Epox Badger .40 Caliber Air Rifle Preview, welcome back everybody this is Eric here with Iraq veteran 8888 today we have a video that’s a little bit out of the ordinary we’re going to be talking about an air rifle again today many of you guys have been asking us about air gun reviews and wanting us to show off new stuff as it comes out and interesting things this is a little gun they’re calling the epochs badger 40 it’s a 40 caliber air rifle this one’s available through air gun depot this is actually exclusive to them and what’s weird is this is actually a prototype is gun this is literally serial number one so this is a very very early gun we’re gonna be shooting literally experimental ammunition some of which I’ve turned down on a lathe we got some kind of Mad Max hollow points going on a couple of odds and ends it’s a really really awesome little gun very easy to load and shoot as I’ll show you in a moment does have manual safety the operating pressure is around 4500 psi so you can make about 300 foot-pounds of energy with full power you know charge there’s no onboard gauge on this particular gun that’s something that they might change rolling forward this is a very early gun but we’re actually shooting it off of a regular tank this one is regulated at 2600 psi so we’re get we’re not necessarily making full power with this gun but it’ll shoot a variety of different 40 caliber cast pills we’ve got a wide variety of different ones ranging from as light is around 200 grains on up to about 250 – very good little gun we’re going to shoot it a bit we’re gonna shoot kind of an experimental little bullet here I’m not going to tell you guys what it is but I’m gonna let y’all see what it is this is something that is not exactly available it’s an incendiary round for an air gun let’s see how this runs we’re just going to pop a few in at a hundred we are shooting off the tank to keep our velocities consistent let’s just try to have a little fun here that is great nice little pop downrange can vaporize a little critter if you want to or pretty much whatever you want to do it’s kind of up to you exploding airgun bullets that’s kind of neat what we’re gonna do we are going to be shooting a couple of soda bottles here in a moment and what we’ll do is we’ll try some solids and then some of my kind of Mad Max hollow points and then after that we’ll kind of see how they compare against the soda bottle and we’re actually going to pop some ballistics gel with this particular gun today the object that I’m running is a little three to nine by forty manis this is just an entry-level basic inexpensive optic that air gun Depot offers that you can put on a gun just to keep the price really low one of the interesting things about this particular rifle that will probably interest a lot of you guys is the price that can generally be had on the you know reasonably inexpensive side compared to some of the other options that are out there so what a gun like this does is it gets you into big bore airgun hunting for definitely a fraction of the cost of what you would get from some of the other brands that are out there all right trough few more of these incendiary oh that’s shot right over them it’s alright we are getting some wicked wicked velocity shooting off this bottle now when it comes to what you’re going to get off of an average charge you’re gonna get about three rounds full power which fits perfectly good within you know many of the hunting scenarios that people are going to experience with the gun like this bring my point of aim down just a little bit that was a little bit high right over the top of his noggin all right nice little puffs of smoke a little flash down there always a nice thing experimental gun experimental ammo those are coming apart nicely we’ll see maybe one day this ammo will be available for sale can’t exactly it’s experimental I don’t know if it’s gonna ever gonna be sold or not not bad that is impressive all right one more for the road here all right I tell you what we’re gonna reposition the camera and we’re gonna take some shots at about 50 yards at some soda bottles with some flat nose and with some hollow points that I’ve kind of turned down mad max-style you guys know we can’t let good enough alone we always have to experiment with random stuff so let’s do that we’ll hit a few soda bottles and then I think we’re gonna set up the table hit a few chunks of gel for you guys let’s do it all right with the little badger here we’re gonna take a couple of shots at some soda bottles first we’re going to try a 232 grains semi wadcutter bullet it’s just a flat nose pure lead bullet to load the gun you just grab the bolt pull it up pull it back just like an average bolt-action rifle place the projectile just into the lead of the barrel close the bolt it’s ready to fire obviously take the safety off all right take the safety off and you’re ready to fire let’s see if I can take out a soda bottle and let’s see what this flat nose bullet does okay that might not have looked as dramatic as we expect but I’ve got a couple of my Mad Max projectiles right here that we’ve turned down a cavity we’ve turned out about 35 grains of lead off of this guy and he’s around 200 grains and it’s got a nice long ogive to the bullet I’m going to connect with the bottle next to it and let’s see if the hollow-point does a little bit better they’re about the same so I think that what we’re probably gonna wind up wanting to do and that could just be the fact that the velocity on this is relatively slower than what it would be if we were shooting the gun at full power I think we’re going to need to probably go ahead and switch over to some ballistics gel and put it put a couple of rounds in the ballistics gel but I’ll tell you what just for fun while we got the gun set up on the tank here I’m just going to very quickly pop a couple of in at a hundred yards just you can hear it smack that steal those incendiaries kind of just release all their energy and it’s kind of hard to hear it but I am going to just lob a couple in right here okay definitely takes a second to get there but it’s got a lot of carrying energy reasonably large chunk of lead moving nice and gingerly downrange a couple of rounds they’re at a hundred land at about three inches from each other so pretty respectable accuracy tell you what we’re gonna set the ballistics-gel up and I want to see with the solid and the hollow point in the 232 the one that we turned down the heavier bullet kind of actually a mid-range bullet I want to see how that fares against some ballistic shells so let’s set that up go ahead and pop a chunk of gel here all right we’ve got to 10% FBI ballistics shell blocks from clear ballistics these are actually ones that I’ve melted down a couple of times so they’re a little bit on the opaque side but I think you’ll still get a good idea of what’s going on I’m going to take this 232 grain bullet and punch it in some ballistics gel here the standard flat nose and then we’re going to compare it against my Mad Max hollow-point all right here we go well we saw there that we got pretty much straight line penetration all the way through both of our gel blocks which kind of surprised me I figured that you know a cast solid was gonna have a pretty good bit of penetration but I didn’t know it was going to quite do that just out of an airgun but we’ve got our little Mad Max hollow-point let’s try this see what happens and then when we’re done doing this I think we may have some fun with a couple other things we’ll close this little video out this was kind of intended to just be kind of a first look at the badger it really is an awesome gun I like it light and handy all right let’s pop this uh block of gel here ready huh well I don’t know what happened but let’s go have a look all right we ended up getting probably about 11 inches of penetration with their little Mad Max projectile here I’m just going to cut it out of the block my ziti here nice little knife all right just hold still I’ll dig it out here well you know it’s just insane there how that projectile you can see in the slow-mo kind of came to a stop and then budded and kind of turned around and one thing that we’re seeing with a lot of these airgun projectiles moving kind of slow when they reach into their wound track they tend to want to flip around but that’s a hundred percent weight retention they’re no problem good expansion we’ve got some increase in diameter it didn’t quite mushroom out to its full potential I probably went a little bit too deep on that cavity this is a projectile I literally just made on my lathe about thirty minutes ago I got a little micro lathe turn them down gives me a little bit of an idea of what some sort of a hollow-point bullet would do and something like this you guys know that like a 40 Smith and Wesson handgun round that a lot of police carry and everything is a good one shot stop it’ll definitely humanely put down game and everything like that so 40 caliber has always been generally been considered to be a really good flat shooting projectile good power good velocities and it’s kind of a good mix of small bore and big boards kind of a nice happy medium so that’s not bad I’ll tell you what we’re gonna move this crap out of the way and make a little fire for you guys and close this video out let’s do it alright guys we’re gonna do a little grand finale here you know we can’t get away from an airgun video without setting something on fire because you know just the kid in me wants to come out although there’s nothing about a air rifle that is childish I mean this is a full bore full power air rifle as we’ve seen throughout the video can definitely deliver the goods to humanely take game of various types we’ll probably end up doing that we’re gonna hit a couple of propane bottles and some row flares I don’t really think this requires any explanation let’s have a little fun here oh man oh yeah oh man like a little rocket ship look at that oh yeah nice I’m running out of projectiles here that’s alright I just got a couple of propane bottles lost oh yeah oh man no matter what I do it just never gets old oh yeah yeah we’re gonna have to go do the fire dance because I think we’ve set the woods on fire alright guys well that was pretty dang awesome we always relished the opportunity to get different air rifles out when we can let me know what you guys think in terms of doing air gun reviews and things like that we like you know the idea of doing air gun reviews and I’d like to think that we kind of impart a little bit of you know good old redneck spin on it that maybe other people might be missing when it comes to the way they do it so if you like these air gun videos let me know and definitely want to say thanks to the guys at air gun depot for getting me serial number one of this Bachelor to check out this is definitely an early gun I mean literally the first one so it’s been fun I’ve really enjoyed it I legitimately just love big bore air rifles there’s nothing cooler in my opinion especially the fact that these things can be shipped all over the world generally they’re available everywhere it’s not considered firearm gives you a lot of flexibility so thanks for watching today’s video guys we’ll catch you next time [Music] you This is another helpful module!
Epox Badger .40 Caliber Air Rifle Preview
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In this video we shoot and discuss the brand new Badger air rifle from Airgun Depot. This air rifle is chambered for .40 caliber and fires cast lead projectiles at up to 900fps /with 300ft/lbs of energy which packs serious punch for small game, predators, hogs and even small deer. Air rifles are not considered firearms in most states/countries and can be purchased nearly anywhere in the world or shipped directly to your door, this makes them ideal for anyone looking for a “non-firearm” suburban pest control and hunting tool.


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