Co2 or Compressed Air, Which Ones Better?, so I bet the most common question paintball players is what’s the.difference between co2 and compressed.air first let’s start with explaining.what co2 is and what compressed air is.that right there what’s just blue beads.over a little bit that right there is.co2 tanks so two two teams come in a.variety of sizes the most common size is.probably this 20 ounce right here 20.amps they come in most common sizes are.going to be a 9 out 12 ounce 20 ounce.and 24 ounce those are the you have four.most common size and you can find a name.kind of find anywhere co2 is when it’s.stored in here at least primarily liquid.the problem with that is that when you.try to shoot obviously maybe paintball.guns need gas not liquid so the problem.with that is is when it’s really hot.outside or really cold outside the.expansion of that co2 doesn’t happen.well it does happen but it doesn’t.happen quickly so you can get big.pressure fluctuations also when you.shoot fast like with some of the.electronic gun that co2 doesn’t have.time that liquid co2 doesn’t have expand into gap so you get a big.pressure drop once the rate of fire.creases and you’re trying to draw a gas.out of the bottle another drawback with.co2 is it a lot of paintball fields kind.of it stopped filling these things’s more to get filled so I know at least most of the paintball.field of charging six or seven ish.dollars to refill this every time so it.can be costly if you play you know play.all day you could pay you know fifteen.twenty dollars just in co2 field so.compressed air is also what it just air so really it’s just.compressed air if they just pull our.atmosphere and from air compressor up screws onto a paintball gun and so compressed air because it’s not.liquid gas all the time it’s.considerably more consistent so the.pressure is coming out of this throw a.lot more consistent so with co2 you.could get that pressure fluctuation a.lot and the velocity will vary a lot.with compressed air yeah it’s just you get that cost.velocity consistency which is a big deal.I mean we don’t want our velocity.spiking and Bolling’s and one paintball.goes far then the next one doesn’t go as.far so accuracy seems bad but with.compressed air yeah it’s just a constant.pressure so velocity is way more.consistent and unlike co2 most of the.paintball fields are charging a flat.rate to fill these same thing I know there are five ten dollars.for all day compressed air fills so you.literally fill this you know a hundred.times if you really wanted to there Luna.charges at five or ten dollars for.Deadeye limited compressed air fills the.drawback though to compressed air’s more expensive so most of the entry.levels compressed air tanks like this.aluminum 48 cubic inch 3000 psi tank so.for fifty dollars and that 20 ounce co2.tanks about twenty-two dollars so it’s.starting wise at least can be double this while it’s 50 dollars.these are 22 in the long run it really.kinds of saving money because you think.if you spend you know fifteen bucks to.fill this all day to paintball field you.fill it a couple times $15.oh it’s $10 for that so you play you.know five ten times you end up or saving money versus having co2.tank but there are different types of.co2 tanks they’re not all aluminum like.this they’re our higher-end style these carbon-fiber one and this.specific one this ninja superlight 68.4500 is two hundred and five dollars’s considerably more than this but.really what the difference is is really.just that bottle so there’s not.necessarily going to be any performance.difference between like the high end.compressed air tanks and the like lower.end starter compressed air tanks really.the only difference is going to be that.bottle so these bottles the carbon-fiber.ones are typically layer and they fill.up to 4500 psi versus the that higher-pressure ends up more air in the bottle so you just.get more shots that higher pressure.isn’t going to put out more pressure so.they don’t shoot faster or harder more.powerful or anything because the same.pressure is coming out of this regulator.the bottle can just hold more so this is.also a 68 so the volume on this tank is.quite a bit larger than this 48 while.they look similar in size this has that.extra 20 cubic inches of volume so you.end up getting more shots so for example.the 68 4500 you can get I don’t know.about 1200 1300 shots and then you’re.closer to about 500 shots on these 48.3,000 compressed air tanks if they’ to make them a quite a bit smaller.just because on the walls of this tank.on the inside the walls a lot thinner.where they have to make these quite a.bit thicker just because it’s solid.aluminum whereas these have an aluminum.core I mean they wrap carbon fiber.around it so they’re able to just make.the walls a little bit thinner so the.overall tank dimensions can get a lot.smaller so while compressed air.technically is always better like the.performance is better there’s still for co2 a lot of people co2 and just did it hate co2.terrible you need to use compressed air.but one of the good things about co2 is.that these tanks are inexpensive right.and sometimes it’s easier to get a lot of these bigger sports stores.or box stores say like Walmart or Dick’s.or Big Five or something are able to.fill co2 tanks so if you and your.buddies have a place it you know you.just go play paintball at getting co2.tanks can make a lot more sense so this.gets about a thousand shops and these.aluminum compressed air tanks like I.said are about 500 so you could get two.of these and shoot a whole box of.paintballs and that’s like a no $50.filled for two of these or you could get.four of these for $ 50 and 200 but if you’re playing your.organized paintball field compressed-air.really does make more sense damn to’s also a good rule to seek that have an electronic gun so like I.said with co2 is what gets weird when it.shoots really when you start to shoot.really fast so if you have an electronic.that definitely makes more sense use the.compressed air and most of the.electronic guns require compressed the higher end ones you can.get away with using co2 on some of the.electric guns like the like say Blitz 3.or Spyder Phoenix but they were.considerably better with compressed air.that’s my video on compressed air or co2.I think I covered everything if you have.more questions please leave a comment.all in through.[Music]. 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Co2 or Compressed Air, Which Ones Better?
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