EXPLODING AIRGUN TARGETS: Awesome Air Rifle Gadgets, this is what I love about having an air rifle you don’t have to spend hours in a field waiting to blow the head off something you can actually have fun with it and if your wife or your other half doesn’t like the fact that you shoot birdies or squirrels or rabbits you can have great fun with some targets you see what I did there great fun good in it Danny and these nice team at great fun targets have sent us a few things to have a go with the first one that I’m most excited about because it goes buying is the exploding Pepsi Cola bottle what we’re not allowed to say Pepsi Cola the exploding bottle then we have some spinners which you can screw on to game posters or bits of wood in your back garden also in the box were the legendary taught targets other than if you can see there what you do is you hang them on a bit of string and you shoot them and they go off in a puff of dust there are many different ways of hanging the chalk targets we found that if you just pull a nice bit of string or rope across and then just wrap a paper clip round the bit of string and stick it through the hole and there you go job done other things that great phone can supply you with our range sticks and zeroing stickers now these are ideal so they say for nighttime because they actually will reflect in your night vision scope or quite well in low light or with your beam or anything like that whatever it is you’re using these will stick to anything as you can see the team think they’re funny and I’m sure it’ll get some comments about which one you lot would like to shoot at and the zeroing sticks well what you can do is you can put them out at known distances so at 10 meters you put the first one at 15 you put the second one okay if you shoot them they’re going to explode because we’ve tried but they are ideal so you know what distance your prey is at so you can use them to check your distance don’t to check your zero and can I take them off now before you start shooting at those things and missing you want to check your zero and there’s a few different ways of doing it we’ve been sent these lovely bolt on spinners all you do you’ve drilled a hole in the wood tighten them up and there they are you can put those out on your permission and just use it to have a plink app when your birdies haven’t turned up I’m going to shoot wrestling on the vehicle it’s about 30 meters over there I’m gonna check the zero first on the spinners I’m zeroed up so now for a chalk target the chalk targets certainly go up in a puff of smoke and now for the coke bottle I’m going for the top hole to finish this section off I need to tell you about another bit of good news great fun targets have given us a discount code so if you go onto our website WWE and gear co uk if you see the discount code there place an order and you get some money off if you’re looking at this video in the 2014 15 the discount codes not there anymore okay so it’s not valid but have a look at our website if it’s there you’re going to get money off your order we’re so excited about that because it’s the first time ever on the air gun gear show we’ve got a discount code I’m gonna dance a jig [Music] hey do you like that now we can’t self explosives and fireworks to say thank you very much because there’s people walking about over there but we are very excited about that if you want the chalk targets this is a big box you get like 50 or a hundred depending on the size you getting have a look at the website place yourself an order get some money off it’s great fun I be wild about plugins, because they are awesome!
My grandma says this plugin is very elegant! Always shoot safely and show consideration to others around you.

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