Daisy Powerline 880S Air Rifle Review (.177 Dual Ammo Airgun shoots Pellets or BB’s), okay this guy actually stopped by and he said that he is not afraid of BB guns at all so he offered to let me shoot him in the chest and see what it does to him so we’re gonna go ahead and do that yeah I know it doesn’t sound like a good idea but this guy says it’s cool so it’ll be fine you ready [Music] that one got him a little better but as you can see just put a dent in his forehead I don’t think it went in and the one in his shirt let’s see here okay so it looks like that one did go in so 10 pumps on this day to 880 will go through a Barbie doll or at least give it a pretty good injury okay today I’m gonna be doing a review on this pump master we’ll get more into the model number and everything but it’s a pump master 700 or something like that among other things we’re going to figure out how powerful this thing is how accurate we’re going to compare it to an old school one of these that’s actually made of wood I picked this up for 25 bucks at a garage sale if you’re wondering who this little guy is this is basically a one-piece stuffed animal launcher that I’ve been working on so I’m gonna set this up there’s some of the parts right there I’m gonna set this up so when you hit the bullseye this guy goes flying out of there so I’ll have a video on that later this right here is my hats and Galatian I got this really good deal off the airgun classifieds on this so definitely gonna be doing some videos on that it came with a case this right here is something I’m probably gonna review pretty soon it’s a 1×4 power fire filled scope and it’s got mil-dot almost go up seven mil dots so it’s kind of cool for put on a home defense weapon or something because you can have one power which basically gives you what you’re looking at with crosshairs on it or for power for reaching out across the yard or whatever so it turns out that that gun I’m testing right now is actually a Daisy 880 and mine was obviously made a while ago but they’re still selling it this is that Walmart this is it Daisy eight eight zero it’s 35 bucks so if you do want a pump Master 760 which is the wooden one I have 129 bucks this is freaking awesome so you can get one of those looks like you get some of these with it oh gee given for the girl 24 bucks I needed up getting the power line 880’s which actually says it shoots 800 feet per second which is pretty good and it uses pellets or bb’s so that’s cool and these are both about the same price I also got the 760 pump master and that one also shoots pellets or bb’s and doesn’t say the FPS I oh that’s is 700 feet per second so we’ll go ahead and compare these two definitely but for now I’m just gonna unbox this Daisy and see what comes with it see it says this goes 800 feet per second it’s a multi pump and it has dual ammo which is pellets or 177 caliber bb’s it comes with a scope looks like it does have open sights which is cool adjustable the barrel is rifled that’s cool and yeah so I guess they came out with this design in 1972 there’s some more specs on it right here so always three exactly three pounds you okay so this is what comes in the box we got a pretty nice instruction manual here it’s a very thick cry a few different languages that right there is the scope and this comes with zip chat in selling the ones like this so the Crossman 880 has an 11 millimeter dovetail rail on the top you can adapt that if you want to put a bigger scope on it it comes with this 4 power scope which you probably do the job just fine it’s got a simulated woodgrain on the plastic stock pretty cool stock it’s check it right there on the handle we’ve got some checkering right here and the way this pumps is actually kind of interesting you don’t pump this part you get to grab this handle here and pump that try a little easier for the kids this is actually a powerline 3 by 9 mil dot scope that I’m going to put on this rifle because this rifle is actually for my friend I do need to get some new rings for that it’s gonna be a while for now I’m just gonna go ahead and install this for power on so we can do some testing with this bad boy and see how accurate it is at 10 20 yards and and beyond so I got this Daisy for power scope installed I just needed a Philips screwdriver and it looks like to adjust the windage and elevation you just unscrew the cap right here and underneath there is an adjuster you could probably adjust that with a dime or for-sure screwdriver to load it I’m just gonna either put a 177 caliber pellet in there close it to load BBS we’re gonna find this door on the other side here open it up and go ahead and fill that port with bb’s and then I imagine I would just talk this and a BB will automatically feed in there I did not notice this before but the scope actually comes with its own instructions as well I got these across when bb’s for like $3 at Walmart when I got the gun so I’m just gonna open this little door right here a little difficult you’d probably do that on a towel or something so you don’t spill bb’s everywhere but it’s probably old about 100 bb’s in there so let’s say I want to shoot a pellet instead of a BB I’m gonna cock it oh it looks like this must have a little magnet on it because it did actually bring a BB with it when I cocked it after I filled the BB reservoir so apparently you can only shoot pellets out of this if there’s no bb’s in the reservoir I kind of want to shoot pellets out of here first because it does have a rifled barrel and see how accurate this baby is okay I gave it about 10 pumps with the handle down here and it was pretty easy to pump we’re gonna go ahead and see what it’s going to do to a fire extinguisher when I shoot it yeah actually bb8 offered to have it shot off his head so we’ll set him up you know this will work yeah that definitely had some good power so I’m gonna take this outside and see about some target shooting I picked this up for $30 at Walmart and it’s a semi-automatic co2 BB pistol so I’m gonna be doing a review on that it’s got fiber optic sights okay unfortunately I do have to ship this gun out to someone I threw it on eBay thinking it would take a couple weeks to sell and it sold right away so I didn’t have a chance to go out and do any target shooting with this but I would say it’s definitely an excellent by the Crossman 880’s let’s see what a pellet will do okay I’m gonna try a few different 177 caliber Peloso this right here is a 16 grain 177 this right here is actually a 24 karat gold bullet that I saved just in case I need to shoot a zombie or some other creature that only takes gold bullets so we’re going to go ahead and try a 16 grain out of this bad boy okay so I have a 16 grain 1/7 some caliber pellet in here let’s see what that does definitely had a little more power than the BB did so the 16 grain pellet went in and out and you could see that some pretty good power from that little pump gun okay now we’re gonna try your run-of-the-mill 177 caliber pellet that’s the only seven grains these ones having gold-plated up but I’m gonna see if I can take this guy’s head off with it I went ahead and gave this one 11 pumps so see what happens here yeah this guy’s very brave [Music] [Applause] so I’m not really sure what this is all about but it sprayed some grease out of hair and didn’t do much to take his head off so I’m just curious if a 16 grain bullet will take this guy’s head off yeah I think it’s gonna work so this gun has been real easy to pump I even just did 12 pumps and it doesn’t really get hard to pump or anything so that’s pretty nice yeah so I’m gonna see if I can take this dude’s head off with a 16 grain 12 pumps [Applause] this guy’s pretty strong uh this is what it did to be pellet so I’m gonna aim a little different spot and try this one more time last attempt 16 grain 177 Burr caliber heavy pellets well I got a hand to this guy he has taken quite a few shots and he is fine so now I can see why he said he was not scared of bb’s and I guess he’s not scared of pellets either so you’ll probably be seeing this guy again almost but not quite I think they just made a spark These addons are awesome!!
Daisy Powerline 880S Air Rifle Review (.177 Dual Ammo Airgun shoots Pellets or BB's)
These plugins are quite clever. This video shows an up close look at the affordable Daisy 880S .177 caliber Air Rifle that shoots both BB’s and Pellets. We do some testing on Ken to see how powerful this pump air rifle is with both BB’s and Pellets. We also use 16 grain heavy pellets which pack quite a punch and fly very straight. The rifled barrel on this air gun and the 800 Feet per Second I think will result in a accurate and fun shooting air rifle that is under $50! Crosman 760 Pump Master Review coming soon.

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