BLACK OPS Sniper Rifle – Air Rifle Review, well look what I got here I have ops sniper air rifle it is a brake.barrel the fine folks at Bear River they.sent this to me and I’m glad they did.this is pretty cool it is a brake barrel.17 caliber so I’m going to open the in a sec and show you what’s inside.and then we’ll get on with some here she is all opened up in the box.nice look a little gun here so it comes.with a four to thirty two scope it comes.with a bipod mount that’s kind of’s what I’m going to do them to clean.the barrel and it always shoots better.if you clean the barrel put this scope.on put it together and little buddy.Randy gonna go give it a go see how it.does so we’ll be back with a time make all right so here’s Randy he has.the assembled sniper rifle from black.ops so Randy what is your first.impressions of this thing actually I’m.quite pleased with it it’s a solid rattles the barrels good tight shoots.good course like with all bright barrels.the trigger sucks but uh you know that’s.just part of it but you get used to breaks same spot every time it’s just.a long hard trigger but other than that.the gun seems to be real real accurate.the scope of course you definitely want.a different scope if you were going to.try and do any kind of real precision.shooting but we’re going to shoot a.couple groups with this scope and.aluminum cans show you what you can get.but I think the gun is capable of a lot.tighter groups uh but it’s going to.require us put another scope on it and.we’re going to try we just got a Centerpoint.but I will actually be able to see this scope you can barely see with it and we’re going to do the.J SB 1034 exact heavies slow it down to.this gun is shooting pretty hot we’re.going to crown it here later on in but we actually broke the sound.barrier the first two shots a little bit.of oil diesel and uh I’m thinking it’s.somewhere in the high nine hundreds with.those with these with the ten three so.well we’ll karani it later but right now.we’re just going to shoot a few groups.let you see what the gun is capable of.and out-of-the-box out-of-the-box 32 yards from right here we haven’t.moved it or anything this is just was setting at we’re just going to.shoot it 32.just a smidgen hi-yah whoa I’m got a.good little tight group going why that’s just a full power scope.yeah impressive first one was the one.closest to the bull’s eye and the next.four shots were look at that bad man.that’s four shots right there that’s.pretty daggone good group right there.yep out of the box man all we did was.clean the barrel that was my first shot.could have been me and then there’s four shots and I’m aiming there’s grouping right there which that’s.just the scope.yeah there we’re just saying I’m just.trying to find a group on the Nigel.dressed me we’ll see the potential of that’s impressive let’s uh let’s.slap that other scope on there and see.what we can do okay we know this thing’ potential now oh my God look at the idea is putting the other scope.on is this thing shoots really good we.want to see how how good I can actually.get it to shoot now that I can see yeah because even with this hole.right here the crosshairs are covering.up the circle they’re so thick right.right you can’t send it so far away.right so you know at 32 yards I put point on there and I’ll able to see the target and then we’ll.see how good of a group we can actually.get so the stock scope you can hit cans.all day long and Lord yeah we’ve got a.good scope on there you got a series.home you’ve got a hund rule yes.easily I mean that’s it that’s a heck of.a good group it is out of the box and I.just clean the barrel yesterday out of.the box that’s four shots less than my.finger yeah all right we’ll see else you.can do not bad okay we change the scope.on it put a real quick sight in on it.real quick just to see the grouping see.if I can get the grouping any better a really good grouping out of the.this scope and this.not the greatest scope in the world yeah.but uh we’re going to see what we can do.and we’ll be back in a minute.ah yeah I’m shot way to the other side.oh yeah on the line.and when you’re cocking these things.always make sure you hang on to this.barrel good last thing you want to do is.have your finger up here putting a.pellet in there and this thing decide to.go off it’ll literally cut your finger.right off so always keep a hold of the.barrel so it doesn’t spring back on damage the far this gun is fairly impressive for.what it is.why tell you what uh other than that.flyer that I had I’m impressed with this.gun so far I can’t wait to take it out.actually shoot hunt with it.all right that’s five let’s go check it.out all right impressed really AM with a.bright barrel that shoots like that.mainly that there’s nearly four with the.different scope yeah I like say went.completely cited it in we just got it in.the ball part was just mainly wanting to.see the grouping and yep for a break.barrel that’s that’s a pretty impressive.grouping at 32 yards really I’m very.impressed there’s a pretty cool gun really is it really is now that was.with a different scope that was with point.16 power I’ve got set on 10 power you.don’t really need 16 power of that range.but uh yeah I think if you if you played.with that gun and shot it enough and got.used to the trigger on it and then.everything yeah honestly you could take.that gun to a field target competition.and be respectable.yeah in the in a springer class so that.not only is a good target plinker it’s.actually a good hunting gun also and.yeah like different a hunting scope yeah.yeah the plane got a good plinking get out of it yeah we’re gonna put.that other scope on there and we’re just.gonna shoot some cans with it you know.let people see you know what is’s really capable of I think you’re.differently just knocked hands every.time that gun is is you can hang with.that gun easily that’s four shots inside.of a dime well at 32 yards it’s maybe 30.40 shots shot total again through the.gun so far yeah and probably half of.those was just sighting it in yeah are.getting it close you know Wow.very good very good gun.tell us what you do hi we’re just around now we got six cans set up.down there and if I knock all six cans.down consecutively there’s a walnut.sitting in the end of the thing I’m.gonna try and hit so let’s just see how.accurate this gun really is there’s the.first one right through one down that.thing’s got some speed we’re still it yep look at it there’s the.second one.unfortunately it’s not knocking them.down but it’s not I was going right.through going right through um well camera number two down there to.catch the high-speed bullet hurtfully.well I was going so fast ago right here.yeah not even knocking them now pushing.a look at him till his own v1 bullet.hole in each one off yep you’re hitting.on half it still went through for a.break barrel I’ve never shot one that.was this consistent yeah crazy.see a smoke come out of the end of that.stick yeah cool this one.this isn’t a lot of wind it’s hidden I.can’t shake it falling over oh he got it.a pig got it I tell you uh thumbs up.thumbs up good gun I mean you’ve been.shooting PCP target shooting hunting for.a long time I’m yeah I’m in the this is.when he’s impressed with the gun it’s.kind of that’s impressive especially.that bright bar I’ll break through I use these things for parts tire.irons never you know not this one think.when Alan came to me said we’re going a video on this when I laughed but.I’m not laughing right now I’m actually.I’m impressed I am impressed.there’s a hole in every one of these.there’s that one that hole the hole he.hit every one of them it’s just going that the wall nut the one that is.gone you know yeah it’s it’s gone.good job let’s go Acronis how fast is.going let’s do all right here we go got.the khurana going here.let’s just see what pillars you put in.there first these are the Crossman 7.9.m/s 969 969 was seven point nine pound.we were shooting the ten fives at ten.three ten threes at the target yes we’re.gonna shoot one more just to make sure.and then we’ll go to the so most likely.the 1200 advertised price is a haunted.speed is yeah Holloway pellet 972 pretty.consistent that’s pretty good.that is great and three yeah yeah put three in there and this is what we.were shooting uh I’m pretty much the.whole review yeah Wow 800 really dropped.I really slowed it down makes it more.accurate though definitely makes more a.consistent that’s the Kaveri consistent.yep I mean the feet-per-second spread.I’m going to do some real playing with.this gun and uh I’ll actually do some.numbers on it and things like that.there’s a little bit of trigger work the truth of joseline it I had’s got a little bit of adjustment but uh I think I think I think we can.get this gun shooting even better than.its shooting right now with just.tweaking yeah I think Randy like this it I like I’m impressed.I never thought I’d ever shoot another.bright barrel on purpose but I actually.think I’m gonna shoot this in a little.bit yeah all in all I think it’s a great.little gun a lot of fun to shoot really.that’s a comfortable gun specially on a.bench like this offhand I wish the the.buttstock would come out a little bit.longer for us long arm people but uh I’m.actually I’m really impressed j SB 800 feet per second pretty much every.shot really really consistent accurate.for a break barrel it’s insanely.accurate yeah you set up shoot big reels.loading a long time ago yeah when I PCP and I realized the accuracy and.the Ergo and that’s what I promote I.only own a break barrel you do do yeah now there’s can I keep this one I’m.gonna play with this one but uh yeah I.think you do a little bit it’s got a.trigger adjustment on it so you play.the trigger a little bit and shoot no.good different scope but uh even with.this scope you can sit here all day 30 yards shoot soda cans walnuts you.know whatever you want to shoot great.gun.I don’t endorse guns this is actually my.first gun I’ve ever endorsed I endorse.for $150 you cannot go wrong with right This is one magnificent component!!
BLACK OPS Sniper Rifle - Air Rifle Review
This is the astonishing module ever%sentence_ending– The fine folks at Bear River sent me their Sniper air rifle to review. This is a break barrel air rifle. It shoots great and was better quality than we expected from seeing these at Walmart all the time. We highly recommend this air rifle for plinking, hunting and target shooting. See Bear River Products here: ——————-
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