was quite a happy to design sir it was quality so I’ll clean that up later but uh yeah overall I think the gamma see if X is a maybe the perfect entry gun it has great value and overall I’m very happy with its accurate it’s a powerful enough it’s a great gun for shooting in your backyard having some fun so I can highly recommend this gun if you want something more powerful and under under cocking under lever cocking mechanism you could go for the dianna 460 I’m really happy with that gun and now that kicks much more punch than this one but it’s also much more expensive I think this is this gun is the perfect way the perfect gun to start with it’s very accurate very powerful for a gun with this price thanks for watching you This is another nice item!!
Gamo CFX  .177 the perfect entry air rifle
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The gamo CFX is a great value air rifle. It features a great combination of both accuracy and power for a small price. It uses very durable materials making it an almost care free air rifle that is also quite fool proof.

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