B2 (SMK/Westlake) Air Rifle | Air Armoury, hello and welcome back to the air armory.I’m jrh and today we’re gonna be looking.at the b2 arrived.as you can see there I was shooting with.a scope which is a CONUS cone is shot 4.by 32 now I just want to show you that.briefly is that’s why I’ve got the rifle.but I’m not a massive fan of scopes so.you went some too often on the air.armoury well that’s not so they won’t.feature at all but for now ok that’s bad.lots of scope whilst many of you may.know the b2 isn’t the most glamorous.rifle around I thought it was fitting.for its feature in the first proper air.Armory video this was in fact the first.air gun I ever owned.so the b2 most commonly seen and.referred to is the smkbt although they.are sometimes branded differently.depending on who imports them and where.they’re sold this particular one is a.Westlake and regardless of where what.they’re branded as though or BT’s are.the same gun is a spring piston break.barrel rifle and for those of you don’t.know too much about air guns and maybe.looking at this as a potential first gun.what that means is the power source is a.piston driven by of spring in the.compression chamber here and to cut the.gun as the name suggests you break the.barrel pull that back until it catches.put a pellet into the end of the barrel.click the barrel back into place and.then pull the trigger to release the.spring and the piston now SMK a British.manufacturer and distributor but these.are budget Chinese made guns quite.clearly see the bottom of the.compression chamber they’re made in.China according to the airgun world.buyer’s guide 2013 current retail price.for a b2 is 39 95 and you can also get.these in carbine version which has got.14 each Baron’s to the standard 19 and.also in a slightly more expensive custom.version which I should talk about.slightly later on now the guns are ideal.for plinking and pest control I bought.this originally shooting toy soldiers.cans toy cars and things like that that.I now use.nearly all my guns exclusively for.targets and as I said in the.introductory video to the error armory.I’m not into hunting though this is my.one and only gun has been used for that.purpose.not by me I’ll add but I regularly lend.this to my dad for pest control for.getting grey squirrels and it seems to.work quite well for that especially.there’s a short distance using hollow.points but I don’t think you’d ever want.to use this for actual hunting I mean.whether it actually could take something.like a wrap over longer range I’m not.sure but it’s very unlikely to be an.accurate one-hit instant kill and.therefore inadvisable and inhumane now.going to take a closer look at the b2.and some of its features one of the.things I really like about this gun.which is remarkable considering price.tag is the lack of plastic on it as you.can see most clip is made from blued.steel with a hardwood stock things I.could have skipped on and made of.plastic things like the sights trigger.and the trigger guard are all made of.steel and I’ve seen some more expensive.guns in this with those parts made of.plastic I’ve stripped his gun several.times and the only bit of plastic I can.find anywhere on it is the cap on the.end of the compression chamber there in.terms of sights the rear sight is.adjustable for elevation but not windage.so it’s got the distance markings on.there and the foresight just a simple.hoody post which I quite like.now the sights are quite basic I don’t.know how where you can be able to see.this someone have to detach the camera.the rear sight is not actually mounted.100% centrally quite hard to see there.but it’s actually slightly off round to.the right on the barrel which you need.to take into consideration when aiming.as you’ve already seen you can mount the.scope it’s got a nice long dovetail.scope rail on it which means you can.mount kind of a one piece block mount.like I’ve got on that scope there or you.can put on a pair of individual jewel.mounts like that.and when you’re putting a scope on the.rear sight is not removable but the.first sight is just held in your.dovetail so it can be punched out but.neither sight obstructs or obscures a.scope now the trigger is a single-stage.non adjustable and there’s no safety to.speak off of any kind it’s certainly not.the smoothest trigger you’ll ever find.and actually just want to take the stock.off and show you how basically trigger.and the action are quite simple to.remove the stock this will just move the.sling swivel it reveals one of the main.mounting screws underneath one in the.other side.lastly the main screw in the bottom we.took a guard that is the trigger just a.simple release now it gets a job done.but it’s certainly in no frills.operation I’ve cut the video there to.save you watching you put the rifle back.together and in doing so give me the.opportunity to find it a friend here.we’ve got another b2 which I’ve kinda.been meant for the purposes of making.this video and now I want to speak a bit.about the stock now the b2 is made from.an unspecified hardwood and you finish.you can see our mind here is not in the.original I’ve in fact sanded this down.and refinished it where this gun retains.the original factory finish which is.where I’ve got hold of that to bring it.out and show you the original finish for.want of a better word is disgusting it’s.simply just a messy inconsistent uneven.brown lacquer now the b2 does not have a.butt pad of any kind and what looks like.a butt pad on the end of my rifle here.has actually just been painted on for.cosmetic effect now although the stock.is made from hardwood the quality of the.wood is not very good at all I was a bit.horrified when I sanded mine down and.found it was riddled with knots and as.you can see there quite a large knot has.come out when the stocks been made and.it simply just been replaced with wood.filler now possibly the worst thing.about the v2 stock is the weight of it.or to be more precise the lack of weight.it’s made from quite light wood which.means the guns got poor weight.distribution make it very barrel heavy.which can make it quite hard to keep it.steady when aiming as I mentioned.earlier on SNK also make a custom.version of the b2 which you can see in.the SNK catalogue here now the custom.version is got.better quality stock both in terms of.wood and finish it’s got chequered grips.and also a rubber butt pad and if you’re.wanting that version that comes in at.almost double the price and extra thirty.pounds on top of the standard version in.terms of reliability maintenance and.setup things that that I’ve had this gun.for about six years now and I was.intending to say in this video that I’ve.never had any fundamental problems with.it in that time but that was of course.until I got it out to reacquaint myself.with it prior to making this video I.find us having real problems with the.barrel catch not releasing the barrel.properly it turned out not to be.anything major just took it apart and.cleaned and we greased everything in.there it seemed to be all right and as.with all spring guns a certain amount of.recoil from it caused by a mechanism but.I find the be too more than most does.seem to loosen a few bits because of.that particularly the scope and slides.back quite easily on the rails and also.I find myself constantly having to.tighten the screw on the barrel catch.and when this gun was new it diesel Dan.awful lot but I mean that’s nothing too.bad you just needed entire thing.stripping down we greasing Andry lubing.appropriately and something I find quite.strange about the B – it’s a.ambidextrous stock which is fine and.barrel catch on the left-hand side which.is perfectly obviously for a.right-handed shooter like myself but the.sling swivels well I’ve got it on the.left here you can see you originally now.the holes i’ve refilled they were.originally on the right which and you’d.only have them on the right hand side.for a left-handed shooter just in.otherwise it will anomalies that show.now it’s a bit of a cheap gun now.turning to look at the functionality of.the rifle I don’t have a cronograph to.measure the velocity so I’m going to.have to go the spec given in the catalog.and the B – in – – calibre is given at.450 feet per second this is a two two.caliber rifle although all variations.are available in both 177 and two – I.think the four hundred and fifty feet.per second might be exaggerating.slightly but we’ll go with that for the.moment.so if working out the power and we using.Crossman domed pellets now these pellets.don’t actually have a stated weight but.I’ve weighed a selection of them and.they come out at an average fourteen.point six grains so to work out our.power you’ve got our feet per second.squared times the weight of the pellet.divided by that magic number 450,000 240.and that gives us rounding up a power of.6.6 foot-pounds which is of course just.over half the legal limit for a rifle in.the UK and I think that explains really.why saying earlier this isn’t powerful.enough to hunt with now to test the.accuracy I’m going to be firing 15.rounds from a range of 12 and a half.meters at this 14 centimeter square.target.you.here we have the target which is not.100% terrible but it’s not far off I.mean the main grouping up here isn’t too.bad for such a cheap gun but there are.just far too many strays fired centrally.to give you an accurate indication it’s.clearly pulling right and that’s to do.with the badly fitted sight they’ve.already mentioned it’s also shooting.largely high over this distance which it.really shouldn’t be I’ve got the rear.sight set correctly for the distance.which leads me to believe the distance.markings on that side of the shell as.much as anything else now I’d like to.say that the accuracy improves.drastically when a scopes fitted but.unfortunately that just be a bit of a.lie now before I made the video this.morning I did the same test in 15.pellets over the same distance with the.rifle scoped still plenty of strays more.central but still no discernibly tighter.grouping so yes it’s not the most.powerful rifle it’s not the most.accurate rifle but it’s still fun to.shoot and that’s what plinking is all.about so replace the target and the.hypothetical rabbit with a can of air.armor Ecola and let’s see if we have any.better results.okay so I think all in agreement that.the BT does have enough accuracy and.power to produce a desired effects on.our back garden plinking rifle I hit the.can first shot pellit is entered they’re.gone all the way through we can and.extra from there but I think this.splitting the side is just from the.pressurized fizzy drink inside we’ve now.had a look at the b2 and how well it.performs so what can I say about this.rifle is it a terrible gun yes it is.what I recommend you all go out and buy.one absolutely because despite the.shortcomings it’s a fun wooden steel air.rifle which for the price tag is amazing.value for money will be an ideal starter.gun for someone getting into airgun.shooting especially as a lot of.retailers will sell this in a reasonable.package along with a scope scope mount.gun set it and everything you need to.get you started.I also recommend it for more experienced.shooters as a cheap linker a backup gun.or maybe even for testing certain types.of pellets that may leave a residue in.your barrel and you don’t want to risk.messing up the rifling on a more.expensive gun although a scope would.improve this gun and therefore is worth.purchasing I personally wouldn’t bother.buying a custom version or any of the.aftermarket accessories such as the.especially designed smkbt sound.suppressor as at the end of the day a.leopard can’t change its spots I think.you can quite happily spend an.additional 60 pounds on this rifle.without actually making it any better.and if you’re going to be spending that.kind of money you might be better off.buying a better secondhand rifle maybe.something like a BSA meaty or now I own.better and more expensive duns than this.but I still like to get this out and.shoot it every now and again so given.the choice between the b2 or 40 pounds.there’s only going to be one choice to.make every time.thanks for tuning into the air armory.until next time keep your arms in the.air.you. 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B2 (SMK/Westlake) Air Rifle | Air Armoury
My smart mom says this plugin is very astonishing. Air Armoury – Episode 2 – B2 (SMK/Westlake) Air Rifle

This month the Air Armoury’s JRH reminisces about his airgunning roots by reviewing the first air gun he ever owned, the popular, budget model B2 air rifle.