Deer and Predator Hunting With The Benjamin Rogue Air Rifle – The Management Advantage #53, 35 years without a human this wouldn’t.leave Leonetti hopefully this afternoon.with of the neatest things and I’ve done.a long time when it comes to hunting it.started shooting Larry rough Casey and I.started using it about three years ago.doing hog removal work and it’s legal to.harvest a deer in Alabama with an if it’s larger than a 30 caliber.this is a 357 caliber Benjamin Road and.I’m telling you if a deer gets within.100 yards they can.that makes 36 years started testing out.some different bullets this year right here is a hundred and.forty-three grain ballistic tip that.Nosler makes that’s a hundred and.forty-eight grain hollow point and then.158 grain hard nosed this hard nosed is.what we started shooting hogs with.because it’s got a lot of penetration.power and also the coyote that I shot at.104 yards complete pass through with.that hard nosed bullet also the first.doe that gunner shot she was at 90 yards.and we had a complete pass through well.but really what was that eighty eighty.two point five yards is about what we.had her yeah and I put it pretty much.right there so we didn’t really drop.very much lady two yards pretty much.Island it’s uh Eric was great then we.tried out the the ballistic tip and it.did pretty good but it’s still not.mushroom and we’ll shot a couple of.those with it but I’m telling you this.hundred and forty eight grain.hollow-point unbelievable that’s what it.mushroom to on a dough that I shot right.behind the shoulder it broke one rib.going in and lodged in the skin on the.opposite side it’s one thing about this.gun now you’ve got to be precise put it furthest I’ve shot one’s.about a hundred yards I’m comfortable.out to a hundred and ten I’ve got this.gun sighted in dead on at eighty it’s.about four inches high at forty and.about three inches low with a hundred.the scopes got mil-dots in it so it’s.just like a long-range shooter with a.rifle as long as you know what the.ballistics of that gun is and you’ve got.a good range finder then it just precise a shot are you.smoked.that is the oldest deer on the farm.Gary’s been trying to kill him for two.years and he just showed up doesn’t say.about a bunch of trail camera pictures.of it just couldn’t see it felt good it.looked good he kicked I purely he didn’t.go what about 50 yards outside to fail.and we got he’s not much but that’s much my kind of deer he’s at least 70.years old not need big bodied or heavy.rag also that is the oldest deer on I can’t wait he’s got to be some.rate years old that’s the oldest deer I.guarantee you when we get his Jo out.I’ll be the oldest deer I’ve ever killed.and my first but we do pellet gun and.he’s gonna weigh over 200 pounds to the big ol head on that Joker now the.way we refill the gun is we just got a.three thousand pound scuba tank Crossman.sells tanks but as much as we were using.them with our hog control work we had to.have something that cared a little more.volume quick coupler right here just.release the vial slow you hear it click.and it’s charging up we put about 3,000.pounds in there usually go over just a.little bit because the pressure will.stabilize down and you’re good.another neat thing about this gun’s got a six round clip so it’s not a.single shot like a lot of manufactured.air rock just load it up.just like that just drop them in spin.the wheel and you’ve got a clip loaded.up and ready to roll and you take a.spare one and just put your backpack.real easy you’ve got two going up right.have a bolt out it just slides right.into place.move your bolt forward just ready well this is just another thing the.way I look at it for your tool box we’ve killed their.will beause we killed their will buzz.loaders one thing I like about this if I’m harvesting an antlerless deer.and I don’t want rifles banging and.popping all over the place you can take.this and if there’s a bunch of deer plot you can see you and because it.does have that crack now it’s not.completely silent but they’re not what it sounds like so you shoot and.the deer do not spook you have a deer.down in the field and the rest of them.don’t really understand what’s going in the case where you can harvest.multiple deer in the afternoon you that without spooking up to play’s an excellent tool for harvesting.antlerless deer on food plots when you.don’t want to spook the whole property.there’s a place I go tap back in the.past where a Greenfield rose my little.paradise I’m thankful for this land and.the life that if profiles see the.measure of a man is what he leaves.behind take what you need and pass it on.down.sometimes you just got to get on all.check on sake letting loose nothing I am.what I am if you sit me down I’m like this pine plantations nothing can be.better rather than good if he hadn’t.just bulldoze the camera. My grandma says this plugin is unbelievable.
Deer and Predator Hunting With The Benjamin Rogue Air Rifle - The Management Advantage #53
My astonishing sister says this plugin is very elegant!! Over the past few years, air gun technology has made incredible advancements. At the forefront of those advancements is the Benjamin Rogue .357 caliber air rifle by Crosman. For land managers looking to to harvest varmints, predators, and even for deer hunting, the Benjamin Rogue offers a powerful yet quiet alternative to muzzle loaders or rifles. Hunters looking to harvest antler less deer on food plots, now have a better opportunity to take multiple deer during the same hunt because of the quieter shot from the Rogue.

We’ve successfully fired on animals at ranges up to 100 yards. The Benjamin Rogue is capable of firing a 175 grain bullet at more than 800 feet per second. Chuck prefers a 148 grain hollow point after testing a few different styles of bullets. His Rogue is sighted in at 80 yards which provides a slightly high point of impact at 40 yards and a few inches low at 100 yards. By adding a Mil-Dot scope and using a good rangefinder, the Rogue provides long range power for users who know their ballistics.

The final important features of the Benjamin Rogue are it’s 6 round clip and air capacity. The Rogue carries up to 3000 psi which allow the user to fire up to 13 shots of a 145 grain bullet rather than 1 or 2 from other air rifles. If the situation arises where multiple follow up shots are needed or more animals are present, the Rogue provides the shooter with the ability to take those shots.

Whether is varmints, predators, or deer hunting the Benjamin Rogue provides the versatility and firepower required for any situation.

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