BEST .22 Caliber AIR RIFLE Under $200? – Hunting / Camping / Survival Gun – FUN to SHOOT, [Music] hey guys welcome to all of its survival tips I’m David so today we’re going powderless and silent as we continue our 22 caliber survival gun series was one of the best air rifles that I found for quietly harvesting small game in a survival situation the Gamo silent stalker was coming up next on Altima survival tips [Music] now the Gamo silent stalker whisper 22 air rifle it’s a survivalist and backyard hunters dream gun it’s accurate lightweight easy to shoot almost never gets dirty takes cheap easy to carry ammo and it’s nearly silent when fired it’s a single shot single pump break barrel air rifle it can quietly hurl 22 caliber specialty pellets downrange just under a thousand she typically gamo silent stalker whisper 22 features fully adjustable fiber-optic front and rear sights and a set up foreign comes with a rifle scope now let me pause here because I think it’s vitally important that when you’re looking for an air rifle for survival but you get one with fully adjustable iron sights and one that has the ability to mount a scope backup sights are vital for survival because stuff happens and your rifle is useless if you can’t accurately shoot it next this camo rifle sports a super smooth two-stage trigger with a pool just over 3.5 pounds it’s solid 18 inch barrel accurately guides pellets to my intended target shot after shot the textured black synthetic stock lightweight is a mold and ham by dexterous cheek rest and sports a cutout that allows a comfortable and stable pistol grip the minimal kick of this guns fully absorbed by the soft rubber butt plate to shoot the gun simply break the barrel which compresses the gas piston insert a pellet close the barrel release the safety aim and shoot unlike most other break barrels that I’ve used the Gamo is relatively easy to pump and load making it possible to use the gun for extended periods of plinking fun without becoming exhausted I found the camo to be very accurate at various distances up to a hundred yards and the cool thing is that I can shoot good quality hunting pellets costing only seven to ten dollars per 500 rounds which is around two cents per shot which is four to five times cheaper than 22 long rifle ammo and unlike many high-powered pellet guns that use a compressed spring design to propel the pellet gamo uses a compressed gas cylinder gasps Ram the power of the projectile the advantages of a compressed gas piston is a lighter gun that’s easier to pump reduce noise and vibration flawless functioning in cold weather and most importantly you can carry the rifle cocked and ready to shoot all day what you can’t do as a spring powered air rifle because it will weaken the spring over time now to further quiet this gun camos ND 52 noise dampening system is permanently attached to the muzzle now on the downside this is a pretty long gun at around 43 inches and it doesn’t take down or fold in half in a way that can pack up and store easily so size may be an issue if you want to covertly carry it or travel with this gun as with any 22 caliber long rifle gun the Gamo is not much good for self-defense especially since it doesn’t even go bang and finally the included scope is really not worthy of this gun i mounted mine once but after a few shots i put it back in the box and decided to go with open sights instead which i generally prefer for most of my survival gun too anyway so if you want to scope on your rifle plan on upgrading so who’s the Gamo silent stalker Whisperer for this gamo era rifles for anyone seeking a powerful lightweight portable fun easy to shoot quiet 22 caliber pellet gun for pest control small game hunting survival camping or some ridiculously cheap blinking fun that can easily be purchased at brick-and-mortar and online retail stores and a modest street price of around $250 u.s. at the time of this review the camo silent stalker whisper makes a fantastic safer first survival rifle for those getting into shooting or prepping and a handy Backup survival gun for those who are looking for a reliable quiet and affordable addition to their gun collection now if you’re looking for a super compact capable 22 caliber takedown rifle check out the Henry AR 7 or the Ruger 10/22 takedown rifles for a capable and packable but 177 caliber break barrel air pistol check out the Benjamin trail NP if you’re looking for a fantastic 22 caliber survival pissed check out the Walther p22 with a Browning buck mark hunter we’ve just taken a look at the Gamo silenced dr. whisper 22 caliber air rifle don’t forget to subscribe to this channel and the ultimate survival tips show on Carbon TV visit our website for more tips reviews and to subscribe to our free survival email this is David I hope to see you on the other side and remember be prepared because you never know hey guys if you enjoyed this video I’ve cued up two more to the side that I think you’ll like plus you can subscribe to this channel below and buzz over to our website for a ton of free resources on survival bushcraft bugging out and prepping and for links to the year shown in this video see the video description on YouTube okay guys that’s it for now thanks for watching I be mad for components, because they are beautiful!!
BEST .22 Caliber AIR RIFLE Under $200? - Hunting / Camping / Survival Gun - FUN to SHOOT
This is the adorable component ever%sentence_ending Light, Accurate, Affordable and LETHAL is Why this GAMO Air Rifle is My Favorite Sub $200 Air Gun – GAMO Rifle (LINK) – is the UPGRADED MODEL)

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