Baikal IZH MP-61 Side Lever Spring Piston Air Rifle Review, hello and thank you for watching another replica arrogance video my name is Michael Kay today we’re looking at the Bacall izh 61 sometimes referred to also as the eyes @h MP 61 and I don’t do a lot of rifle reviews but this is a nice little inexpensive kind of unique spring piston side leaver air rifle so I thought we’d take a look at it now in this particular unit I’ve added the scope so it doesn’t come with the scope but I thought it would be kind of interesting to put this on there for the review see how it does with the scope it’s a bit tough to see the whole gun here with the camera setup that I have so I’m just going to show you the barrel part here real quick so it comes like this with the open barrel and you have the hooded sight in the front now this review isn’t going to be extensive by any means because I’m really not a spring piston air rifle specialist but we’ll talk about some of the pros and the cons and a little bit of how to use this gun and how to work it well right off the top this is not a replica gun it does look a little bit like a variety of different assault rifles kind of combined it’s made in Russia by the call now comes in a box quickly show you that nothing too special here inside the box as with most of the bacall stuff you have this sort of wax paper that things are wrapped in and there were some parts that came with it came with the spring here now this spring i’ve been told will increase the velocity of the gun so it’s an alternative spring that has a higher tension there’s also this rod here and i’m assuming it’s a cleaning rod possibly also a rod you could use to unjam any kind of pellets that get stuck in the barrel pretty long rod and of course you get your manual alright a lot of its in russian but it doesn’t have english as well it’s going to be tough for me to show you everything about this gun but it does have the side lever right here and you just push this part in right here hopefully you can see this this part in right here which lets you gain access to the lever and then you would pull it back now the lever pull is fairly easy so anybody could really use this gun it definitely doesn’t have a heavy lever pull now when you pull this back what obviously happens is it puts tension on the spring and then as it comes forward it’ll push this part forward as well until it locks in position and when it pushes this rod forward that actually there’s a magazine or clip on this side and when that magazine or clip when the rod goes forward through the magazine clip it loads a pellet and when Yuri cock it again you can see it you can see here that the magazine of the clip basically comes out again and loads up another pellet so I’ll load that I’ll just show you real quickly kind of hard to do there we go so we load another one see how it comes forward load another one comes forward another one and that’s pretty much it now when you’re all done it doesn’t pop out so you’ve got to make sure that you don’t dry fire this gun so you got to count off the five rounds otherwise you might dry fire the sixth and dry-firing any spring piston rifle isn’t good for the spring or the gun in general this is what the magazine looks like okay now when you put your pellets in I call it it is a magazine but I’d call it a clip because it doesn’t really um hold the pellets in tight or anything it’s more like a feeding clip so you put your pellets in nose first and you insert them in here all the way and as you cycle the gun it just pops out a little bit each time now again at the end when you’re shooting what you might find too is you might if you want to gain access to this because a lot shot you won’t be able to pull it out another thing you might want to notice is that there’s this little I guess button here that you push down when you push that down you can see that the magazine comes out so it’s got quite a bit of tension when it’s in all the way but as you get as you get near the end it doesn’t have so much tension so it’s not going to fly out so typically what would happen is your last shot you would shoot this would be in you can’t get it out so you’d have to push this back and then you can pull this out okay so that’s sort of the mechanics of it takes a little bit of getting used to this gun and how the mechanics work but once you get used to it’s pretty easy to use you have to make sure also when you when you’re shooting it that you push essentially this piece right all the way in so it snaps in otherwise it’s going to want to come out and you also you have to pull it all the way back before it’ll be in position or ready to fire and then come forward with it again so that it snaps in place I’m going to show you around the gun a little bit I think you’ve seen most of it you have an adjustable trigger there’s a little screw here that you can adjust basically where the position of the trigger is when it engages how quickly you also have an adjustable sight on this gun it’s adjustable for windage and elevation I’ve adjusted mine all the way down because I’m not using it and it’s actually getting a little bit in the way of my getting this on and off so I just adjusted it all the way down I’m not using it now there is this adjustable stock here and you just loosen this off and you can move this forward and back but one thing that I wasn’t really aware of until someone told me about it is that you can you can adjust this position a little bit more is it two positions you have this one position here and then you also have another position here so you can kind of move it when it comes from the factory in the Box you have the shorter one we could see that here so you have the shorter position and you can only move it back almost the full way but you’re about an inch short so by putting it in here and this is going to be fun fighting gravity then putting the stock on you can then get another inch out of it so I like mine set all the way up fairly long arms you can play around with that and you can adjust it however you like on the other side of this gun not as much in the way of controls most of what’s going on kind of happens on the other side other than putting your magazine in and again you put it in this way now the scope mount on this gun is a 11 millimeter dovetail and it’s not very long if you go too far forward you’re going to be sort of infringing on the release for your clip your magazine or your clip release here if you go a little bit too far forwards you have to leave some room for that and that’s why it’s kind of coming off the end here but it seems to be working and you know you have to put it fairly tight on here and you have to use a scope that is the right kind of scope for a spring piston air rifle because they have a funny type of vibration that happens and it can actually damage certain scope so be aware of that now I haven’t really gotten into any of the specifications yet and kind of doing this review a little bit backwards but that’s okay so what are some of the basic specifications of this gun it shoots 0.177 caliber lead-based pellets it shoots up to 490 feet per second with the spring that’s installed in it it comes with the five shot magazine or clip whatever you want to call it comes with two of them has a rifled barrel of course it’s got an adjustable trigger it has an adjustable rear stock as I showed you has the eleven millimeter dovetail rail for scopes and scope mounts alright so at this point I think I’m going to take you guys outside we’re going to shoot some rounds through the chronograph and we’re going to shoot five because it is a five round magazine and then I’m going to shoot five rounds at the target and see how we do from 30 feet out in a freestanding position now I’m not a spring piston rifle specialist they do take some practice to get used to these types of rifles because of the type of vibration that they have you have to hold these guns really loosely in your hand otherwise your groups aren’t going to be very close together all right so I’ve got my back all izh 61 side leaver spring piston rifle here we’re going to shoot five rounds through the chronograph now this gun has a clean feet per second of up to four hundred ninety FPS I’m using six point nine green pellets 0.177 caliber pellets and we’re going to put five rounds through this gun through the chronograph because I have a 5 round magazine or this is actually more of a clip okay so let’s get started shot number one 490 right on the money shot number two 49.5 shot 3/4 98.9 shot four four eighty six point seven last one four ninety five point six so we got right up and a little bit over the factory specifications that we were using fairly light pellets they do get heavier you can get much heavier pellets on 0.177 caliber but still these aren’t the lightest pellets available okay so we’re going to move on to the shooting portion of the test again we’re going to shoot five rounds for this gun because of the five round magazine I will see how will we do from about thirty feet away in a free standing position okay so I’m ready and in position to shoot at my target I’m about 30 feet away here and I’m in a free standing position I’m not going to use a rested position have to admit I’m not really that great of a spring piston shooter takes a little bit of practice to use these guns properly when you’re shooting a spring piston rifle or even in a spring piston pistol you have to hold the gun fairly loose can’t just manhandle the gun you got to hold it loose and let it rest on the palm of your hand so don’t expect me to get a really good grouping here I’m just not really a pro at this but we’ll see how well we do do five shots okay shot number one and I was not even ready that that one came off really quick because I still getting used to this trigger anyways shot number two before and shop number five now I’m using a scope and see that in the rest of the review okay let’s go take a look in 30 feet away free standing position alright so this one here was the first shot that I wasn’t even ready for and then I got looks like three really tight here and one flyer so not too bad the shot here really I wouldn’t count it because it was not even expecting that one to go off we got these three or four here about an inch and a quarter inch and a half I’m not sure what happened with this high one again I’m not the best spring piston shooter probably someone who’s experienced that this could probably keep them all on that nice almost a half-inch zone there so not too bad considering all things so let’s head back in and do the rest of the review alright so this gun perform fairly well in the chronograph test it got right up to that 490 feet per second no problem with the lighter pellets that we were using I wanted to give you a little bit of an update I had a chance to change the extra spring over to see if it was actually a heavier spring and would give me a little bit higher feet per second and the testing that I did it was exactly the same so the only reason you’d want to change the spring over is if your original spring became weak I also had the chance to reshoot this gun just using the open sights from 30 feet away again in a freestanding position I’m not sure if it was the pellet combination or my combination of scope with mounts but I found that just using the open sights I was able to actually get a much better group so here’s the target that I used for this five round group and you can see here it’s just a little bit larger than a standard quarter anyways I thought I’d bring that up and just update this video a little bit for you okay so what are some of the pros and cons well it’s a very inexpensive spring piston rifle with some great features some of those features are five round magazine it’s a side pull leaver design which I kind of like the advantage over break barrel is obviously that you can use a magazine with it and sometimes break barrels will give you a little bit of the barrel droop associated with a break barrel where you have to heavily adjust your scope to accommodate the barrel droop this gun shoots right on the money as far as ft/s goes it’s a very unique looking rifle I like the fact that it has an adjustable stock it also is an adjustable trigger comes with the scope mounts and this gun is really lightweight and it’s very easy to cock so younger adults or weaker people could easily use this rifle there was a couple cons with this gun one of which was young might notice on the stock that you get a lot of marks on it now mine came with all these marks just that’s just the way that they come it’s the type of material that it’s made out of it kind of gets little marks in it and it’s just part of the look of this gun now the mechanics on this gun they take a little bit of getting used to because of the way the magazine works the way the lever works all of that takes a little bit of getting used to so that’s the downside whereas with a break barrel rifle they’re a little bit easier to use off the bat I also found that the scope mounts were a little bit short would have been nicer if it had a little bit longer scope mounts on it that pretty much sums up this review of the McCall eyes at h MP 61 it’s a great rifle for the money it’s very unique you can’t really go to wrong for about one hundred and fifty nine dollars we’re selling this rifle down at the replica airgun store so come on down and check us out I’ll also be adding my written review to my website at replica arrogance comm make sure to check out some of our other products we have a lot of other air guns blank guns and accessories so thanks again everyone for watching if you haven’t subscribed please do until my next video take care My fancy mom says this plugin is smart!!
Baikal IZH MP-61 Side Lever Spring Piston Air Rifle Review
I be crazy about extensions, because they are the unbelievable!– Baikal IZH MP-61 Side Lever Spring Piston Air Rifle Review.

-Spring Piston Side Lever
-.177 Caliber Pellets
-5 Round Magazine/Clip
-Assault Rifle Look
-Adjustable Trigger and Stock
-Metal and Plastic
-490 FPS

This video is a walkthrough Review of the Baikal (IZH) MP61 Spring Piston Side Lever air rifle. I show off this very affordable air rifle close up and I also take you through many of its features. I also do a 5 shot Chronograph test and 5 shot target test to see what kind of real world feet per second ratings it gets and what kind of grouping it will make on a target from 30 feet out.

The Baikal IZH MP-61 is a very reasonably priced Spring Piston Air Rifle with a unique tactical look and a ton of features to boot, including a 5 shot magazine for quick successive shots, adjustable trigger and stock, scope rail and light weight design.

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