Crosman DPMS SBR Full-Auto BB Air Rifle, 17: 21 what do we got here we got the.cross 1sb.or look at this realistic weight and.feel 25 round mags you’re getting about.if you shoot full auto you can get 75 to.100 if you shoot somebody and get about.200 rounds and basically once you’re.running off of if you want to take a.look here here’s how your mag opens take.a look at this check this out to see o2s.your allen wrench is right there you put.this back in here like this and you cook.that down there you go so that’s how.your co2 is going down they both just.screwing with the allen wrench and we’ and running 1,400 rounds a got a six position stock here a flip-up rear and and front sights.they both flip up and fold down it comes.with Center Point if you want to get it.with a center point red dot that’s about.$1.99 if you want to get one with a just.with the sights it’ll be one seventy.nine ninety nine pretty amazing gun.pretty accurate at 10 yards member we.are shooting today fun a blinker you.guys got that right I don’t want to the comment section.[Music].this is strictly off of the mouse strictly just for fun and let’s be that and this is a lot of fun but.the weight of it it feels good it like you got an SBR that you you got something there so we’re.gonna do a little chronograph we’re.gonna do some accuracy testing we are.gonna do some maybe just some trick.shots we’ll see we’ll see how this gun.shoots and then we’ll see what else maybe even get some other things.planned and see what we got and this.looks like it’s gonna be a lot of fun.this is this is just one of those.moments where I’m like pure fun lay it.out there let’s get to shooting we’ the target set at 12 yards there the chronograph here it looks like.I’m gonna have to move it over.a bit more ready to go see if we can get.a couple across the chrony for you I did.chronograph it it is shooting exactly.what they said first shot was on.brand-new Co twos were 4: 30 so it was.430 on brand-new under 400 they think so.hey this okay everybody see safety.glasses are going on we are’s today there you go some copperheads.some co2 s today and movies over.anyway alright here we go.turn the red dot on safety glasses on.phonograph set let’s see what we can get.some accuracy ok let’s see what we 12 yards.okay well that’s looking know guys I’m gonna let this in the blooper reel I know it’s not that.funny but guess what.I only put some money in the mag so here.we have a full mag we’re set and’re shooting your accuracy there here.we go let’s see what happens it’s get.back to where we were all right here we.go.okay you can see we’re chewing one hole.we got a couple high ones there but so.far let’s get the coronagraph let’s get that done quicker you’ here let’s see if we can get one.across the chronograph so you can see.what I was saying to you so we’ll see if.we can get one here for you I might move it into the song a little bit.okay we’re just shooting across the.chronium.see if we can get just one across this.guy and get one.I’m gonna let the chronograph set up.let’s get one across this grunting bad.474 there you go.let me uh it’s we’re out in the song for.a little bit but let’s get you I don’t.know if you can see that chronograph so.I’m gonna bring everybody over here so.there you go there you get to see it.sorry about this but lately that’s.chronographs been giving me fifth so it.will set back okay.okay I’m gonna go down here and we’re.gonna take a look at.we’re gonna take a look at the can see here I mean it’s just.chewing a nice at 12 yards is shooting a.nice little group here I had three.Flyers saw it shot 474 over the chroma Graf.I thought that was pretty cool.that’s that’s not a bad group I’ll go.get another target I’m gonna dump 25.rounds on it and see what happens.okay okay we’re sitting down here where.our 12 yards pull you around here let’ see there’s your select fire so.there’s semi full auto we’re gonna dump.25 look I can’t help but laugh already.dump 25 rounds down there let’s see how.quick we can do it and let’s see what if.we can get them one target 25 rounds.fordo Crossman spr whoa having some fun.there you go they back up what they say.I think I need to work on my Ford oh.don’t I guys that’s a little high a.little fire hose action co2 BB gun whoa.I better get on my game alright well.there you go there’s 25 rounds that.sounded like to me it sounded like about.a second and a half maybe it dumped him.round they were saying they were saying.1,400 rounds a minute I kind of realistic to me I should have.pulled down on that and let it ride up.but that’s my fault but there you go Crossman sbr whoa shoot alright we are one thing I wanted to go.over you just saw some different things.and I don’t know where we’ll put this in.the video but ok so you want to be take your mag out ok so you see my.finger here push in pull your mag out your mags in then you just put it.back in you haird snap push that.button that you’ll release okay so we’re.gonna lay the SPR down there and then.what I wanted to show you was how to.load it what I do and what I found is I.take my finger now I get under the.spring let’s take a look at that spring.there so we’re gonna pull that up like.that I got a handful or some copperhead.babies and I kind of lay it back like.this and then I just slowly put them in.and I use the gravity to let them go.down so I’m not gonna load 25 for you.but there you go now I release the.spring and put it right there so’s back up in there and it goes the.whole way down you get 25 the whole way.down to there or just I just wanted you how that works.and how really simplistic and then.really what you’re doing so just it’s.loaded we just put it back in okay on take the safe off and then you’re.just ready to fire okay that’s all it is.right there.that’s exactly how to load your mag we are we got here’s our co2 we’re.gonna drop one in drop one in okay can see I got the allen wrench.already set slowly turn that down thing that I learned to do I keep my.thumb on here and I just keep it.centered on there and then you heard.that little hiss okay so you heard that.little hiss that means giving a real.little quick little turn there and then.this one I just keep my thumb there.again and we’re listening for the hiss.see when we get it I do this a little.slow because I found out you do it fast.and you co2 is moving you can push them.up and then have the co2 knot in as we’re going here okay there we go.there’s your co2 bags loaded now watch.this so now take your little allen.wrench so you don’t lose it you can right back in place there it goes.right here take this put your tabs in.there look there you I’ll have to do is load up and get.ready to shoot that’s how simple the it does run on dual co2 is about 200.shots on semi.and for know about 75 probably it really.eats up some co2 when you’re doing that’s the mag and the stock the.stock is pretty self-explanatory you can.just look you can adjust this with the.button here you can put it wherever you.want it you can see your your for your.grip piece here you can move you got.your rails you can put anything on want I actually like to center point.that’s on here having a lot of fun with.this I didn’t go to the you know peep.sight here at all or shoot it and try.that but just have a lot of fun with.that well that’s enough talking on this.let’s see if we can do some trickshot.well here we are we got the golden cans.of destiny down there we got our SBR you guys see if we can put these.things down so we’re here we go we’ll.see what happens here let’s see what oh you had to knock my last one down.well that last one that last one that’ know what that means you know what.happens when you got one there’re like okay well let’s see if we.can put an end to him whoa Rock’em you.see that Joe lots of fun here MAV come.on guys grab yourself one of these that.dude got rock and rolled this is Rick.wisher 1721 thanks for watching. This is one clever component!
Crosman DPMS SBR Full-Auto BB Air Rifle
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+ Crosman DPMS SBR Full-Auto BB Air Rifle

Over 1400 rounds per minute!
Blowback action
Adjustable 6 position butt stock
AR compatible pistol grip
Quad Rail forearm for accessory mounting
Unique muzzle end cap
30 round drop-out magazine
Flip up back up iron sights (BUIS)
Angled foregrip
Realistic weight and functions

full auto .177 BB gun

automatic metal BB gun

fully automatic bb machine gun

Bloomfield, NY – January 17, 2018 – Crosman Corporation, in partnership with DPMS Panther Arms, is proud to announce the new DPMS SBR full auto CO2 rifle – the most fun you’ll ever have shooting an airgun.
The DPMS SBR is a tactical compact CO2 rifle that sends out a barrage of steel BBs through either a single shot semi-auto mode or full-auto mode with an insane 1400 rounds per minute rate of fire. “The rifle speaks for itself,” says Philip Guadalupe, Product Manager. “It’s one of the most badass air rifles on the market.”
The SBR was inspired by the popular DPMS PDW short-barreled rifle, with a tactical twist. It features a 6-position buttstock, AR compatible Pistol grip, Quad Picatinny rails for accessories, angled fore grip and flip up iron sights (BUIS). It is powered by dual 12 g CO2 Powerlets that is housed in a drop out 30rd magazine for ease of access.
This air rifle has a heavy, realistic weight and features such as blowback bolt action, ejection port cover, and forward assist button. This model will have a MSRP of $179.99.

Visit see a video demonstration of
the DPMS SBR right now.
About Crosman
Since its founding in 1923, Crosman has been driven by the steadfast pursuit of quality and innovation. Crosman’s history is rooted in the airgun industry, where today Crosman remains the market leader in airguns, airgun ammunition, and consumables. In addition to airguns, Crosman has a diversified product lineup in the outdoor sporting goods industry that includes airsoft, firearms optics and laser aiming devices under the Lasermax brand, and archery products under the CenterPoint brand. Crosman is a subsidiary of Compass Diversified Holdings Inc. (NYSE: CODI).

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