BENJAMIN PROWLER .22 cal. air rifle aka varmint np 22, welcome to backyard flanking my name is.Charles I’ll be your host go through and.explore everything be being pellet.related from air pistols to air rifles.targets and Emma so today we’re going to.take a look at a Benjamin yes somebody.the comment section had asked to look at.the Benjamins varmint NP 22 power packs.but the title says prowlers I know the.same thing same cocking for since 35.pounds 21 foot pounds like energy 22.caliber it’s the same thing.once the MZ well night Prowler.a little flashlight a little laser this.right there will fit around the scope.base this I bought separately for.another project.same thing they come with the same scope.they’re actually made by Centrepointe.just not bad break barrel action on it.all whether stock it does have the.leverage safety up here so you guys.always remember to be careful with that.thing if you get close to that can flip the safety off and it’s.ready to go no rear sight no front sight.and a fluted barrel so.the NP series the varmint MP series is.going to get you I don’t know.I spent writing a lot anywhere from a.hundred and thirty nine to one hundred.and seventy dollars this one which is.the same thing without a little I think.I paid 30 bucks for just a little while.ago that’s a little switches that comes.with it that you know you can mount on.the on air rifle.this one was 89 bucks same thing so.Chris Benjamin Crossman all the same.people out have been for question.several bus talking on there I like’s a little heavy like I said between.this one and the the varmint NP power.pack series their weight in there is.about the same which forgot.see Louis will see this on my being.where one and got thinking shirts you.may let’s take a shot or two with it.okay he’s a standard 14.3 grain Crossman.these are the hollow points might as.well use a Crossman product and a.Crossman product something sir crossly.I think they acquired them about 91 the.Benjamin shared and manufacturing they.all kind of got folded in somewhere.around 94 they moved everything to.Bloomfield New York which is where.Crossman is and but they are still their.own entity within a company all right’s one of those things now notice I.still have my hand on this barrel.remember this with all the little brake.actions a lot of these things have a.bear trap safety in there it is that’s.what they’re referred to if you were to.let go of this barrel and you’re or screwing around doing something.not paying attention and squeeze the.trigger you could release that safety.mechanism in a barrel is going to close.whatever is between that barrel main.part of the receiver is now in the.barrel it could be this this or whatever.keep your hands out of there there’s oh sorry there’s a safety deliver.lot that’s ready.pick something big to shoot at that way.if I miss the first time you can laugh.more.and it’s get wall up it pretty to it to get it down but with the.right placement your hands where the.buttstock is can overcome it pretty cool.[Music].it would make something it wouldn’t the spoons turn jerked it off and run now like I.said that the normal configuration.numbers things that $89 or that.and sway together it it’s a little it’s.a little heavy I mean it kind of depends.on you know how you’re going to utilize.something.crank up the gas something else again.somewhere around ladies at six or seven.pound raised five and a half to six and.a handsome please.I had to go look it up but you’re spend all day like that it’s going to.kind of wear on me a little bit but if you’re going to take it and run.some Barmes out with it or it you know you’re not going to be.sporting around like this for quite a.while you’ll be in pretty good shape.we’re going to have to find you.somewhere to get you good hold on it get.that barrel down there though because it.does have some resistance the 4 by 32.scope it comes with it is a activate point which you know you can open.up they’ve they’ve done some halfway.decent stuff in the past this one be constructed pretty good.we’ll find out because we’re going to.use this thing in several tests like the rubber bucks pockets on the.back of it that because what I have.right now is put it down onto my leg as.I was breaking it down you can’t even.really tell it’s on there that makes a.big difference it does have a adjustable.two-stage trigger that I’m going to get.into and get it set the way I it like a nice easy pull at the.beginning and then a quicker quick.decision after the back.a little long it’s actually sidewalk.chocolates in the shape of the football.right in the center I said I hadn’t.really set the scope up so if I’m what it this age it just exploded but you.guys are get to see this thing a whole.lot more all-weather stock the is on here is a little chunky and I.guess maybe that might have something with some of the gas piston that’s in.there I don’t know I can go back in the.look at a few things but all in all said.I shot his I liked it so much I had to.go get me one Benjamin Prowler aka the.barman till next time my name is Troy.[Music]. 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BENJAMIN PROWLER .22 cal. air rifle aka varmint np 22
This is the nice extension ever%sentence_ending Prowler .22 cal is the base design.Varmit np has to do with the extras that can come in the box.Scope and mounts that come in box are very acceptable.Night prowler (NP) items can be found in kit forms cheaper and with more power at retailer and sporting good stores. Nice price in original configuration(prowler). Bought one for myself.