Crosman MTR77 Nitro Piston Air Rifle, hello and welcome to airgun your.home for honest real world and information we bring you the.facts not fluff about six years ago I.fell in love shooting high-powered air.guns now i shortly found that I enjoyed.writing about them almost as much as I.enjoyed shooting them and one of the.companies that gave me an opportunity.early on was air gun Depot and I’m say that they have joined the air gun.Webb family to be one of our top.sponsors today I’m reviewing the.Crossman MTR 77 MP this gun certainly.breaks away from the traditional break.burrow look and feel so sit back and.relax as I take a look at the new.Crossman MTR 77 NP.the Crossman MTR 77 MP is a nitro piston.brake barrel airgun surrounded by a.composite stock shape to look like an.m16 or ar-15 the weight and balance is.amazingly similar to the firearm it.mimics the materials used for the stock.and aesthetics feel extremely well made.and do not feel like cheap plastic the.stock is ambidextrous and pulls well to.the shoulder the flat top receiver is.metal and will accept any Weaver style.mount this version of the rifle does not.ship with any open sights so cross pin.bundles a 4 by 32 Center Point scope.unfortunately the rings were not the.heavy duty rings pictured on the box and.I was unable to get the bundle scope to.hold 0 now I’m not sure if this was the scope or the Rings but once I.realized the problem I simply replace.the scope and mounts with something more.appropriate I opted to go with the hawk.2 to 7 by 32 sports HDI our scope and a.set of utg heavy-duty mounts this.combination works extremely well with.this rifle the etch glass reticle is.more resilient to the harsh recoil this.gun produces and the weaver mounts lock.tight down to the rail and prevent any.slippage other unique features of the MT.are 77 MP include the built in sling.mounts in magazine storage this would be.a great place to store a 177 bore snake.for quick barrel cleaning in the field.lastly the rifle is burdened with the.traditional Crossman trigger the second.stage on this trigger is extremely long.and pulls hard at five pounds 2.5 is smooth however which is an.improvement over other Crossman guns.that I’ve tested there’s a manual safety.located in front of the trigger.although the look and feel of the MTR 77.MP is dramatically different from other.brake barrel air guns and operates.exactly the same way let me go ahead and.walk you through the process the first.thing we want to do is go ahead and.engage our manual safety next we’ll pull.down the barrel until it locks making sure to always secure the.barrel with your offhand while you’re.loading the pellet of the pellet close.the barrel now we’ll aim the gun at our.desired target release the safety and.squeeze the trigger let’s do that on cock the gun it’s a little.awkward because of the angle it takes to.load this that’s alright you’ll get it don’t get lazy always secure the.barrel no the pellet aim the gun at your.desired target release the safety and.squeeze the trigger shooting the.Crossman MCR 77 MP is definitely a lot.of fun as long as you’re not trying to.achieve match-grade accuracy you can get.reasonable accuracy but it’s going to.take a lot of practice and patience.because of its design use of the.artillery hold can be problematic.because you just can’t get the same.balance that you normally would from a.traditionally designed break barrel with.that said it’s accurate enough to get.the job done out to about 20 yards and.more importantly it looks amazingly cool.while doing it.the numbers on the box with a Crossman.MTR 77 MP tout that it can shoot up to.1,200 feet per second with lightweight.alloy pellets the best I was able to do.with the lightest alloy a pellet I could.get my hands on was about eleven hundred.and thirty feet per second frankly.that’s pretty close to 1200 FPS although.I do wonder what the point is shooting.such a light projectile when accuracy is.just going to be non-existent the most.accurate pellet for the Crossman MTR was.the cross premieres in the cardboard box.weighing in at 7.9 grains these pellets.averaged eight hundred and seventy six.point seven feet per second with an.extreme spread of 13.5 feet per second.and a standard deviation of three feet per second the average energy.was thirteen point two one other thing to consider is that this.rifle is relatively loud as compared to.other break barrel air guns it topped.out at 104.7 in my indoor tests when it.comes to accuracy the MTR 77 MP is make you work for absolutely every.shot the extremely long and hard trigger.pull makes it very difficult to hold.steady on the target while shooting are some shot groups of both 10 and.20 yards these are pretty consistent.from what I was getting across multiple.groups at both ranges.when I consider purchasing a rifle like.the MT r-77 MP I’m looking to buy.something unique and fun on those two.levels this rifle frankly excels however.there are some areas where it does need.some work the bundled scope would not.hold zero in my testing I’m not sure if.this was due to the mounts or the scope.itself the noise level was also.uncharacteristically high for a crossbow.Nitra piston airgun and lastly the.length of the second stage and the.trigger pull weight made it much harder.than it needed to be to see consistent.accuracy but even with all that said I.still actually enjoyed shooting this.rifle if not purely for the fact that it.looks nothing like any other break.barrel airgun on the market but the.right pellet scope and of course enough.trigger time I was able to get things.dialed in enough to enjoy it and make me.want to take it out again.arrogant web has come a long way in the.past six years from a couple of many and now we’re happy to have.airgun Depot join us as one of our top.sponsors please be sure to visit airgun.Depot calm and look for their upcoming.airgun blog I’ll be posting regular.articles every week so please come the conversation and while you’re.there take a look around their site a little shopping for your next air.gun-related purchase when you’re looking.for honest real world air gun reviews.think airgun web where we tell you the.facts not fluff I’m Rick you sir with.airgun web com thanks again for My grandma says this plugin is clever.
Crosman MTR77 Nitro Piston Air Rifle
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