Best air rifle for a child, one of the questions we get asked quite a lot is what sort of equipment should I buy my 10 or 11 year old to start shooting here I have two spring rifles it’s a BSA Super Sport which is your sort of conventional break barrel rifle it’s a full powered rifle it’s quite easy to use quite light which is obviously an important consideration with a youngster and then we have the German made by out 57 which is again a fairly conventional one believed a right orbit a pop-up reach we’d recommend this type of rifle because it’s very very easy to cock which is important when you’ve got a youngster because you don’t want to get halfway down be struggling or find it so difficult you don’t need to spend we feel a certain amount to get iron accurate consistent and powerful rifle these two rifles come in around a 200 pound mark you can always then add 4 50 60 pounds a set of total excites to have pushed on to the next level if you then want to spend maybe a little bit more money and go into a more serious piece of kit from day one this is one that we very very strongly recommend this is an air arms rifle see air arms s510 and very very successful ever so light and incredibly easy to use this is the BSA ultra these are both single-shot pre-charge rifles but again a very light easy to use wire for bolt action and again very very popular and very successful with youngsters so to summarise for a youngster you need to make sure that you buy something that is light easy to work is eat a cock accurate and consistent if you cover all of those bases things will be fine you’ll get on really good if you buy something that is too inexpensive you’ll end up with in accuracy inconsistent say and your child end up going fishing These components are magnificent!
Best air rifle for a child
These extensions are quite helpful!! Airgun Centre’s Peter Zamit has been asked every question in the book about air rifles.We want him to answer the most common. In this film Peter selects a handful of suitable rifles to explain what’s important for making a youngster’s first experience of airgunning a good one.

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