Benjamin Trail NP XL air rifle in .25 caliber – AGR episode 74, [Music] [Music] [Music] hi there folks my name is Paul Capello and you’re watching airgun reporter for today’s episode we’re gonna check out a beast of a break barrel airgun the Benjamin trail NP excel in 25 caliber first let’s go over some specs and then we’ll get her on the test bench [Music] the 25 caliber Benjamin trail and pxl is Crossman’s most powerful brake barrel air rifle today powered by their nitro piston technology this hard-hitting hunting rifle has a muzzle velocity of about five hundred and eighty-five feet per second using 31 grain pellets delivering our respectably whopping twenty 3.6 foot-pounds of energy at forty eight point five inches long and weighing almost ten pounds without the included Center Point three to nine by forty scope this rifle is decidedly not for younger shooters who may have difficulty with a break barrel that takes about 45 pounds of effort to cock this is an adult-sized hunting rifle to be sure and not your backyard target clinker despite the nineteen point five inch shrouded barrel that helps make it amazingly quiet the ambidextrous hardwood thumbhole stock is big and solid with a textured grip and for stock the NP XL also includes a high quality sling that installs on a rear swivel stud just in front of the ventilated butt plate and on this very cleverly designed hanging mount integrated into the cocking mechanism one very welcomed feature on the Benjamin trail NP XL is the welded on Weaver rail that ensures that your scopes will never move weak ronnied the MP XL using two different types of pellets first up was the H&N baracuda is 31 grains we’ve got a low velocity number of 558 feet per second a high of 610 an average of 585 an extreme spread of 50 1.37 feet per second and a standard deviation of 14 at 585 feet per second using a 31 grain pellet we’ve got close to 24 foot-pounds of energy that is tremendous next we used a much lighter pellet the 21 point 14 grain HNN wide cut of match pellets we got a low velocity number of 698 a high of 723 an average of 714 feet per second an extreme spread of 25 feet per second and a standard deviation of around 7 ft/s I got to tell you folks this and pxl is delivering a tremendous wallet 24 foot pounds and a brake barrel is just incredible next up we did the accuracy testing and for that we also used the barracuda pellets folks there’s one thing you have to understand about a 25 caliber air gun it’s not the type of ammo you can go to a big box store and find off the shelf we had a pretty tough time finding just the right pellet for this air gun it so happened that the 31 grain barracuda pellets were just fine for this air rifle there’s a much bigger selection of course in 177 caliber and 22 those you can go and buy off-the-shelf now results we got a 3/4 of an inch group at 20 meters and that’s respectable for hunting folks this is not an easy air rifle to shoot it’s extremely powerful and it’s a brake barrel it’s also gonna be hold sensitive so you have to find just the right hold to shoot this gun with accuracy is gonna take a lot of practice also we found that after we cleaned the barrel very carefully and it took us a while to do that our group shrank considerably so clean your barrel after you buy it next up we tested the trigger on the NP XL and it left a little bit to be desired but it’s perfectly workable let’s go find out our results although the two-stage adjustable trigger was not heavy at 4 pounds 3.5 ounces we did find that the first stage was pretty long and it could use some refinement from Crosman this rifle also does not have an automatic safety something that you extreme air Gunners scoff at I happen to like it in a brake barrel aragón you it has a manual safety which means you have to be very diligent about putting it back on safe after every shot next up is the sound test and that’s where the Benjamin trail and pxl really shines for the sound testing we took the Benjamin trail NP excel outdoors and using our off-the-shelf decibel meter we got a maximum reading of 91.3 decibels and that puts it in the low to medium loudness category this Shroud is certainly doing its job of quieting this air rifle down [Music] folks the Benjamin trail NP XL is a beast of an adult-sized hunting air rifle the Nitro piston power plan is known for smooth cocking a solid and consistent firing cycle reliable all season use and tremendous power I think the trigger has room for improvement and I’d like to see a little wood shaved off the stock for a more comfortable fit at the grip while this rifle isn’t exactly filet mignon if you’re looking for a big bold satisfying whopper with cheese you might want to consider the 25 caliber Benjamin trail NP XL for airgun reporter my name is Paul Capello until next time shoot safe and have fun please remember folks air guns are not toys even the smallest calibers can cause serious injury if not used properly and you should never under any circumstance point an air gun at a person parents if you teach your children to shoot responsibly they will have a lifetime of airgun enjoyment [Music] [Music] This is one clever addon!!
Benjamin Trail NP XL air rifle in .25 caliber - AGR episode 74
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