Choosing The Right Air Rifle Stock With Matt Dubber, In today’s episode we’re going to be
covering a topic that is an often spoken.about in detail but a topic is very
important none the less..That’s is the topic of rifle stocks..In previous episodes you’ve seen me hunting all kinds of animals,.with the Air Arms S510, which just happens to be one of my all time.favorite hunting rifles..But this time we’re going to be moving away from the hunting.experience and from the animals
themselves and moving our focus towards.the gear more specifically the stocks..Now, if you’ve been around the block you’ll
almost certainly be familiar with the.Air Arms S510, this has to be one of the most classic air guns of all time..From the beginning this rifle was designed to be a thoroughbred hunting rifle, but over the.years Air Arms have designed and developed a variety of different stocks to suit.different styles of shooting and man are
these stocks something beautiful to look..If you take a look at the Air Arms
catalogue, you’ll see just how wide.the range of nearly Minelli stocks actually is..The S510 alone has seven different stock options,.three ambidextrous poplar stocks, three
dedicated right or left hand beach and.walnut stocks and a highly adjustable
laminate stock..Today we are going to take look at one of each of these kinds of stocks and compare the differences not.only in appearance but also in functionality. Believe it or not you’re.stock choice will hugely influenced
the way you shoot and will probably.influence your accuracy as well so it’s
a very important thing to look at..Let’s take a look shell we?.The very first stock we’re going to look at is the right hand walnut.stock because it’s the earliest of the
three designs and probably the most.classic as well this design features an
incredibly comfortable cheek piece,.beautifully checkering rosewood caps on
the four end and pistol grips and a that hugs the air cylinder..What I like most about the stock is that it everything a hunter could wish for. When you’re walking through the bushveld out in the.field you want a rifle that is light and a rifle that shoulders really well..This stock gives you both..Because it’s not chunky it really is
incredibly light and the checkering means.that you can keep a good grip on it when
you bring it to your shoulder..When out on a walking stalk hunt this is definitely my stock of choice..The next we are going to be taking a look at is the slightly more modern-looking poplar stock in hunter green..At first glance, the poplar stock
looks almost the same as the walnut.stock in terms of its shape, but it’s
actually quite different..The most notable change is the
ambidextrous cheek piece..The cheek pieces completely symmetrical on both sides and unlike the walnut.features very modern looking curves..Another difference is that the Populist stocks are slightly wider at the top which does get a slightly junkier you feel..If you’ve got bigger hands you might find
this stock slightly easier to hold onto.than the walnut or beech stocks..The checkering is also a little different to the walnut.stock, but the effect is exactly the same.
It helps your hand to stick like velcro..Like the walnut stock, this is a hunter
through and through it’s light, it’s slim and its traditional..These Populist stocks come in a variety of different colours and.different finishes as well, so there
really is something for everyone.’re in the market for hunting air gun
you really do have a tough choice to make..And lastly, we’ve got the laminate stock. Now, this thing really is on another level.It was introduced a few years ago with the Ultimate Sporter and the HFT 500.and it really has taken the market by storm..Besides from being really beautiful, it offers some amazing features as well..The first thing I want to focus on with a stock is adjustability..When I reviewed the Ultimate Sporter earlier this year I said that the adjustability of the what made it stand out amongst other
guns in the markets and that is largely.due to the stock..The cheek pieces able to move around in almost any direction.conceivable and same with the butt pad
which really helps you to just adjust the suit to your needs..Now this stock is rather heavy and most
people’s initial response would be to.assume that that is a bad thing and
perhaps if you do a lot of walking stalk.hunting than it is, but the truth is that extra weight can actually have a.hugely positive impact on your accuracy
let me explain..In most disciplines of.competition shooting you’ll find that
the rifles are actually quite heavy and.chunky and there’s a reason for this. The extra weight actually gives the rifle which means.that the risk of pulling a shot at the
last moment is hugely reduced..If this weight is in the stock itself in
other words at the bottom end of the.rifle then there’s an added benefit to
the risk of Kent era it’s largely.reduced because the rifle is constantly leveling itself all the time..When I fitted the limited stock, in other
words the Ultimate Sporter the S510 Extra I know noticed my groups actually improved..This may seem a bit bizarre considering the mechanics of the kind of made exactly the same but the.adjustability of the stock and the extra
weight made this incredibly comfortable.gun to shoot with, this thing was made to
win competitions..The genius in of all this is that Air Arms have found a way to take one legendary rifle the S510 and turn it.into multiple different rifles that
look and feel completely different each.other .If you want to shoot long range
and you need a really stable shooting.platform, then you can just fit the laminate stock..If you’re walking long distances and you need something a little bit lighter you can just put the.walnut, beech or populist stock and voila
you’ve got a gun shooter to your style of hunting..So the moral of the story is don’t underestimate the difference that.a stock can make. Next time you purchase an air gun take the stock choice.seriously, because I promise you once you
find something that is perfectly your style of shooting, they’ll be no looking back.. This is one glamorous ingredient!!
Choosing The Right Air Rifle Stock With Matt Dubber
These add-ons are quite beautiful! Are you looking for a new Rifle Stock for your Air Arms air rifle?

The brand new episode of Air Arms TV is here to help. On today’s episode we are choosing the right air rifle stock with Matt Dubber.

Air Arms Ambassador Matt has participated in many epic hunting and shooting trips, where he has achieved great success with his Air Arms air rifles.

Today, he will explain the importance of choosing the right air rifle stock.

Stocks come in many shapes, sizes and weights. Each one has unique features that are suitable for all situations, it’s very important to make sure that your stock choice complements your shooting style.

Some stocks are also more robust than others, and this is something to consider when hunting in rough weather or through dense bush where your rifle is likely to get bumped around. Some wood is harder than other wood, and there’s always the option of synthetic stocks if damage is something of concern.

When it comes to picking the right stock for you air rifle Comfort is key! You won’t easily get the results you want if you can’t relax behind the scope.

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