Benjamin Bulldog Big Bore Air Rifle Hunting in South Africa: Oryx, Tonight on Realtree Global Hunting, we’re back in South Africa hunting big game.The all-new Benjamin Bulldog
357 big bore a rifle from Crosman.has taken a variety of African game..And tonight I’m looking to test its metal against one of Africa’s toughest antelope,.the Oryx..Africa, the Dark Continent is considered
by many to be the home a big iconic destinations adventures from
across the globe..The tough terrain, the plethora game.and the challenging hunting conditions
make South Africa the perfect location.for any hunter.wanted to test their mettle. It is here
in South Africa’s Eastern Cape.the Benjamin Bulldog .357 Big Bore hunting
air rifle will take on the might a big.African game..So far on our South African hunting adventure the all new.Benjamin Bulldog .357 Big Bore Hunting air gun has performed.on expectations, taking a variety of tough.plains game species. It’s take an astonishing seven.animals with seven shots with each species size and toughness..Now, we’re out again looking to test the
Bulldogs metal once more..The terrain and foliage here at Nduna.make for challenging hunting conditions..Rolling hills,.vast plains,.deep caverns.and impenetrable growth all service as
hiding places for Nduna’s many.inhabitants.But even when you do spot them the cover
can make it difficult to find a shot.From the hilltops we have a better
chance of spotting heard in the valleys.or on the neighboring hilltops..But getting close is never easy..If you can see them they may also be
able to see you..The animals here have been hunted as an
important food source for thousands of.years..They’ve got more than a few tricks
up their sleeves..Animals such as a giraffe.have evolved over a millennia to adapt to this terrain..Sat in the thick cover with just their heads above the trees,.they have little difficulty in observing any approach..Every animal here has learned to adapt to its environment..And that’s part of the challenge in the
hunt, to outsmart an animal in its.natural environment..As the Sun begins to drop in the sky
we’ve had a day of walking, stalking and glassing..There’s plenty of game about, but we’ve just not come close enough..As more animals come out to feed in the
late afternoon sun,.we spot a herd of waterbuck..But there’s very little cover between them and us..We hit the deck make our way in as close as we can..The herd are on high alert we can’t get
close enough for a shot..Before long the sun is setting and the
herd has moved on..We may not have harvested our game today,.but it’s been a pleasure hunting the hills of Nduna regardless..As the Sun rises on the Eastern Cape.for a final days hunting we may finally
have the opportunity we’ve been really test the capabilities at the
Benjamin Bulldog..In southern Africa, the oryx prefer more arid parts of the continent, such as the Kalahari Desert..This beautiful oryx was one of three on the estate..But unfortunately they haven’t adapted
to the conditions here.with the others died from illness.and the third showing the same signs, it’s
appropriate to remove it from the prevent further suffering..It’s an essential management task and key to the success in this estate.and sustaining a healthy game population..This oryx lives alone on the estate,.however there’s always a variety of
other game animals in close proximity..Being herd animal, perhaps taken
solace in cohabiting alongside other species..This oryx has been on the move all morning..After watching it for some time we
decide to head through the thick stuff and cut it off on the other side..We get down low and play the waiting game..We crawl into a position and rely on
patience..Soon enough, the oryx begins to wonder our way..As it stands broadside and out in the open I
pick my spot..We can immediately tell from the reaction of the shot that the place was perfect..What a handsome animal,.look at the beautiful coloring on their,.absolutely phenomenal..Now not a huge trophy by any stretch
the imagination,.why are all the horns thread like this Gavin?.It’s how they fight with each other..I can definitely tell it was dead because it fell over and stopped breathing..This is obviously the animal we needed to pick out, he’s an old animal,.he’s been signed out for the cull, he’s on his own from he fellow oryx.have passed, so unfortunately when you get to this stage of life.there is only one place for you which is a butcher shop..However, we still needed to make a plan..So coming down through the grass.seeing it was uncomfortable towards the
cover and I just cutting him off,.letting him graze towards us. 300 yards,
250, 200 yards and then when he to around.50 60 yards then he could sense
there was something there..Even all camoed up.we kind of stick out against the grass..But that actually worked to our
advantage because he got a bit.he got a bit inquisitive, he wanted to know what those little lumps in the grass were..He kind of quarter around us, gave me the shot.straight on the shoulders you can see
here..Now you can see with an oryx,.as a vital the quite far up in the body,
so.normally would like to do is put his leg forward and then.I’m put it in a soft spot behind his leg
when its extended.but unfortunately because he come around
so far I had to spin the rifle.use the night size a periscope and
kind of shoot my right out to my shoulder but also
limited my fire..but as it happens once again the Benjamin
Bulldog exactly where I put those sent that .357 145 grain.nozzler bullet and as you saw the
impact was.immediate that has gone through the
front leg,.probably the shoulder from the way that
use picking his leg up.and he went down and.20 yards 25 yards so very quick.very quiet very humane and with the
least possible the surrounding animals so I’ll
probably happened here is going through.the shoulder.taking out the vitals and it would take
a deflection on the way three.because it came out them but they’ll be
way behind..It’ll be interesting to see the path of the bullet and what actually.deflected it..But either way.the animals down quickly quietly without any fuss.and another phenomenal performance from
the Benjamin Bulldog..You know I thought they got it right
with the Rogue we’ve taken some big game.with that.rifle but this is really is resetting
the boundaries.and the capabilities modern Big Bore
airgun. So Gavin, thanks again for a.great hunt..After a day roaming the hilltops of Nduna in true safari style.we changed tactics head out the specific
goal in mind.This time we used modern stalking techniques to harvest a specific animal.with the single nozzler built 145 grain
Benjamin extreme bullet..So this is the Oryx that we’ve just taken,
its fully dressed out now.and skinned we have a nice close look at
the entry.and the exit and performance of the bullet on
the inside of the animal..Now as we see this, is actually a fairly
big animal even for an oryx.its not huge, its reasonable small. As you can see here,.here is the entry wound, exactly where we
said it was smack on the we said before. With an oryx all of the vitals are pretty.far up the front..So we needed to take a shot at the shoulder, I would have preferred it to be behind the leg, but then you wouldn’t have got the vitals..That’s absolute perfect on the way in, as
we can see its cleared through ribs.on the way in and then it seems to have taken a deflection of that rib.its hit the back of the rib, still gone
straight to the heart and it is, at the back to the rib cage. So.with its gone through the front through
the heart.and back out of the rib cage but still in the
the diaphragms, it hasn’t affected any.the meat..Now has been punctured any of the any
the stomach as you can see here from the.heart,.it’s pretty obvious, you don’t get much better.shot placement than that. So that
would have come through here.and that out this site here just taking
out the side of the heart but that’s.enough..As you saw the animal went straight down,
there’s no didn’t know we were there, it was kind of a little bit inquisitive to see what the lumps were in the grass..When I took the shot it went straight down and another dead.perfectly humane, nice and quietly killed oryx.and some more meat for the freezer. Gavin, thank you so much again.and an incredible performance form the Benjamin Bulldog..The Benjamin Bulldog .357 from Crosman.has performed flawlessly in South Africa and every animals has been taken with shot..Its innovative design, compact dimensions
and outstanding ballistic performance.means that the Benjamin Bulldog .357 sets
the new standard for big bore hunting air guns.across the globe..No other air rifle on the planet can match the performance of the Benjamin Bulldog .357..All hail the new king a big bores..To find out more about the incredible Benjamin Bulldog .357 Big Bore Hunting Air Rifle,.visit find out more about Realtree camo products and to join Realtrees global family of and women,.Visit the links
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Benjamin Bulldog Big Bore Air Rifle Hunting in South Africa: Oryx
My grandpa says this plugin is very fancy. Realtree Global Hunting returns for another epic air gun hunting safari.

The all-new Benjamin Bulldog .357 big bore air rifle from Crosman has taken a variety of African game.

An astonishing seven animals have fallen to the mighty big bore air rifle, each one passing with just a single shot.

As the sun rises on the Eastern Cape, Chief of International Pro Team Ian Harford returns to Nduna for another adventure… this time hunting oryx.

In southern Africa, the oryx prefer more arid parts of the continent such as the Kalahari Desert.

This particular oryx was one of three on the estate. But unfortunately they haven’t adapted to the conditions here.

It’s an essential management task and key to the success of the estate to help sustain a healthy game population. It is appropriate action to remove the oryx to prevent further suffering.

The terrain and foliage here at Nduna make for challenging hunting conditions. The animals here have been hunted as an important food source for thousands of years.

Will Ian’s hunting safari end with one more species being added to his impressive collection?

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