Benjamin NP2 .22 Air Rifle, hi everybody and welcome it’s Carlin from the real outdoor experience I’m here with Connor today and we’re doing our review of the Benjamin NP to air rifle in 22 caliber we’ll get right back to the review right after this a new era of American airpower is here more accuracy more speed more awesome introducing the bench minh trail with nitro piston to technology the Benjamin trail break barrel air rifle with the all-new nitro piston – is also equipped with the all new enhanced clean break trigger system I thought it was a pretty decent trigger once you got used to it what do you think clean crisp it and I liked it well there you have it clean crisp any liked it in the US the Benjamin trail rifles also include an integrated sound suppression system that makes the gun even quieter than ever the 22 caliber Benjamin trail shoots up to 1,200 feet per second and delivers 26 foot-pounds of energy that’s a ton and includes a Centerpoint 3 by 9 by 32 millimeters scope and it was very easy to mount and sight in the ole weather synthetic stock features a thumbhole configuration with a rubber recoil pad and you really don’t need the recoil pad at all there was very little recoil right yeah Connor says so yes the overall weight is 8 pounds which is a little bit on the heavy side and the scope is mounted on a Picatinny rail on top of the rifle which makes it really nice you can put it on take it off and it doesn’t lose its accuracy the primary use is for this gun are varmint hunting small game hunting pest control and target shooting however I’ve seen Eva shocky take a turkey with one of these if you’re going to do that though check your local jurisdictional guidelines and regulations prior to hunting with air rifles one thing to keep in mind is that the 1,200 feet per second puts this rifle into the same class as rimfires which means that you must have a firearms license to possess one once we dialed this thing in it’s shot consistently the BDC or the ballistic drop compensator in the centerpoint scope is also a very nice touch and will allow you to dial it in for distances that you shoot or hunt regularly we had a great day at the range with this gun it was easy to set up it was you know pretty much out of the box put the scope on the scope and the rings do take a little bit of fiddling so if you’re not familiar with that you might want to get somebody that to put it on for you I bore sighted it just to make sure that I got on paper and after that it was you know just fine-tuning stuff so really really decent now it’s we got a right dialed into the circle and we’re good to go we can take it hunting on our next season what do you think hunter up the whole grip it had because this doesn’t literally write larger than the guns I’m used to shooting with I also like to little recoil in head which means I can shoot it all day yeah absolutely yeah there was very little recoil you know overall folks this gun is fantastic check one out it’s the Benjamin np2 nitrile piston 2 22 caliber brick barrel air rifle loved it has a great scope on it and it’s going to be our squirrel sniping weapon so check it out we’ll have to do some squirrel hunting in the fall and we’ll take the Benjamin along with us thanks again for the support we really do appreciate it I’m going to put up a banner on the screen right now it’s going to be like right and right there on Connors head so click on it it’ll say subscribe here that’ll go right to our channel and then you get all of our latest updates right to your email thanks again so much for your support we really do appreciate it that’s it for Carlin and Connor and the real outdoor experience and as always Connor we are keeping it real we’re keeping it real that’s right thanks folks take care for now I be crazy about WordPress plugins, because they are awesome!!
Benjamin NP2 .22 Air Rifle
I be crazy about plugins, because they are the huge. The Real Outdoor Experience completes a review of the Benjamin NP2 .22 Air Rifle. This will be my new goto squirrel hunting machine. Check it out and get one for yourself! Get your kids outdoors, they will thank you! Keep it Real!

NOTE: We have not confirmed that the gun shoots at 1200 FPS and have received feedback that it is shooting on average of 850fps. Thanks to our viewers for Keeping it Real!