Badger 40 cal Air Rifle Part 2, hey all you guys out there in airgun land okay we’re over it uncle Ted’s Hacienda as always and today we’re working with the epochs badger 40 okay 40 Cal this 40 Cal is a 401 diameter slug barrel combination so don’t get that this 40 Cal mixed up with the extreme 40 Cal which is a 408 okay too different you can’t mix and match bullets if you happen to have both forties okay this one the badger 40 and it’s got the I guess you call it just the shorter QB style stock it’s got the QB trigger assembly the single cocking and loading knob kind of like the XPS do it is sarah coded get the nice thick butt pad on it and we’ve already done it some testing you know on the power and the power curve for the bell curve and I think I’ve said before that our sweet spot that I’m finding with my gauges as between 38 and 4,000 psi to give me three good shots just got a standard Simmons scope on here nothing special for the ones with the quick detach rings I can go from gun to gun with and we’re gonna be out here at 50 yards doing some grouping with the slugs I got a little bit of everything so I’ll be testing everything out and seeing how she lines up so we’ll put it all together and hopefully it won’t be too boring I was the 155 guys I guess I should have told you that you right okay so far every every set of slugs that I’ve shot has been grouping really nice considering it’s me you guys got to remember I’ve told you this in every video okay look at the table on mine look at the jiggle in the wiggle okay I shake a lot so don’t cry to me about you know groups aren’t touching or they’re not what you think they should be because it’s me shooting okay I suck a lot of you guys you’re much better than I am okay now 155 last lugs that one’s touching let’s go take a look guys this go like this and this is my walk of shame fifty yards did it it thing and I gotta say guys you know he surely shouldn’t be bickering arguing and fighting and talking about whose mother sucks what on YouTube with my videos you know I’m doing this for fun than the show of the hollow points you work and pretty much every single application well how do you guys take this stuff too serious okay so let’s see if you can see this so this is 40 Cal 50 yards 155 great shot one shot to that awesome that’s awesome I’m awesome I have to tell myself that because no one else will alright let’s get back up to the ranch hey we got us a brand new block of breast augmentation material here we’re gonna go out to 50 yards and set that baby up since a lot of people cry and complain about 15 yards being too close for bullet penetration and expansion Yeah right okay this is 255 grain California I don’t know why it’s so dark it’s really sunny outside you okay now we’re gonna do the 225 hollow-point the 220 scream of it is so dark dude this is just like in the house you can see if you can see this about 14 inches on the 255 on about 12 or so on the 220 I’m going to show the cameras to the side I don’t put a bullet there but now we’ll do the 185 hey that’s not what I wanted to happen and now we’ll do the 155 a little bit lighter Sun passes through the clouds I guess okay here I don’t I don’t think I got the 185 on slow-mo cuz if I didn’t press the button deep enough but that’s the 155 185 to 2255 my arm shot my arms in the way okay I need a point and stick okay see 255 220 185 and that’s the 155 so all those would be deadly deadly deadly deadly on an animal okay I gotta love this 40 this badge is pretty darn sweet all right guys Taurus out outdoor ballistic-gel always shows up much better on video than indoor ballistic gel as in with this weed in my way anyways I gotta think Kevin Richert Richert element sending me this that’s a sweet thing to work with I get a do get some more of these from ballistic gel so we’ll get back up and see what we can set up next all right let’s try the 220 and this in this sloppy water 255 grain in the water Wow George Takei would say oh hi you well guys I hope you enjoyed the video have fun making it running back and forth hope I worked off about 10 pounds of this air kavika air gum belly air belly a B anyways we had a real good time I want to thank Ted I want to thank a pox the guys for making the 40 badger here it’s a great gun to shoot they see the numbers you see how accurate it is I think you’re gonna have a lot of fun out in the woods this year if you have any questions feel free to email me I always have that in there just to please don’t ask me questions on YouTube send me an e-mail directly okay I the way I get it I know you’re not a troll and I can answer it properly so guys I don’t care what you’re shooting I’ll make sure you’re shooting hollow points and make sure your outdoor woods this ball you These plug-ins are elegant!
Badger 40 cal Air Rifle Part 2
Meet this magnificent extension. This is video 2 with the Badger 40 cal, its my accuracy tests and its pretty good, this is a very accurate Air rifle, I sighted in with the 155 grain and all weights were on the bulls eye.