Beeman R9 Elite Air Rifle Combo – AGR Episode #45, [Music].hi there folks and welcome back to and only airgun reporter I’ll be.your host today my name is Paul Capello.I’m very excited to be showing you the.Beeman r9 also known as a right out HW.95.yes it’s pronounced right now this is a.legendary spring piston-powered break.bel air rifle that I’m very pleased showing you today let’s go ahead and.check it out the Beeman r9 is 177 20 and 22 caliber the one we’re.checking out today is 20 caliber I also.went ahead and ordered the Elite Series.combo which includes a 4 to 12 by 40.bushel banner scope mounted on sports.match rings this is ready to shoot right.out of the box provided that you read.all the safety precautions and follow.the instructions let’s go over some of.the features the first impression a nice looking rifle it has a very.nice hardwood stock buttery smooth the.four stock has checkering as well as the.pistol grip rubber butt pad very nice.bluing on the rifle throughout it also.has a muzzle break on the end of the.barrel folks the r9 does not cut sights so make sure when you’re.ordering get yourself a set of proper.rings and a scope folks the Beaman r9.series has an automatic safety that.means every time you cock the rifle it’s.going to be put on safe but a little bit.of a quirk here once you take it there is no way to put it back you’re going to have to point your.rifle in a safe direction and fire off.your shot but on a good note the Beaman.r9 has the famous record trigger this is.the most refined trigger you’ll ever.find on a spring piston rifle and we’ll.get to more of that later meanwhile.let’s go ahead and do some chronic.testing our first pellet will be the.Kodiak double gold in 20 caliber and the.Crossman premieres in 20 caliber let’s.go ahead and find out those results the.Beaman r9 reportedly has a 40-pound.cocking effort so before we go ahead the chronic testing I’m going to test.that out for you what I have here is a.regular bathroom scale I put a book of it because I want to spread the.weight evenly I’ve tried it without and it gave me some false what I’ll do is break it open put the.muzzle right on the scale cock it down.until just about breaking point almost.40 pounds okay for the chronic testing.let’s start out with the Kodiak pellets ok let’s go ahead and get.this done nice and smooth very good.mechanical feel to it that’s a great.sound.want to hear together.[Music].it’s nice okay let’s get to it.ten shots over the chrony.[Music].that record trigger is very nice it.breaks exactly when you expect it to.[Music].the rifle feels really solid.mechanically I like that in a spring.rifle okay here’s the results of our.chronic testing with the kodiak double gold pellets.we have a low number of 680 to a high of.704 an average of 690 for an extreme.spread of 22.92 feet per second standard.deviation 7.8 one based on 694 feet per.second with the 13 point two seven grain.pellet that gives you 14 foot-pounds now on to the Crossman premiers.which are a fourteen point three grain.pellet it went an average of 701 feet.per second don’t ask me why it’s going a.little bit faster than the thirteen.point two seven grain pellets could be a.whole bunch of things could be the.copper coating on the pellets the.hardness of the Premier’s who knows.anyway that gives us an average of 15.foot-pounds of energy so they’re very.close but we’re gonna go ahead and do.the accuracy testing now and from what.I’ve heard the accuracy is legendary on.the Beeman r9 let’s go see my results.okay I have my paper target set out to.20 meters our pellet will be the Beeman.Kodiak double goals very shiny I’m going to use the classic.artillery hole for this not gonna here very light against my shoulder.very light hold on the grip it’s almost.floating on my hands okay.very light hold this is a spring rifle.and it does have hold sensitivity oh.[Music].that trigger breaks every time I want break again I can’t tell if I hit.that target unbelievable that’s gonna be.some target let me go get it well to.confirm this group I rolled back the.downrange camera just to see that all shots hit and they certainly did the size of that group that is just a.few sixteenths of an inch center on 20 caliber pellets I can.pretty much cover it with a 20 caliber.pellet there were three very important.factors that led to the incredible.accuracy you saw earlier first the.precision fight off barrel secondly the.way I was holding the rifle in the.artillery position that is the best hold Magnum powered spring rifles for.the best accuracy downrange and last but.not least the two-stage adjustable.record trigger I knew exactly when that.trigger was going to fire let’s go ahead.and test the pull weight of trigger.make sure my rifle is pointed safely.downrange.[Music].[Music].well okay looks like our average was 2.pounds 10 ounces that’s a little bit.heavier than what’s advertised it could.possibly be my trigger gauge or it the rifle itself either way this far the best trigger I’ve ever used.on a spring powered air gun let’s go.ahead and test the sound pressure levels.okay as always we don’t have a.scientific measuring instrument here.this is just an off-the-shelf sound.pressure level leader what we’re do is fire a few shots until we get.the highest reading possible.well it looks like our maximum decibel.reading was a hundred and 2.9 decibels.and on a scale of low medium and high.I’d say the Beeman r9 is at the high end.of the medium loudness category I to shoot it indoors without and that says a lot all of the Beeman are 9 out there I’m.sorry it’s taken me so long to review.this fantastic air rifle it’s well-built.the trigger is extremely refined it’s.super accurate and it’s one to keep for.ever and ever for Aragon reporter is Paul Capello until next time.shoot safe and have fun.please remember folks air guns are even the smallest calibers can.cause serious injury if not used.properly and you should never under any.circumstance point an air gun at a.person parents if you teach your kids to.shoot responsibly they will have a.lifetime of airgun enjoyment my name is.Paul Capello until next time shoot safe.and have fun.[Music].[Music].you. 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Beeman R9 Elite Air Rifle Combo - AGR Episode #45
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Beeman R9 is such an oldie, but this air rifle deserved its reputation not for nothing and we finally got to reviewing it for you!