EXTREME 2014 – Airgun Speed Shooting – Air Rifle Extreme Bench Rest 2013, [Music] part three of my extreme Ventress trip 2013 the speed silhouette shoot this is one of the most fun and attention-grabbing parts of the extreme Ventress weekend the speed silhouette shoot it works quite simply 16 metal knock over targets at 30 40 50 and 60 yards and the shooters have to knock them over as fast as they can but wait you cannot preload magazines you cannot pre stage your pellets they must come out of the tin so it’s your choice do you use the magazine and load it or do you take the single-shot option whatever you do the time clock is running it’s are held in stages to begin with to see if you can make it through to the final round let’s get right into the action in the final heat with some of the hot favourites going to hand you over to mr. terry doe who with his diamond diction is going to talk you through the fast paced shooting firstly it’s time to beat us with the daystate wolverine view of high power into two caliber there we go taste state man main man Tony Buddhist there’s money where his mouth is knocking on over a bit of a fumble there he doesn’t have Nixon invention you’ll see I remember the day when tony reedus was the man to be on the field target circuit those chickens look awfully small at 30 yards reluctant pal over there and make any difference the rock seemed over it’s the chickens all time fairly easy pigs come out I bet they’re not as easy now once you’ve had a couple of fumble pellets most targets rank look any fruit and good anything else oh yeah now he’s in the rhythm now he’s right in the zone turkeys test anybody to know what’s flying now very well now around and he’s really in the rhythm just as I say that cause he fumbles there there’s really some room here but somebody develop an easier way lob singly you could see that being subject of some technical development one more target to go Tony one more and there he goes 126 97 were done Tony partner a couple of fumbles here in there you could you can choke ten seconds off that mate all right every shot to count now yeah always good to kick off with a hit he’s done that now Nick could load these with the mag for the daystate but you’ve got to start with an empty mag and you’ve got to sit there loading the mag while everybody else is knocking down targets then when you get your mag in you can black away ten times faster than them but it’s a test a nerve plus it’s 16 shots if you haven’t got a 16 shot mag or you miss you’ve got to reload a mag so most of the top boys use single shop Nick’s absolutely plowing through this despite having put any practice in at all bit of a fumble there with a pair of that cuts in two seconds that’s the sort of thing you can’t afford to do and there’s another angle where you haven’t missed a shot yet though just marksmanship this is about how to load keep it smooth systematically and working your way through it’s only 16 shots I believe me you doing the competition you are absolutely knackered by the end of it his last water do now you really can’t see you missing these that was excellent well done it well done with the range cold everyone walks out and resets the targets ready to go again let’s take a look at Ted just come up with a nifty idea revolving around his head gun and a scope well that’s one to ten I feel like I’m two steps behind it’s the bank alright so what I plan to do something has been done before I have a lot of time behind the camera probably more than most to behind a scope camera and I’m counting on muscle memory of of this process daring me into the qualifying I’m also counting on potentially a lot of controversy and the fanning of this come next year in the event of course that I do well I don’t do well it welcomes me to do it every single time I’m sure are you ready [Music] and that philosophy has to end why when it appears that the powers that be decided Ted’s idea was a step too far and bandit was it a good time yes it was and I’m sure the man himself will tell you more about it in the future dr. Terry you gotta shake the tins because the pellets not only have to be standing and prepared go three stars now this is where the machine like Shane Keller does his stuff that’s too damn clean it’s done this in under a minute is done in 57 seconds in practice this is the count first four Rams dead tree that gun stays in his shoulder he’s not had a back rest it must stay in the shoulder they can’t rest on anything mechanical now he’s missed a turkey that’s very unusual for him he’s got that one and a SLIC if he was in practice now he won’t miss any of these I’m absolutely certain they’re going down one after the other he’s being timed like Ted here and I’m expecting it still to come in for actually over a minute he’s had a problem with the fumble there’s very much left a couple of seconds there this one is cutting this five seconds at least down to do chicken he’s got 105 but that was I ripped in seven seconds longer than the children so there you have it the pro class speed silhouette shoot with Shane Keller in first with one minute five seconds Nick Jenkinson’s second with one minute 13 seconds Frederick axelsson in third with 1 minute 26 seconds Toni be last for 1 minute 27 seconds and Marc Buchanan 5th with one minute 28 seconds those are all truly amazing scores the sportsman and springer classes were just behind with the top scorer in the sportsman class being Brandon Walter with one minute 36 and Pete blue winning the springer class one minute and five seconds that is outstanding but if you were listening you may have heard Terry mentioned Shane’s practice go earlier let’s just take a look at that this is a practice session for the final and we’re we’re looking at Shane Keller he’s last year’s winner and he’s pretty much a red-hot favorite watch what how he’s loading now he could use a magazine it’s allowed but you have to start with an empty mag and you have to load it while the others are shooting and there’s nothing more disconcerting than hearing those targets going down while you’re still poking pellets in a Mac so Shane chooses to load singly as most of them do but you can use a mat now he’s working from back to front and the time I’ve been talking we’ve already cleared the Rams and the turkeys now it was working on for the pigs one by one systematic never takes his eye off the scope cranks horizon fires as the breech poses pretty much I just worked his way through absolutely jewelry from the city and he’s using a an fx verminator but it’s highly modified it’s shooting just under thirty foot pounds and he’s now gonna take his final shot of the chicken and there it goes didn’t miss a single target under one minute well dine coming soon in episode 4 the 75 yard extreme bench rest and more interviews with other fabulous shooters [Music] you [Music] This is another interesting extension!!
EXTREME 2014 - Airgun Speed Shooting - Air Rifle Extreme Bench Rest 2013
This is the interesting add-on ever%sentence_ending Air Gun Speed Shooting – Air Rifle Extreme Bench Rest 2013 – This is the one I enjoyed filming, taking part in and watching the most. Simply awesome to watch the shooters and the speed they load the air guns, I did try but my time was 4mins, which was awful, but I had never tried anything like that before. I will be practising for next year I can tell you.
He did a fantastic job keep everything organised and running smoothly.
In this we also Ted from Ted’s Holdover – edgunusa – Ted had a great idea, but the judges had a different idea, have a look what do you think?

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