Custom Bolts custom air rifle parts, hi there guys right I’ve got earlier in the week I got Tony aka mr. custom bowls off.Facebook it’s a new product that he’s.just started making I’m had a chance it yeah.we’ve worked and everything I’ve been.working a lot lately so let’s have a.look at it it’s a universal 15 zoom ring.adjuster I think that’s what you’d or you could put it on your focus.ring basically it’s plastic construction.and he’s customized it by putting a mold.Ali I just run out I want to pop it on.the gun now and we’ll see what it once it’s then guys fitting it to the gun so.I’m using ring you’ve got this this.grief always this tiny bit of a leave or.what you dove there so that goes to so you were put this on slide it on.and then just do it up just by adjusting.nut so bear with me.all right then hopefully you can see.that’s on there now now it’s been up so.that’s that’s to operate the zoom ring.uh what we’re gonna do now is get shot.knife and just cut these off there and.then that’ll be the final fitting so.again just bear with me well then guys.I’ve cut it off just using a sharp knife.these two bits for me I like I before and that’s the final as you can see I mean it adds a.little bit of bling when we all.customize our rifles it matches my available in Ali and in brass like.said before for nine pound.I think he’s cracking you’re looking.down your scope and quite often you see.a rabbit you have to actually take your.eye out of your scope to zoom or to look.for your zoom ring with this on you can.actually look straight down the can bring your hand up and you can.find it really easily and you don’t actually reacquire this argue.absolute cracking P secure and it.complements the rifle so let’s just say.I’ve just seen oh yeah rub it in this.field normally you’d be fumbling or more confusing ring so obviously.I’ll be Armia and I’m looking down and I can see it in my already you see some knobs know so all I do is just and I’m.already ready I’m still on the target I.haven’t had to reacquire it or anything.right a lot higher than goes there you.go that’s that’s it 50 to the art set.right now it’s one to the skeptics cuz I.know there’s gonna be some out there.there’s gonna be some clever sod that.says are there earlier 500 Phoebe now.they are five power.Phoebe but the ones that come off eBay a.complete plastic construction they.haven’t got any of these metal bit.around the top and this this sort you.know these are made they’re handmade by.Tony is custom this here.he’s the plastic one of eBay for a fiver.and I can’t fault it I’m not to it spot-on.but I will be ordering a brass one to.match the bowl and whatnot for this.offends well this is my son’s gone.what’s four pounds er I mean four pound.these days he’s a pine tenant so that’s.the difference between these two feels a lot better it feels more.solid in the hunt while I’m showing you.this I want to show you the bowl I will.put a photo to him just so you can see.this clearly but there’s a pheasant in.there this was also made by custom’s a handmade bolt and Hammer pool for.the FN 12 absolutely beautiful work I.can’t fault his work he’s a true.craftsmen I believe bolt start $24.99.and can go anywhere anywhere up to about.40 pound but get in touch with him I’ll.put a link to his Facebook page up.absolute gem and like I say I can’t.fault his work he’s absolutely amazing I.will be on one for the ar-10 eventually.a bolt but yeah but to these like a sir.nine pound delivered you can’t be young.absolute fantastic This is one astonishing module!
Custom Bolts custom air rifle parts
These add-ons are quite clever. this video shows the beautiful and functional products availible from Custom Bolts of Facebook