DIESELING .177cal Air Rifle: LEAD vs ALLOY Pellets, hey everybody I’m going to do some testing today with the 177 air rifle spring action it is rated for 1,200 feet per second with alloy 1,000 feet per second with lead pellets and what we’re going to do is do some diesel into this and what I mean by that we’re going to add propellant behind the actual pellet itself we’re going to spray a few drops of this behind the pellet and close the barrel and shoot it now we’re going to shoot at 10 yards away and I’ll add those shooting clips in because I don’t want you guys to sit here and watch me shoot this but what we’re going to do is three shot groups and I’m going to do the left side of the target first which would be across them destroy your X and then the right side of the target will be gamo penetrators now the bottom two targets are the ones without the diesel end unto them the top targets are the targets that have the diesel incue them now this gun is not accurate because the Scopes not cited in so I’ll circle the ones once I get downrange and basically finish this video I’ll circle the ones that were actually being tested and we’re supposed to go with each target so then I’ll measure the penetration of the wood and I know this diesel might not affect accuracy at much it might who knows but I know it’s supposed to make these air guns even more powerful than what they’re rated for so you know if you try this at home do at your own risk I’m not responsible for any damage to your gun or yourself but this does supposedly increase your air rifle and there’s a lot of rumors saying it just because it makes it pellet crack doesn’t mean it’s going to do anything to the target and as otherwise it would regular do just a pellet no loop or oil or anything additive now I don’t know if it’s true or not I’ve just been watching a lot of videos and I decided to try it myself so we’re going to go ahead and see what the results were once I get done shooting and showing you the shooting clips and we’re going to see if it actually did any difference alrighty everybody let me roll in those clips and I’ll be right back with you with the target and showing you the penetration alright so we just finished grouping up some down here three shots apiece rest em and we’re just seeing if I can hit the board so let’s start down here with the pellets that weren’t shot with the diesel ink effect now here you have the five shot group with the Destroyers from Crosman and here’s the five shot group from the Gamo so I just decided to do three shots up here because they were a lot louder and that’s about the reason why sounds like a 22 going off so anyway let’s go ahead and measure the penetration and that’s board down here with the pellets that weren’t affected and I’m going to use this one inch and five-eighths screw to stick in the hole that it made and give you a rough idea how far it’s penetrating into two by six so let’s start on the left side here to cross them destroy your X that’s in there pretty good alright so quarter-inch there a quarter inch there a quarter-inch there that was the destroyer X on a 2×6 not affected now here we have the like I said game Oh penetrators about three-eighths almost to a half-inch and between there just depends these are sticking out pretty good that was a far as penetration on that one three-eighths almost a half-inch now we’re moving on up to the diesel in pellets now these three right here with a destroyer FX I think the reason why they’re spread out is because it was shooting so fast it affected the accuracy so let’s see how far they went in about 3/8 to 1/2 inch that one and pretty far but I think the edge of the ripa woods rotten so I’m going to say about 3/8 to 1/2 inch we got another one that’s pretty far in here Strayer beezly 3/8 to happen that’s more to the half-inch side and we got our gamo penetrator alloy pellets here that one’s right there these are not very going farther they’re about the quarter inch to 3/8 so I’m gonna have to say that the diesel in effect did if did do its job on the lead pellets I don’t know about these alloys but yeah it did help out a little bit I’m not saying accuracy wise with penetration it did do some more penetration I give it that so and then again like I said everybody you know do this at your own risk to damaging yourself or your gun you know you don’t want to mess up your seals now if you got a gun that you don’t care about that’s a totally up to you I assume that responsibility I’m the gun I have I got it real super cheap at Walley world I’m no big deal if something happens to it and it’s not again that I use everyday anyway and it just sits so alrighty guys well I hope this uh this little video helped I know there’s a lot of better videos out there made by higher end YouTube channels but I just want to get my take on the diesel fact and you know like I said all the guys that follow my youtube channel that are mostly airgun guys take a look at this video and see what you think and give it a try out in your air rifles if you decide to it’s going to give you a little more power like it says or like it does if you want that extra penetration I don’t know about accuracy now I’m not promising anything on that but penetration wise lead pellets are going to get deeper in whatever you’re trying to hit so alrighty everybody well I hope hope you like this video please stay tuned in for our channel for newer videos as always thank you for watching My nice grandpa says this plugin is astonishing!!
DIESELING .177cal Air Rifle: LEAD vs ALLOY Pellets
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