Benjamin Discovery PCP air rifle, hello thanks for tuning in to another episode of Street shooting tada today we’re going to be taking a look at the Benjamin Discovery air rifle this era was pcp pre-charge pneumatic means that I pump it up with a either compressed air air compressor scuba tank or in this case a large oversized bicycle pump it’s held the air is held in this reservoir here and I can get 20 30 perhaps 40 shots out of it before he needs recharging again it’s a good little system and we’re gonna take a bit closer look at it right now we’re looking at the Benjamin Discovery air rifle this sorrowful has been on the market for a couple of years now three or four years perhaps it’s irrelevant a new one on the market it’s a lot of value a lot of gun for the dollar so I consider it good value it’s say as mentioned it’s a pre charged pneumatic which have up till recently been quite expensive this one comes in a kit the air rifle and the large bicycle pump but to pump out up to 2,000 psi working pressure though that kit is just under $400 so that is considered a pretty good value my RF will here is in 177 caliber they also come in 22 caliber the 177 caliber is rated for about a thousand feet per second the 22 caliber I believe is rated for about 850 feet a second so in both cases that’s pretty good power for what you’re getting makes her a good hunting air rifle or field target I bought mine in 177 caliber because I wanted to try getting into a field target shooting its particular type of sport ok so the operation of the high-pressure pump what I call a bicycle pump specially designed high-pressure pump we’re going to take this protective cap off of the reservoir beneath the barrel on the air rifle take the braided steel line with a quick disconnect hook that up here like so now let’s secure the fastened we used the pump to pump up to a rated 2000 psi that fills up the reservoir beneath the barrel reservoirs good for 30 40 shots perhaps there is a gauge here the gauge is not rated in numbers it doesn’t show you how many PSI but it does give you an indication a hint by means of a red yellow green gauge little arrow – in the green the sweet spot or it’s not so that is the Crossman Benjamin discovery now besides the bicycle pump I approach your pump it also can be loaded charged up for there from a secondary source like a scuba tank it also can be used with co2 carbon dioxide so Crossman refers to this the dual fuel system because it can use either compressed air or carbon dioxide so they’ve chosen they trade named dual fuel I haven’t tried that I have no need to you know I’ve got the pump so I haven’t explored the other options but I may get into a compressed air like a scuba tank or something in time certainly saves a lot of pumping right now I’m quite happy with where I am with where they’ve got right now it seems to work well accuracy wise on this i read reports on the internet of really good accuracy so Crossman has done a good job designing this thing so I would have no hesitation to recommend it based on what I’ve seen so far thanks for watching and as always feel free to embed or link to your favourite kind of forum Thanks This is another smart ingredient!
Benjamin Discovery PCP air rifle
I be mad for plug-ins, because they are the glamorous. A quick look at the Benjamin Discovery pre-charged pneumatic air rifle from Benjamin. (a division of Crosman Corp)
Not a bad entry level PCP gun!
Up until fairly recently, PCP guns were really expensive, but this one offers a lot of gun for a reasonable price.
I see this being sort of comparable to a Ruger 10/22, in that it is a good solid platform but not a really flashy deluxe show piece.