FX Revolution – Part 2 (Accuracy) Semi-Automatic Air Rifle, okay guys we’re out here at the 50-yard range this is the target we’re shooting is it high one again today about 90 degrees not as bad as it has been a little damp but uh doable today and then I’m over here to see what this can do anyway I can’t wait any longer I’m hoping my own personal hope is that I can put 10 maybe maybe a magazine on a quarter that would be excellent in my opinion and I will show you how fast that can fire a yellow surprise in store I’m not going to individually load these pellets this is a semi-auto that’s what you bought it for that’s how you’re going to use if you’re not going to be single loading so I’m not even going to bother with that top targets you you you you as well I will do two more see how those look before we draw any sweeping conclusions you you you you okay I’m going to be shooting these these dynamic tin pellets at the center target these guys dynamic tins they prove to be pretty accurate out of this gun the pto i is a little higher and with lead pellets but i’ll just make that adjustment with a hold under and these according to my offhand brain calculation here be should be singing it about upper nine hundreds close to a thousand feet per second that’s pretty hot aiming on the middle target you you oh yeah right I almost forget literally I was packed up and I almost forgot the shotgun shells so the mod of 50 and take the shots at him with this it seems that you’re aiming at something you hit it a lot more than when you’re aiming at paper you find that true okay animal in the crosshairs it goes down put a paper in the crosshairs and group start to wander around anyway I love aiming at something as opposed to you know paper not a paper hunter right eh I love a good group but I’m not a paper puncher so I’m going to set ten up down there put 12 in the cliff hopefully uh with one clip I can knock all turned out you okay I’ve been here a couple hours now I am hot I am sticky I think I smell like a billy goats nutsack I’m gonna go home clean up and then we’ll talk about these targets as well as different kinds of pellets that I use wrap this video up in the air conditioning let’s get out of here guys here’s our target and if you average out all these group sizes it comes out to about just a little bit more than a half an inch at 50 yards pretty good the Royal Isle competed it a little bit as I would expect a bold action would the seminar mechanism undoubtedly is going to cost you a little bit accuracy but to be fair I should note that I only tried a few pellets and my other review is I tried more pellet and in this gun I stayed with the heavier pellets because I thought the lighter ones would just be screaming too fast so the only two actually tried was the JSP 18.1 grain and the barracuda 21.1 grain H&N baracuda last pail that I tried as I noted in the video was these dynamic tin pellets a lot of guys have had good results from these they actually do perform reasonably and a lot of guns I guess an inch group at 50 yards is not totally unreasonable but you saw how unstable they were so I wouldn’t recommend them through this gun and maybe they’re just not a good match for the smooth twist barrel or maybe this gun was firing them too hot I don’t know that I’ll need another smooth to ass gun to do a proper comparison and though I didn’t forget here’s that surprise I promised I’ll see you at the next gun guys and girls you I adore addons, because they are huge!
FX Revolution - Part 2 (Accuracy) Semi-Automatic Air Rifle
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This video is from my soon-to-be-deleted “Airgun Review” channel. I am consolidating the two channels.

The FX Revolution is one of a small handful of semi-automatic air rifles on the market. There is no faster way to burn through air and lead than to own one of these things. They are ridiculously fun.

In this video, I show you the accuracy I was able to achieve with JSB 18.1gr pellets @ 910fps.

The Camera Mount I used to record through the scope can be found here:

The slow-motion camera I use to film the shots through the scope is the Casio EX-FC150. That camera is no longer made, but you can buy its successor (which is actually a better camera than the one I use) here: