Benjamin Trail NP2 Air Rifle Turkey Hunt #1 -Spring 2015 -Featuring “REVERSE HUNT CAM” footage, got it got it boys ten dollars ten yards was April Fool’s Day who’s your mama dead flop another April Fool’s they killed it was this was the one I have to tell you guys this was one of the coolest turkey hunts and I’ve ever been on in my life you can see why the pellet gun makes it so awesome I mean I had to wait for my shot you’ve got to be patient you know it you just won’t see that kind of action when you’re out shotgun hunting or bow hunting because you had already pulled the trigger I mean I wanted to shoot don’t get me wrong I had that on and when I had the crosshairs on him and I was just waiting but you know he was going crazy on that decoy the DSD Jake obviously did his job the DSD hen I wish I could have got on tape I didn’t turn on record but the hen came out of that tree literally landed in the decoys that you might be able to see that with my JVC try to get that shot for you we do have the JVC out front check out this nice two and a half year old long beard you saw him come running into the decoy he just couldn’t stand it this is a trophy bird boys this may be a 8 inch beard not a giant giant but a good two and a half year old with some really pointed hooks on him and he’s a good he’s a good 20 pounder the Benjamin trail nitro pista to perform flawlessly again that was a nine yard shot and it’s April Fool’s Day and I just most one of the most exciting hunts I’ve ever been on guys that was awesome This is another fancy extension!
Benjamin Trail NP2 Air Rifle Turkey Hunt #1 -Spring 2015 -Featuring
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April Fool’s Hunt- Watch as AirGun Man Glenn Elliott, the host of “PELLET GUN TURKEY HUNTING TELEVISION” and Benjamin Airguns Prostaffer, harvests a giant California Gobbler using the Benjamin Trail NP2 .22 Air Rifle with a 9 yard headshot on April 1st, 2015. See Glenn’s spectacular”REVERSE HUNT CAM” footage to view the hunt from a reverse angle.