Sporting Air Rifle Live Quarry 1

Sporting Air Rifle Live Quarry 1, we’ve been around to have a look at this buildin and as the farmer said there was two or three hundred pigeons in it when we walked round the majority of the pigeons flew off was shot two or three quite unsuccessful so what...

Precihole pcp air rifle

Precihole pcp air rifle, My awesome dad says this plugin is smart!This is the fancy ingredient ever%sentence_ending 40 metres test shot

DIESELING .177cal Air Rifle: LEAD vs ALLOY Pellets

DIESELING .177cal Air Rifle: LEAD vs ALLOY Pellets, hey everybody I’m going to do some testing today with the 177 air rifle spring action it is rated for 1,200 feet per second with alloy 1,000 feet per second with lead pellets and what we’re going to do is...

air rifle hunting pigeon

air rifle hunting pigeon, My glamorous grandma says this plugin is magnificent.I like add-ons, because they are the interesting.