Break Barrel Air Rifles – 100 Shot Rifle Maintenance, you.hello shooters I’m Glenn this is Danny.hi guys today we’re going to take a few.minutes and talk about the proper steps.and maintaining a spring powered air.rifle if you’ll follow these steps your.gun will provide years of enjoyable safe.accurate and trouble-free shooting Danny.Glenn before we start on maintenance.procedures I’d like to touch a little.bit on safety the most important can do before you start is to put.your safety glasses on here at Umarex we.we do that in our shop we recommend do it all so you can see Glenn and I.both are wearing them then when you pick.up your air rifle make sure you know.where the muzzle is pointed keep it in direction at all times.make sure your Safety’s all the way out.and it is on safe and it’s not ready start with Glenn we like to break.the barrel open and this run to 17.caliber felt cleaning pellets you can.get these in our OWS cleaning kits.there’s caliper specific either 22 or.set 177 caliber what you do you two of them in the bore back at.your breach where you’d normally load a.pellet take your OWS cleaning rod start it in there and on kit they’ll have a metal jag.and that’s what you would start the.pellets with you did screw it into your.rod and then Glenn you put the other and you get it started and then you.take this rod and you just push it.through till it comes out to the other.side and Glenn you can see there’s a.little bit of residue on there so thing you want to do after you do.that it’s close the barrel keeping the.muzzle in a safe direction take a lot.silicon cloth or lightly oiled rag and.just wipe down the external parts and.that will help the blued metal parts corrode that is good on your hundred.round intervals for maintenance. This is one fancy constituent!!
Break Barrel Air Rifles - 100 Shot Rifle Maintenance
Meet this clever constituent!! Short demonstration on how to maintain your air gun after shooting 100 pellets through your pellet rifle. Demonstration of 100-shot maintenance as recommended by RWS Air Rifles and

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