BEST AIR RIFLE FOR UNDER $200 HATSAN MOD .95 .22 CAL VORTEX, hi guys shouldn’t follow holes here today doing a review about the hot side model 95 22 caliber with a vortex gas piston now some people say that well they call it a gas piston that some people say just has compressed air you know I don’t care what kind of gas it has in there as long as it functions you know some people use nitrogen and their gas pistons iron or whatever I don’t really care okay as long as it functions now yeah I do care you know if the results are completely different but you know in this in this world today you have to keep certain standards so they’re not going to produce a gas piston that is substandard now you yeah I’m not saying it can’t happen some manufacturers throw it a product out there doesn’t work and you don’t recall it or everybody just doesn’t buy it etc but so technically this was a gas piston now the model 95 has always had very good reviews very good raves it is a staple of hot Sun I don’t think they could ever really get rid of their model 95 but it’s just such a good value for money and you know I just got this a couple of days ago and I am so stoked I got this air rifle um when I started shooting air guns I was approximately eight years old I can’t remember because there’s a fuzzy part of my in my childhood there where I had quite a few air rifles so I can’t remember exactly what started what went but most of the ID I remember my first air rifle you know but I don’t remember too many after that because I actually went through quite a few my first air rifle was a BSA I couldn’t remember exactly what model by was a 177 and it was an old airgun that somebody had given my father it was so bad that the front barrel was bent up from when they broke it and they slammed it up so it was actually bent up like this and that’s how I shot it for about a year and so my dad actually found another air rifle just like it that was in worse shape really beat-up I mean the the stock was broken I mean literally didn’t have a stock was gone but the barrel was in good shape so he took off the barrel and put her on my rifle and then eventually I had an air rifle it actually I couldn’t aim and shoot back in the day when I was a kid if you had a 177 eye rifle okay man you are awesome but if he had a 22 caliber rifle your dad loved you and actually absolutely trusted you way too much you know obviously we all we’ve all had 22 long-rifle pump-action semi-automatic and my dad would you know that was always kept in the safe type thing that was out of bounds I didn’t shoot that thing unless I was with that it was just that simple but the air rifle I was a lot to take that out so but I alia grew up with a 177 my dad later on in life got in our ws the model 40 at the side lever of the 22 caliber sheets at 800 feet per second and I had my wimpy 177 my god did that RWS it did seemed like it was a cannon you know the thing could just reach out and touch stuff and that’s what I always wanted I wanted one of those and I didn’t eventually buy one of those and went through all sorts of rare rifles but back to the hot Sun okay when it comes to well-made traditional air rifles now in my mind apart from the WR WS because in my mind our ws is definitely one of those staple you know it’s made its mark it’s always been there you know the hot Sun is becoming you know a rifle that I can really put up in that in that category the hot Sun model 95 really is a very good deal from fur for money actual Turkish walnut okay that is such a beautiful wood all right you’d I remember when guns were made our walnut you don’t make them like that anymore you know just guns in general nevermind air rifle just the stock alone is being worth the money to me it’s beautiful you’re getting actual checkering you haven’t you get an actual rubber butt plate okay the steel very well blue virile made everything fit and finish was perfect right out of the box didn’t have any issues with it I put the scope and the Rings together now some people complain about the scope but honestly you have nothing to complain about it is an entry-level scope it is not you know the best scope on earth or any of that stuff and that’s the way it should be you know you’re paying for the gun you’re not really so much but I think the scope is an added bonus at this price range it’s just that simple you know and when I was a kid man I didn’t even have a scope you know most the kids that I knew didn’t you didn’t you know if you had a few hundred scope in yours you were the man and back then was any scope anything with a set of crosshairs um the three three to nine by 32 has been around forever it’s a really that’s a staple when it comes to deer hunting rifles and stuff like that and also when it comes to air rifles so it is an entry-level scope now but back in the day if you had a scope like that she’s you can zoom into something that was awesome so you know a lot of people will talk trash about the scope and yeah it’s not the best scope by today’s standards but you know what it’s really I’m not a bad value for the money you just have to it’s just now you have mil-dot you’ve got you know illuminated reticles and yeah that’s a whole different world you know but you school you know for the money you’re getting scope you just have to learn how to use it so anyway very very nice I am so stoked you know this rifle it’s probably not the quietest rifle this isn’t exactly a shroud it might there’s a little bit of a pocket there look that it’ll take some of the noise away but minimal I’d definitely say it’s a medium to loud you know back in the day the you know and some of the RWS models also they don’t have this you know this is kind of a newer thing that in the past 10-15 years have started to add to air rifles so but the Quatro trigger that is a hot Sun staple almost through there even their PCP lines and the high-end guns absolute awesome trigger very well developed very well made safety very very happy with it very happy with the dovetail stop here on the on the bass stops with rings for moving back back in the day and a half stuff out there on the spring done so absolutely very good value for money if there is probably I mean they aren’t really air rifles I can compare to the model 95 if you’re looking for a solid air rifle that definitely is bang for buck the model 95 is definitely it and there’s plenty of reviews and videos out there I’m I’m making this video because I am so happy with the quality and you know I’ve read about these and I’ve seen them I’ve never shot it you know until now I’ve always wanted one so I’m just so happy I got now and I’ve waited this long because you know now it’s really gratifying to hold one I actually shoot it so I remember I don’t clean barrels when I get rifles out of a box because I’m interested in shooting it and see what kind of accuracy you get right out of the box because 95% of people are not going to sit there and clean their air rifle before they test it or shoot it I mean this is personally my right ear rifle for sure it’s not just a test rifle I’m going to test it but so but very nice got true glow sights so very very very good bang for buck people I am absolutely floored by what hot Sun has put out with a model 95 and it’s got very reasonable power I mean this shoots at 800 feet per second remember I just told you my dad’s Diana RWS model 48 machine fat never feet per second 22 caliber so you know you’ve got apples to apples down you know now here’s a quick target I shot five shot group the Gamo match they do that’s the one I started the that’s the one I started inside of the rifle with and I’m shooting it just a 10 yards literally just sitting down and check with my knees up elbows on the music just shooting like that so I’m not shooting off the bench I’m not shooting free-handed I am semi supported and it is just ten yards but it is also you know the first couple of rounds I’m putting through there are four but you can tell that it is it you know it wants to groove but just you know needs time needs to sooner or later get the barrel cleaned and find the right pellets but I’ll show you you know it’s really getting there so and you know just have it for two days you know so demo match those are the jsb jumbo heavies I really really like those I definitely consider that a flyer could be me could be the pellet item I don’t know but I really like that you can see where it’s dropped you know because of the weight so it’s it’s already showing me that the air rifle is very conscious or how to put it you put a heavy pellet it drops so it’s acting correctly you know it’s not shooting while wildly all over the place these are Beeman Silva fares I’ll show you the back so you can see the holes and you know more than also we’re not a decent group these are the star WS super points kind of a low real play super points don’t always know they’re okay some air rifles and suck another’s Barracuda power those are kind of new and I’m pretty impressed by what they’ve done they’re very nice grouping so that’s probably in the future printer poly mag very nice crisp poles kind of general area but they are a little bit scattered so maybe with some time they’ll tighten up and move better but it’s all about finding the right pellets and sometimes you can find the right pilot right now and it will be great for the next thousand thousand shots and then you know the gun starts breaking in big time and things are changing and then that pellet ism is great anymore and you have to find another pellet it’s just the way things go so but very very very impressed very very happy with a model 95 if you are a beginner and you’re looking for a solid air rifle I would say an adult air rifle this you know it takes some effort to cock this and load it so definitely if you’re a teen a teenager and I would say above 15 years old and you know an adult that’s looking for a solid air rifle model 95 is definitely the way to go it’s a gas piston so you know a lot of a lot of benefits to that smoother shooting smoother cocking less vibration and you can you know keep it cocked for longer periods of time at least I I have never felt guilty for leaving a cop you know and even back then when I had spring guns I never felt guilty about living room cock because know what that’s the name of the game you can’t exactly load when you’re ready to you know when squirrels are scroll take off see loading you know breaking the bear so it’s just the way it is but you know that technology’s definitely been developed for hunters and I would say far as you take full advantage of it so deftly model 95 is one for the safe this is a definitely a keeper trigger like I said best trigger that I’ve seen you know very uh very effective very very very nice a rifle there’s plenty of other reviews plenty of you know more than enough proof that this is a good aerial this is just me you know my take on it but I would like to compare it to the Ruger Yukon and I have the Ruger Yukon here and the one thing I did is I took off the sights and chopped it off because just a pain but I would like to show you the difference between a well made air rifle and why I consider the Ruger Yukon to be such a horrible mistake it looks nice it’s got checkering etc blah blah the only thing they did right was actually the base and the scope of the scope brings very well made very decent but the trigger group in the Ruger Yukon is such a nasty trigger it’s designed poorly I’ve taken this thing apart thing falls apart pins fall out okay just a piece of junk in my opinion the other thing is that the actual rod the the linkage that goes to the actual spring piston to cock it if the way it’s made it right it writes on a rail in the stock so and it’s been to pieces there’s just too much movie too many moving parts in the city rifle the safety works in Reverse it’s just me stupid completely stupid mm-hmm after I mean they’ve overthought this rifle that’s the problem is that it couldn’t keep it simple now I might be a little quieter but then again it doesn’t produce the ft/s that the hot Sun does the hot Sun definitely at up I mean easily smokes with another 100 feet per second so you know just just a waste of time accuracy if you watched my my review in the Ruger you gone the thing is all over the place you know it’s just nothing I could call accurate I still can’t there’s I mean at 10 yards you could hit a can that’s about it you know if you’re lucky but very very disappointed with the rougarou rougarou Yukon I can’t I feel sorry for a Ruger that they put their name on this thing because I really honestly would not have put this product out there so that’s my personal opinion and you can crucify me or whatever I really don’t care that’s just the way things are you know now one of the things that I was looking at also is the actual break if you look at the angle of that it’s it’s at a weird angle okay which first of all doesn’t let you load the pellet flush the basic the bottom of pellet is still sticking out a bit more which makes no sense to me the other thing is if you look at the the actual seal right right there you can actually the seal doesn’t stick out you know like most air rifles you can see the seal stick out above the breech so it seals properly so that’s another thing that’s like man I don’t feel comfortable with this thing that it’s sealing properly whereas if you rev Li model 95 everything changes on this one so I first of all it’s square so that’s nice you can really set your palate flush not enough I can do the justice there on camera but the seal actually sticks out I don’t know who couple thousands out past the breach so you can actually you know in your mind you can tell that that rubbers making contact the rubber seal so you know very very big difference so value for money definitely the model 95 what an air rifle very very happy very stoked with it okay everybody thank you for watching my video I hope this was helpful in some way you know thousand or thousands of reviews out there and you know I’m not trying to up anybody or anything this is just my take on it so I hope that the New Year’s found you well and in good health I hope that the coming year will inspire you to pick up an interval or try new things in the hunting industry and maybe write your own reviews and tell us how it went for you your experiences things like that but most of all I really wish you happiness and I absolutely wish that sooner or later you pick up one of these marvelous air rifles God in the woods put up a target and shoot it full of holes These extensions are clever!
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