Best Air Rifle Scope 2019, [Music].hey what’s up guys this is my list of.2019 of the best air rifle scopes we’re.gonna leave hunting tactical and.general-purpose scopes out of this these.are air rifle scopes they’re either.gonna have side front or rear focus.they’ll all focus up close air rifle.distances and every single one of these.scopes I’ve owned at one time or I know they’re all winners okay’s how I’m gonna do this I’m gonna.start at $100 and work my way up to.about $600 right there I’m gonna pull.the plug most of guys that I talk to in this price range so that’s.the ones we’re gonna focus on.I don’t know screwing around let’s kick.this thing off all right guys let’s.start this out with the scope that every.year I consistently say is the best.scope on the market for $100 the hog.Vantage two to seven crystal clear.lightweight compact it’s just a killer.little scope I can’t see any way you.could go wrong buying this thing ever.Bushnell AR two to seven now this thing.was already a badass and now they’ve.updated with the throw lever larger objective crystal freakin.clear this thing tests out perfect every.single time I try one they’ve got other.magnifications but the two to seven is by far the best in this series now.the tag vector ten by forty four is.another killer freakin scope guys are.always looking for an economy version of.basically the swf a-10 power this is that I found you can pick one up.for under $200 really good glass.basically an SWF a copy but a damn for a really good price I think you.guys will like it.laughs on talus 4 to 16 now I have owned.three of these if that’ll give you any.kind of freaking idea how much I like.this scope really good glass I love the.crosshair in it I love the way the it tracks great it’s just a really.good buy no bullshit.all right now this little scope here of the most underappreciated.air rifle scopes on the market compact.lightweight built for the Double R.equals so Springer’s are not going to.tear the damn thing up and I happen to.know because I was there in person that.air guns of Arizona has a stash of these.put back just in case some guys need one.give them a ring I’m sure they’ll all right a little discovery twelve mini first focal plane a Chinaman’s pecker lightweight.focuses down close has a killer freakin.little crosshair in it if you’re looking.for something that you could put on top.of the small bullpup it’s not gonna.swamp it and make it top-heavy this much here from Ed gun West is the go now this is one of my favorite.scopes that I’ve reviewed over the last.couple of years the Bushnell engaged.two and a half to ten they haven’t know.the magnifications but this one hits.that perfect sweet spot huge field of.view great glass killer reticle this.thing is an incredible incredible scope.I love Bushnell and this is one of the.reasons I do now while they’d be hard to.argue with any of the fixed power SW.FASS scopes that set in this slot I prefer the 12 power because you.get almost as large a field of view as.the ten and a little more magnification.killer glass these things are.bulletproof there’s nothing you can tear one up I don’t give a shit use it to knock out a car’s built to take it the Leupold.freedom the x32 90 fr another scope an improvement on an original bright.scope the VX – 390 fr was my favorite.scopes ever this one here carries on the.tradition for $100 less it’s got a.little cooler texture a little better.look and the glasses everybody is can never go wrong with this scope.period vortex diamondback tactical first.focal plane easily one of the most.anticipated scopes of 2018 it curious.right on what it’s doing in 2019.badass no question asks from’s hard to go wrong with vortex is the perfect example of life.people say that when you look through use it you’ll realize what a it is last X five-and-a-half to.twenty five now the only shortcoming in.the world of the scope I personally.prefer the second focal plane is at the.very top end of the magnification like a.lot of scopes in this price range the.image gets a little fuzzy think of it as.a five to 20 that tracks perfect killer.crosshair here’s a picture of my buddy.Shane Keller using one if it’s good.enough for him a TBR it’s good enough.for’s another killer little scope that.came out last year the Bushnell nitro 16 I personally like the.magnification on this particular’s got a couple of different finishes.great glass again one of the reasons Bushnell is the value that you get.for the price that you pay this one is.another example of why Bushnell is.always so freaking out on my list weaver.tactical 3 to 15 this scope was.originally made to retail for $1000 you.can pick one up at Natchez for $500 on sale and I will kiss.your mud duck ass if you can find.something for under $1,000 that’ll touch.this thing other than the scope that.follows this one the glass is that good.track and perfect indestructible what a.badass my favorite scope on the market.for $600 the SWF a3 215 first focal.plane I personally like the mil quad.crosshair I know if you look it up it’s.gonna say $700 but swf a has sales about.ten times a year all you have to do is.sign up for the mailing list when it’s.on sale it sells for about $600 this.thing is incredible ask anybody that’s.ever used one anybody that’s ever this is a killer.ESCO guys thanks a ton for watching this.versus scope that you think should be on.this list that I left off listed in the.comment below for other guys.and guys there’s also gonna be a link.below to my PayPal account if you help support honest reviews that’s the way to do it because.let’s face it I don’t want to go back to.stripping thanks for watching guys[Music]. 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Best Air Rifle Scope 2019
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