Benjamin Bulldog 357! Big Bore Air Rifle, when you first look at this rifle it’s easy to think it’s some camo prop gun for the next predator movie but it’s actually a high-powered airgun it’s called the Bulldog 357 and it’s made by Benjamin the impressive shroud is more than a mounting point for a full-length Picatinny rail it’s actually designed to greatly reduce the sound produced by the Bulldog and as you’re about to hear the design really works I’m Russ page with Crossman corporation and today we’re showing the Bulldog 357 air gun it’s a bullpup design for those not familiar with the bullpup design it means the receiver is right underneath your cheek weld the barrel is extra has extra length and it’s this is a shroud that covers the barrel which helps absorb the noise that the air gun would otherwise make as I said it’s a 357 caliber and this is a bullet that we shoot with it it’s a 145 green this happens to be made by Nosler and it’s a solid lead bullet if those of you who might be used to your pellets ahead of skirt and fairly hollow inside this is a fairly solid piece and it’s meant to take larger gains coyotes feral hogs small deer things of that nature we can take that kind of game with this airgun its current configuration it can shoot 170 to 180 foot-pounds it’ll give you about 10 shots per fill what we have here is a pressure gauge right here this is showing you the pressure it’s in the reservoir the reservoir is actually inside this section of the air gun it can get filled to the filled after right underneath this cover here and it gets filled off of things like a scuba tank or a high-pressure seda tank which holds 4,500 you fill the air gun to 3000 psi and is refill when it reaches to 30 s as you can see it’s got a full-length Picatinny rail we’ve got guys that are using this with night vision to shoot coyotes as the small Picatinny rail up here so we can mount a bipod it’s a sight what we call a side lever Cocker with an airgun of this power it has a pretty heavy hammer spring in it and we’re using the side lever action to give you the advantage to open it bolt and and activate that hammer spring it also is a reversible bolt on this side of the gun we have a little filler piece here with some disassembly and reassembly we can push that we can turn the lever over to the other side for guys that are left-handers it’s got a two-stage trigger first stages around two pounds in the second stage of around three pounds it’s a synthetic stock so it’s weatherproof aluminum shroud very weatherproof fun can put this out in the bush and not going to have any trouble with anything going wrong so we’re going to load the magazine here when it’s empty it shows you that it’s empty here it has also has a red dot on it there so all we simply do is rotate it with your finger like this pop a bullet in grab another one rotate it add another one like so and this could take any 357 Magnum 38 special bullet we have shot bullets that are meant for 38 calibers 357 diameter is where we really want to be so you got to watch their diameters we want to shoot soft lead only nothing jacketed I don’t think there are a number of guys out there that do cast bullets online you can find a lot of big bore air gun guys that are casting their own bullets for sale this was actually not ler corporation now we work with directly on this bullet design the poly tip has some expansion to it upon entry there’s also hollow points out that you can purchase and there’s airgun pellets that you can also purchase to shooting this gun that’s great that it doesn’t just take a proprietary projectile it works with anything that right we opened it up to a variety of different ammunition options that people can use we do recommend and sell to 145 Green Nasser it’s a very accurate bullet gives you a very good ballistics donfield energy is excellent so if you check out team Wild TV comm can see some pretty large analysts are taken with this gun I can’t wait to shoot this I want to sit down behind it alright alright rest how do I put I decide this in oh it’s got like a dovetail and it’s pops in and that push around in right mind it’s a safety is on push it forward for the safety be off this looks like it would be super heavy but it’s not at all it’s it’s very light for what it looks like it’s important to keep in mind that shroud is polymer and underneath it is largely air and you’re about to hear why they made it this way oh nice and so that’s all you have to do to cock it that was crazy quiet it was much quieter than my gamo spring gun that I have at home and a bulldog isn’t just quiet it’s also very accurate – wow this is super easy to shoot so yeah so as soon as a you’re shooting basically nine millimeter or 38 special ballistics but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the recoil that you would expect even from like a carbine shooting yeah as best as I can in this environment absolutely this is super fun to shoot oh my gosh we’re going to push it out a little bit oh that is so awesome I think I got one more I lost count how far is that farthest target out is that big about 50 70 yards okay oh I went right under it but that is super fun and so you open it like this and then that you can oh right so when I when you cock it and I saw the red dot that meant that it was empty and you have to have it open in order to remove the magazine anyway safeties on oh that was a treat thank you very much you I be mad for plug-ins, because they are helpful!!
Benjamin Bulldog 357!  Big Bore Air Rifle
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