Diana Stormrider PCP Air Rifle review, [Music].welcome to the pyramid insider I’m.today we’re gonna be taking a look at a.brand new rifle from Diana the storm.Rider.[Music].the storm riders the first PCP from.Diana in a couple of years and it.represents an entry into the lower side.of the market price wise so right around.$200 should fit in really well into the.market down in that price range a lot of.features packed into this gun it’s.available in one seventy seven or twenty.two we have the twenty two here and this.is an exclusive first look at this PCP.gun from Diana let’s check out some of.the features starting at the front of.the storm rider we do have a muzzle.brake style suppressor it is baffled.inside will obviously get it on the.sound meter and see how quiet it is it.also features a removable front sight as.well so you can remove the front sight.and the rear also if you so choose in.terms of filling the storm rider it.fills to 200 bar about 2,900 psi and it.is a relatively small cylinder so that’s.gonna make this really friendly for hand.pumpers out there and it does come with.a fill probe that has a quick disconnect.fitting machined in which I love got to.have this on there means you don’t have.to buy any extra fittings to fill this.gun just slides right into the fill port.hole right there you go ahead attach.your hose up and you are good to fill.this thing up to 200 bar really easy on.the underside of the gun we have a very.simple color-coded gauge real easy to.see what your fill pressures to again.200 bar maxvill so move them back we do.have a cross bolt style safety here just.punch it on through you see that red.ring real nice and easy to use can flip.it forward works in the hand really.nicely just flip it off safe it’s not.automatic as well it’s a totally manual.safety and the trigger is not adjustable.as far as I can tell there are no screws.on it or anything like that so it is.what it is it feels like it’s about.three pounds out of the box and not the.greatest thing in the world but you know.in this price point I don’t expect a.match-grade trigger the storm rider is a.nice hardwood stock you do some light.checkering here on the forearm as well.as on the pistol grip in the.configuration with the scope that we.have on it it’s about 6 and 1/2 pounds.so very lightweight rifle although it.does have a full length length of pull.so something to keep in mind if you’re a.younger shooter that’s going to be.shooting the storm rider it does have a.full length of pull about 14 inches on.it and a raised cheek piece on the right.side only that doesn’t mean that a.left-handed shooters not going to be.able to use it but there is a raised.cheek piece on the right specifically.and the stock rounds out a rubber butt.pad overall.got a really nice lightweight feel to it.this is gonna be very easy for anybody.to get behind as you guys can see here.it is a standard side bolt action now.the cool thing about the storm rider is.that it comes with both a single shot.tray and in 22:07 round magazine does.also come with the magazine and one-77.believe it holds nine rounds so you can.slide that single shot tray in and if.you can see it from here it actually.slides in a little magnet on the tray.itself and a little magnet in the breech.slides and locks into place this is.going to keep your magazine or your.single-shot tray in place regardless of.which one you want to use and you can.see that magazine here goes ahead slides.in just the same way locks into place.good to go if you do want to go ahead.and mount a scope and keep the rear.sight on the gun it is gonna limit the.length of the scope that you use now we.have this three to twelve Leber’s.compact SWAT scope on here which is just.barely short enough to not come into.contact with that rear sight so if I.wanted to use a longer scope it’s just.one screw here you go ahead unscrew that.and the whole sight unit slides off the.dovetail super easy to do and if you’re.gonna put a scope on it to see your best.accuracy those open sights aren’t gonna.be essential for you anyway alright so.now that we know about the features on.the storm rider let’s head out to the.range and see how it shoots.before we go ahead and get to some.shooting here we’re gonna show you how.to load the mag you’re just gonna take.the face of the magazine and rotate it.counterclockwise that’s gonna bring it.around you’re gonna notice that that.hole there doesn’t allow you to load a.pellet so we’re gonna flip the magazine.around to the back and we’re gonna load.our first pellet skirt first so skirt to.the pellet right into the hole there let.it drop in and then our we are secured.under spring tension so I don’t have to.actually hold the magazine anymore I can.go ahead and load each pellet head first.now one by one until we are ready to go.so now that we have our magazine fully.loaded we’re gonna find the magnet on.the bottom of the magazine you see it.right there there is also a magnet in.the breech so we’re just going to take.it slide it across there and it will.click into place.load it up we’re ready to go.[Music].[Music].alright guys so the Diana storm rider at.25 yards pretty good results.the Crossman premieres were the surprise.when we test about 8 pellets but you.know 5 Crossman premieres into about a.half inch here 9/16 a really nice group.there might uphold that fifth shot and.on the jsps obviously a little bit.better here 7/16 under half an inch.very good grouping here at 25 yards this.gun certainly gonna be able to bust.pests all day long at that distance no.problem moving out to 45 yards things.were kind of interesting the Crossman.premieres under an inch at about 7/8 not.a bad group by any means you know.anytime you got a gun that shootin under.an inch especially in this price range.it’s gonna be hunting capable which is.great but the big surprise one is this.3/8 inch group out of the jsb fifteen.point eight nines which is actually.smaller than our 25-yard group and.because it was so absurdly small we had.to shoot another one which wound up at.about five-eighths still super.respectable about 0.6 inches.awesome grouping here five shots under a.dime of 45 yards $200 pcp you can’t beat.that so awesome results out of the Diana.storm Rider.taking a look at the shot string out of.the storm rider with those JSP 15.8 9.exact Jumbo’s you’re looking at a 200.bar filled down to about a hundred and.fifteen bar and you’ll notice it’s.obviously a very pronounced curve as we.are used to seeing out of unregulated.pcps but bear in mind this is only a.hundred cc cylinder so really small air.capacity but still producing 24 foot.pounds with a basically a 16 grain.pellet averaging 830 feet per seconds.not too bad and what I want you guys to.focus on is about shot 9 to about shot.19 that’s a 25 foot per second spread.right there between 170 and 145 bar and.that’s gonna be where you want to shoot.to give it your best accuracy potential.[Music].alright guys really impressed with this.Diana storm rider very cool new offering.in that lower end price point on the PC.P side of the market obviously this guns.got accuracy for days you know 3/8 inch.group at 45 yards is nothing too bad and.I at that is phenomenal accuracy.you’ve got multi shot capability with a.single shot tray that comes with it the.little things like the quick disconnect.machined onto the fill probe I love that.good shot count right around 25 shots.out of this gun on a fill and 24.foot-pounds of energy means you’re gonna.be able to take out small game in the.backyard with no problem at all I like.the fact that it comes with open sights.but I’m not thrilled with the fact that.you have to remove the rear sight to get.a decent length scope on the gun but.certainly something to consider when.you’re purchasing the rifle and it’s not.the most backyard friendly thing out.there.but it’s six and a half pounds with a.scope on it obviously the storm riders.got a little bit everything going for it.so definitely check it out on pyramid.Ericom for the insider i’m tyler patner.we’ll see you guys at the next one hey.guys thanks for tuning into today’s.video if you want to see more insider.videos go ahead hit the subscribe button.if you liked the video you saw hit the.like button and if you want to talk more.about the video or another video you’d.like to see comment down below.thanks for watching. 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Diana Stormrider PCP Air Rifle review
Meet this beautiful add-on! If you’ve wanted your own PCP airgun but the price has held you back, the Stormrider gives you a budget-friendly PCP design that lives up to Diana’s name.

Diana Stormrider PCP Air Rifle