BEST Full Auto Airgun, Evanix Conquest .22 PCP Air Rifle, hello from China Telecom this is my.Josie Happy New Year 2014 and today I’m.going to do a very exciting review on.this super ultra super make out whatever.air rifle this air rifle here is a nice bag Wow rifle case looking at.and let’s take it out to see what.indicate by the way some gaming is going.on on the back racing game with you.let’s take out the rifle.hey first of all before I reveal the.rifle let’s take a look at a magazine.this is not a cheap rifle so the.magazines are also very let’s take a look at the magazines.what is this.magazine point to two caliber.this is the magazine now you may wonder.what the hell is this okay.this is a pallet a rifle to shoot pellet.point two two caliber and let me how this works this is the front.this is the back okay yeah insert the.pellet in this hole here poke it in and.then you rotate and then you pull rotate.and put one in and this premium magazine.hold 15 rounds the other one the dual.Meg hold 11 and 11 round there’s also a.standard mag.that is one like one of these not true.and it holds 11 rounds this is the.evening’s conquests a semi and full auto.point 2 2 caliber air rifle and a PCP.rifle ok and start take a look at the.difference between point to caliber.point two to caliber is that big ok.let’s take a look huge.our w LW s brand and this is the point.177 caliber.huge difference you see a big the more the larger the caliber is.the more impact the more energy okay now.let’s take a look at the air rifle.itself today we’re going to shoot the.rifle of this all of us super point.okay guys this is the rifle Wow very.badass okay.I actually beefed it up a lot take a.look we have a nice wood stock very.heavy and then I got a BSA scope here.and then also here on the barrel I put a.mag pouch and also another pouch here.for the mag for spare mag and a gamble.slave which I can put the rifle on.myself what that’s very cool a nice setup and so I can.walk run whatever and then when I run phone my hand okay put the head.over here and then just grab the rifle.right over here swing it to the side and.then there we go very tactical why.and here I’m mounted a try rail on the.barrel you see the Tri Rail so I can put.a light and laser combo hey and the.other side at the bottom.I got a bipod.five five very funny.tactical why okay and you see this as a.the tank the air tag it’s supposed to be.a four hundred eighty CC tank is a huge.tank it takes a lot of effort to pump it.up with the hand pump you can also fill.that out the nitrogen and here is pouch I put on the gun you can that and there we go another tool.make very fine.oh here you can see the standard.magazine right here say push it out side this is the standard’s smaller than the 15-round premium.magazine but it works the same way and.the way you insert it into the gun it’ that see right here put it here of.the little ball bearing thing here.spring-loaded ball bearing and then it.snap into place and here you see we have.a select-fire switch okay safety this is.the safety the silver thing okay this safety okay now it’s fun fire put this selector right here it goes.full auto when you go here is semi-auto.when you go to the back is full auto.again safe and the funny thing about.this gun is that a user battery the.battery is like the airsoft battery.packed inside the stuff which is taking.a lot of effort to pull it out so you.can actually look at pyramid airs.revealed to look at that Mary I’m not.going to take that out right now’s right here you can slide this slide this off and then the.batteries inside at the 8.4 volt battery.okay the other side you can see that.there’s a switch red switch the red.switch when you put it on here it turns.on the battery thing and now if the gun.can be operated before the pet.battery and without turning on this.button you cannot use the gun here you.have a dovetail rail for mounting a.scope which I did okay and then at the bottom the bottom here okay.I put a foam to cover it up but you see.there is a meter showing how much have in the gun and also this is the.filling thingy okay and you need a hand.pump or a chain to food that up okay.guys let me put down the rifle and the everyone take a look at this when ah this one okay see this is all my.PCP attachment stuff okay oops watch but anyway this is the used okay so you need to screw the.screw but just turn this in into the’s a quick disconnect take a look you.put it right here it clicked in and then.get this thing comfortable with the gun.okay and now you connect this end to.your hand pump and then you keep pumping.and then make sure that you fill that maximum 200 bars and then you vent.the holes and take this out and it’s.done okay so the most amazing thing.about pcp rifle and the difference.between that and then and the co2 rifle.or that co2 with decreased power as you.shoot when you shoot the still to cool.down or even get free stuff when you.should too fast and then the power you can have a let’s say 500 FPS.rifle and then as you shoot the FPS will.keep dropping okay so it gets cooler and.cooler the co2 and the power drop pcp.rifle do not have to screw down issues.and keep going up let’s just shoot the.tank is like if you should too fast or.if you inject air to find again.and they just keep raising the power can have a gun that fourth shot.instable plus a 700 FPS and then shoot up to this 50 shot can go up to 790 or even 800 fps.crazy so this is the good thing about.pcp gun is expensive but then it’s worth.the money because of this kind of reason.and also it’s good for the cold doesn’t get affected by the coat you.can use that in a very cold weather for.hunting and it will still work now for.for the pump we have a two pumps of them is the Benjamin pump.benjamin plug it’s like that okay.there’s a meter here and as you pump you.can just look at a meter and see if it.reached to 205 and then you stop well.then there’s a good and bad side about.the pump the good side is that and.easier to pump of this with less effort.but the bad side it takes more pump that much air interchange it’s.good if you have a smaller size party have a bigger size body and you.can’t afford to Oh put your power or.pressure.I suggest the AirVenture 8g for fun this.way okay let me take this thing just to.prevent the dust and stuff but this is.the G for pump these G for pun look at.the meter here.that’s the meter I’m going to meet her.and the good side is that this pump it.takes more effort to pump each stroke.but then there’s more air inside a.stroke so they means that you need less.stroke to fill up the gun but it’s.harder to fill the good side is both.come required zero maintenance at all.and you don’t have to pay people to fill.your gun up we don’t need to pay for.this to the co2 and it’s out there.the gun itself is very expensive but.then it’s worth the money it’s about 1.6.K and up just for the gun itself but.then for the pump it’s about 300 bucks.or something like that and it’s all.worth the money for the long-term.investment so everyone today we will.shoot the gun and let’s take a look at.the destruction power before I do so.let’s take a look at the gun close-up to.enjoy the wood greens the wood is.gorgeous look at that look at all that.pattern you see chequered grip warm feels so good holding on the stop and.get aside.and there’s a hole here the thumb hole.feels really good and a trigger it’s.very easy to pull you feel like there’ need to use any force to pull the.trigger it’s very nice so um that’s a.gun and I’ll know insert a new mag and.that you see the difference this is the.classic normal magazine.pull that out insert the dual may there.go it snapped in Saigon and I’ll take.your done with one side you snap in goes to the other side see and’re done with this side you can pull.this thing off there we go okay so.everyone let’s take a look at our today we’re going to shoot a field.interesting target let’s take a look at.this with’s target box is going to be like.that you see all the normal top can shout applause clay this and these.are cans in Cannes tin can the soup can.we have a pop can inside this one one I got two tin cans together.with a pop can inside so it’s two tin.can and keep in mind we have a plastic.coat here plastic layer that is break now we’ve got a tin can pop can.combo okay so you see all these we have and this top here is a.bull’s eye target the paper target so.maybe I’ll shoot a few shots just you the clippings but you I’m not going to show you the.accuracy of precision because I’m shoot with a free-standing position.but now I’m just going to have fun all shooting targets like this let’s take a look at the destruction.part hello everybody so right now we’re.going to shoot the imminent conquest’.and I’ve got 140 shots here all loaded.up with the magazine so I’m going to.finish them all until I run out of gas.I mean air so now you can take a look.first we have four of these double max.dual mags.and we have two of these normal sized.magazine normal size and we got two of.these mega size 15 shot C 11 and 15.shots so I’m going to shoot all of them.right now let’s start with the the bull’s eye target and let’s.zoom in a bit okay I’m gonna shoot in stand be Auto just to see how my.cache or grouping is like okay everyone.let’s start the engine hey let’s take a.look at our target okay.eleven shots all gone and now let’s take.a look at the bottom target I’m going to.shoot the small mags again 11 shot okay.Cinco semi-auto okay.let’s blast the shadow just shut up.lastest bang left one oh yeah okay pumpkin be cold okay let’s take a.look at the yellow one we’re going to.shoot the double mag the dual mags you want to see this full auto okay.full auto let’s take a look at the cannon in the center then the.can in the center let’s go good and.after you shoot the full auto you shoot a few of single to move the.boat back and now we can shift to the.other bag let’s go on full auto again.the Steadicam if we’re still alive.Hey all gone.semi-auto one shot and now we can pull.this up next one do we’ll make Auto the left left side the left side.they can on the left okay let’s go.semi-auto too short I mean one shot.move it over and you’ll have it a shot.that’s ready for me left side.all shot remove the mag next one.everyone let’s go next one well my getting tired it’s so heavy.whoa Mary have you gun okay let’s go the.left side again oh my okay Sam your shot move it over okay and he can.still alive okay do you wanna live is.the shirt one semi-auto one shot okay.shit move the candle.I mean moved it Meg okay I got to the second the last duel Meg on my.hand it’s let’s uh put the stuff back on back.up first.pull the video just do we set my target.of it put up again stay alive this guy.need to be dead.okay everyone let’s go.the center one real nuke down the okay my air tank is not getting an.empty and it’s not at above 120 bar so I.still have some air to shoot okay let’s.go the right one okay the right Ken ah.back oh okay.Mack miss a line there we go okay follow.semi ship it over woof or my head is.getting very tired guys okay football.them again let me ship hand holding it.with the other hand.damn this is heavy shit okay let go.the center one semi-auto flush now the premium max here which is the 15.shot magazines okay hold that up this is.super tiring guys I know it’s a fun gun.but it’s still very time to shoot now.let’s go on a full auto okay I mean.semi-auto.ah the left side the left can okay 15.shotgun my last magazine here Wow.this gun is nice still can’t shoot after.shows so many shots we’re on the last.magazine now that should be the what the.right side the right side okay.left side okay we’re done no more no.more mags.oh god okay now my kinda down to about.100 bars so that’s too low for shooting.can you see the one of your boss now go.see so I don’t think I have enough shoot more bags that will give you.some if effective shot not put the gun.on safe I think I maxed out the gun.quite a bit and it’s going to take a lot of time to refill that gun so.anyway I’m doing that for you guys’s fine now with my shaky hands I got.that kind of groupings and you can see.the size okay.I didn’t really even aim I just like.point and shoot at this this area’s kind of giving me quite a good I’m I was at about 16 feet yeah and.yeah I actually did an aim so I just.point and keep shooting and if you keep.aiming you can get a very tight grouping.thing now take a look you can see the.shadow blasts discs are all busted the.thing scary shit look at that.okay so this is all busted we don’t see it now let’s take a look at these.these are the scary stuff see I put one can inside another goes here and bust it out the other.side of course you can see the pop can.inside it’s really popped it and you.can’t even take it out it’s all busted.inside so let me try to see if I can.pull it up no I can’t actually I need it oh shit look at that so you rip the can out to pick it up it’s.all nasty wow look at out here imagine.whatever so this is how you rip a can.with a pellet gun you never look if pellet rifle and I want to say that.word but you know what I mean so here we.go the other can all bust it in and out.and you can see the inside okay let’s.take this out like that now the pop can.inside really pop it and you pick it up.okay that’s Popkin never mind that.if you can’t pick it up because it’s all.bust it inside see it went through it.and it just busted up again now this of course gets busted badly and.then in and out the other side and out too.that’s also up Jampa so you can’t really.pick it up just everyone you can see that this is the.power of the evening’s conquest and it’s.pretty badass let’s take a look at the.rifle again now here’s the rifle and.yeah well you want to see this okay oh.start this Smith & Wesson revolver.anyway I’m going to see this all the.magazine I used okay it equals to 140.rounds.let’s read it amazing see you can shoot.non-stop and the power is not going don’t have any cooldown issues and.let’s keep going more powerful and.powerful see this is really kick-ass.okay.the most kick-ass air rifle I ever.handled and you know what a give it 140 shots with this tank and I can.still shoot a little bit for sure but.not as powerful I guess and it’s really.a good gun so enjoy my reveal hope you.liked it and stay tuned for my okay everyone so took a look at my.face haha there you go there’s a map.Josie okay so everyone remember to.subscribe and like bye bye hey guys.don’t forget the fill station ah need the ninja tank 92 begins ninja.tank and the first station it’s about.300 bucks in that you can use this to.fill up the gun and I actually put a.nice meter here so that I can fill up my.even x Hunter y fo food which don’t have.a meter.and of a meter it’s very easy you.screwed this attachment on to the put this into the onto the gun and.then you screwed it in to release the.air and it will pull up the gun the few seconds the really handy tool.if you shoot a lot like me and then you.can fill this thing up in paintball shop.with nitrogen or you can fill that up by.pumping it yourself which is what I do.and there’s cheaper too so. I be crazy about WordPress plugins, because they are unbelievable.
BEST Full Auto Airgun, Evanix Conquest .22 PCP Air Rifle
These plug-ins are quite smart!! Starting off 2014 by showing the best full-auto airgun that shoots PELLETS in .22 Caliber – The Evanix Conquest .22 Cal PCP Air Rifle! This beast is simple the most amazing invention in airgun market so far. It uses a 8.4 volt battery to power the bolt and got a 480cc air tank to splash out the shots like an alien weapon! This is a beast!

Keep in mind that not many air rifles can go full-auto plus shooting in .22 Caliber PELLETS with high precision and accuracy…!

It took me about 170 pump to get the air back to 200 bar after this video!

More photos of Evanix Conquest

You can find the rifle here, but that is the USA version, and they don’t sell the FULL AUTO version anymore! Too bad to USA guys! The price is the same, but only in semi-auto, that’s kinda sad!

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