BSA R10 SE Air Rifle .22 or .177 Review – Ronnie Sunshines, [Music].hi my name’s David and welcome for any.Sunshine’s today I’d like to talk to you.about the BSA our Tennessee this is.their flagship gun this is their top of.the range model BSA based in armory weight they’ve been building.guns air now for 160 years so there’s a.lot of British heritage gone into these.obviously now BSA specializing in air.rifles and they really do know what.they’re doing the quality is absolutely.fantastic and one of the key features.about the BSA r10 is that it’s if you’re not sure or regulated it basically because they’re pre.charged there’s a power difference shoot the gun you’re using up the.air use more air there’s less power but.what the regulator does it keeps the.power consistent all the way through on.the 177 you look at about 190 shots out.of that on the – – yah – about 250 and.there are some really nice other key.features that come with the gun one of.the other things is the shrouded barrel.this really is a cosmetic on there the silence that the silences are.very effective the BSA’s of a really.good silencer if you don’t like this.shrouding look it’s very easy to change.that I remove you just simply take an.allen key there’s three little grub.screws there you just unscrew like that.and then you can see it really really.just it just slides off there’s.different attachment for the silence so.which you’d have to change over it comes.with gun but it then just screws on nice.and easy and as you can see it.completely changes the look of the gun.and its really as a personal choice if.that’s how you like it the ar-10 two versions you’ve got the full.length barrel as you can see on this.walnut version I’ve got or you’ve got.the carbine version you can see that the.barrel is shorter one of the things that.people ask us all the time is is the.carbine any less accurate then they.follow simple answers that is not it’s.not why would BSA produce a gun that’s.any less accurate it really is just a.personal choice and what you would look off at the end of it probably a.slight difference in weight but not a.great deal the other key features on.these are the the barrels themselves are.cold hammer-forged.there will now be a manufacture their.own barrels up in Birmingham in their.Factory it’s quite unique most gun shot.guns manufacturers don’t they they bring.their barrels in from other.manufacturers so the quality here is is.really you know it’s quite astonishing.the accuracy is great and they can.really do a high quality control on that.and our well known all over the world.for this very useful priests pre-fitted.which starts one of the rear one at the.front they can fix your iPod or or both on there the rib butt.plate is really really nice and.comfortable and fully adjustable.two-stage match trigger which you can.adjust for your own you know.requirements and you can really find get.get that down to a flying trigger pull.on there which is also a nice feature.they come the nice thing about the old.tenders and they come with two magazines.ten shot magazines which is really nice.because these are actually quite.expensive if you need to buy extra don’t go losing those I will you how these are loaded there’s a.locking device there that goes pull the bolt back the magazine very.simply just slides in like that you back into position the bow goes.forward and down you can release catch and then you can fire the.gun I’m obviously very very quiet with.the silencer on and you’re always leave it on that the gauge is on.there so you can see how much pressure.and power you got left then you’re well so you come in know how many.shots you’ve got probably got left.very very easy and simple to fill which.Don comes with a probe we’ve attached.these so hose which they attaches to.your dive bottle your fill bottle or you.can do that with a steer upon but we.would recommend a bottle it’s very.simple just plug down like that so net.filled a gun up and away you go again.can remove that they come in four.different have your standard walnut stock.which is here and this comes standard as.a right-handed with the Montecarlo cheek.piece there which is really really nice.if you want to left handy one.a special order or an additional cost.we’ve got our black version there there.this is a wooden stock and they put this.nice soft feel rubber touch on there.which I kind of like I do like that guns.I must have met the camo version on the.real tree is also a wooden stock with a.soft touch feel to it which is very very.nice the I particularly also like the.lamina this is called their black pepper.again ambidextrous on that only a little.bit more weight on a laminate stock in.regards for that now at Ronnie.Sunshine’s we’ve all got our guns they.come with a for life warranty and.service guarantee so if any of these.guns fail due to manufacturing fall we.can put that right for you free of.charge as long as you own the gun you’re.covered and whenever you feel the gun.might need a service then to bring it.back to us and we service it for you.absolutely no problem at all and so.hopefully that’s brought your giving you a little bit more.information about there so I’ll say need to know anything more about more than welcome to pop down to the guys will tell you need to know you can have a little.go on our gun range so yeah hopefully.we’ll see you down here sometime very much.[Music].[Applause].[Music]. 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BSA R10 SE Air Rifle .22 or .177  Review - Ronnie Sunshines
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These R10 Airguns are available in Walnut, Black, Camo or Laminate stocks, .177 or .22 calibre.

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