ASG TAC-4.5 CO2 Air Rifle Table Top Review, hello everybody it’s Michael from replica air goes with another tabletop review sorry about the cold hit me hard this week anyways today we’re looking at an interesting new BB rifle from ASG this is the ASG tap four point five millimeter co2 BB air rifle and it is available in our Canada replica air gun store in both this four point five millimeter version you’ll see this is the TAC 4.5 there’s also attacked six which is six millimeter plastic airsoft so if you’re in debt using airsoft guns or shooting airsoft guns then you do have that option so keep that in mind they’ll literally be identical other than the fact that you’re gonna have six millimeter plastic airsoft BB’s in the TAC six and four point five millimeter steel bb’s in the TAC 4.5 alright let’s get right into some of the specifications now will be a little bit hard to get this entire gun into the field of view I can only get my camera up so high so I will be moving it around on camera when I show the gun around so you can see it in you know all the details but we’ll just sort of put it here place it somewhere in the middle for while I do most of the specifications and those specifications are it’s a non blowback or mostly plastic polymer design this version the TAC 4.5 shoots four point five millimeter steel bb’s and again that TAC six shoots six millimeter airsoft versions so make sure to buy the appropriate gun it uses 12 grams co2 cartridges just one single cartridge which goes in the pistol grip here I’ll show you that later the steel BB version has a 21 round dropout metal stick magazine again I’ll show you that too in a bit here this rifle weighs in at 3.5 pounds or fifteen hundred and eighty-eight grams it utilizes a double action only trigger has a claimed FPS of 417 has an internal smoothbore barrel so it’s not rifled and the barrel does not go all the way down the inner barrel I’ll show you that too in a bit here what the inner barrel looks like you’ll notice we have top and bottom picatinny rails okay so you can add a lot of accessories on here they’re weaver Picatinny style and on the top we have fiber-optic sight in the front and a fully adjustable rear sight these are like an iron site type setup so they are removable in the box you have this adjustable right nice the adjustable bipod okay goes on you can adjust it once it’s on there goes on like that we’ll put it on later I’ll show you we also have this rubber by our butt plate here nice thick rubber butt plate adds a little bit to the weight I’m sure and when I show you around I’ll show you in more detail but we do have this integrated laser sight that’s built in now it’s just sort of a dummy shell or the shell to the laser the internal metal parts or the internal parts for the laser are not included with this but you can take it out it’s on the other side here you can take this laser right out it does have the door or the drawer whatever you want to call it for actual batteries but inside it’s just kind of hollow you need to buy the internal parts for it to put in here it doesn’t come with them now it’s not an actual replica of any gun that I know of it does look very tactical you know maybe it kind of looks like a cx4 storm regret a/c export storm just a little bit but not entirely again this gun is distributed by ASG action sports games there is no actual licensing so there’s no parado or any type of licensing on it it’s just there ASG branding that you’ll find in certain parts on the gun I’m not gonna be able to get the entire box in this picture here but we can take a look at it we’ll just sort of scroll by here and see the bipod the TAC 4.5 you can see the sights there right okay see the bipod on the gun we have you know some lettering writing on here ergonomic grip with finger grooves for shooter comfort full-length metal top rail for optics and accessories bottom rail for attachment of bipod lights or lasers rubberized buttstock pad for comfort when shouldering the rifle non blowback design for increased co2 efficiency so kind of like marketing it in that way less you know not having blowback as we know will increase co2 efficiency nothing on the back and it will also increase the power to some degree depends how the valve is set you can typically get one more shots and more power without the blowback action as we know as with all of these guns they do come with manuals okay steel BB right easy load for co2 accessory rail non blowback okay inside you have sort of a little parts diagram here tell us what everything is things not to do alright unless you’re shooting with airsoft but don’t shoot at a person with a dog right especially if they have a dog you don’t want to shoot someone with a dog come on all right not to do stuff there’s your safety shows you where the safety is how to release your magazine how to get into the co2 loading area all right just information on how to use it basic stuff how to adjust the sights how to remove the sights how to put that bipod on okay laser information then there’s some more information in here right weight caliber ammunition capacity FPS things like that okay alright at this point let’s do a walk around take a quick look get in here nice and tight so here we have on the left side this is the on/off switch for the laser so if you do have the laser in it the parts inside that laser this will turn it on and off you can see we have the Weaver Picatinny rail here top and bottom that’s the front of the laser I will pull the laser up to show you in a bit here you have this nice flash hider on here now I wasn’t sure if it was removable and I did try to remove it and so I’ve actually kind of loosened it up in here it’s not supposed to come out this easy it’s glued in so don’t try to remove this part from the barrel or you’ll probably kind of break the glue inside I’m gonna probably just regal it with some you know some problems you can see here there’s glue on there and and it’s still pretty tight though it’s not gonna just fall out or anything right but you to have it properly snug I’m going to probably reglue it you notice you have this fiber-optic sight on the front you can remove it with this screw here and take it off just fits on the rail there’s our top rail right you have the sort of what looks like an ejection port but it is molded into the gun right okay you’ve got these sort of hollow spots here just for looks you do have your magazine release okay stick magazine looks like something you’d find in a pistol like a lot of other pistols it may be just that maybe from another pistol and then you also have your co2 screw there you can hit this button here to get your co2 right so we have just standard co2 cartridges that go in there when you’re done pop that back again we’re using four point five millimeter steel bb’s and you would load them in the bottom hole there this guy just pops into place there right when you’re done loading you release the follower put your magazine back in you do need to give it a pretty good whack it’s it doesn’t need a little bit of pressure to get that in there rear sight is adjustable for windage and elevation okay just a peep sight in the back again that nice spot plate okay everything feels really good it’s really sturdy mething Wiggles around or anything you have your ASG branding there and it’s like a nice sort of glass oval that fits in there okay I’m gonna just look at it upside down that’s alright there’s your safety and it’s in a nice spot for right-handed shooters right by the trigger okay so easy to flip on and off okay there’s your pistol grip and you can see here we have this laser removal you just push that button and then the laser comes out you gotta kind of hit it twice so let’s take a quick look at the laser okay you can see here I don’t know if you can see in there but it is hollow there’s nothing inside here okay you can see here there’s no metal parts this is the battery where the batteries would go but inside there’s just nothing it’s completely Hollow know if you can see that but it’s completely Hollow okay so you need some mechanical parts to go in here because there’s no laser in it it’s just sort of the outer housing for it I don’t know if you buy it if you get the whole thing if this is just like a placeholder just for looks but I’m assuming you’re just gonna get parts to go inside of this I could be wrong I haven’t and we don’t have it I don’t have it so I can’t tell you for sure all right let’s some really quickly just show you this bipod again so you can put it on and off really easily I’m not gonna put it on you’ve seen it on my other video but in my unboxing video but so watch that I did do an unboxing video by the way check that one out but it’s easy to put on once it’s on you can adjust it you know some adjust each leg independently although you’d probably want to do them both the same right this locks it in but you can also quickly release it it’s got quick releases on here just goes right on the bottom all right well why not put it on okay there it is okay we got it on there why not right okay and that’s how it kind of looks you can move it forward or back I did want to unscrew this barrel for you guys you just unscrew it cause I want to show you these lengths of the inner barrel okay so this is just uh basically a barrel with what this is the outer barrel that just goes inside and what it does is it kind of holds this inner barrel in place you can see how it Wiggles around so I wouldn’t want to shoot this gun without the barrel on it because this might you know reduce accuracy kind of looks cool it’s nice and small but you know you’re missing it a lot with this gun there’s no barrel so it doesn’t look right and this this little inner barrel also is not you know it’s it’s gonna wiggle potentially reducing accuracy but you can see that the inner barrel from where the magazine comes up about here to here I’m gonna say is about 12 inches maybe it may be 12 to 13 inches in length so it’s not bad in terms of length a little bit longer than your pistol’ but definitely there’s more room in my books to go a little bit longer and you could have increased it by further in my books and maybe got some more power out of this gun those longer barrels up into a point do increase power with co2 guns because you get more co2 expansion in that barrel the barrel will not cool down quite as quickly you’ve got more barrel there to stay warm and to allow for co2 expansion so typically you do get more more power alright let’s go over some of the pros and the cons now keep in mind I haven’t done the field test shooting video I can’t say the trigger doesn’t feel too bad but it is double action only we got safe there it’s pretty long you know in terms of fast shooting if you try to shoot too fast you might miss one every once in a while it’s not gonna be your quickest shooter out there follow-up shots but it’s not too bad it’s not really heavy it’s not gonna tire your finger up too much but it is a bit longer alright we’ll go into some of the pros and the cons without any actual shooting information because again I haven’t done that yet but let’s get into the pros and cons here okay it’s very customizable with the rails top and bottom you can add on all kinds of things obviously here the bipod you could put your own laser on or go with the integrated one if you decide to do that you can put red dots you can put slopes on the top here you know all kinds of stuff if you want you could put a foregrip on there it’s totally up to you it does come with a really nice bipod I really like this bipod I’d use it on you know other guns too if I if you want to you could use it on any gun with that similar type of rail system and the front and back sights are pretty nice you do have that you know you do have that optical one in the front which lights up just needs a little bit of light and makes it nice and bright easy to see I like the peep sight on the back it looks pretty good it’s fully adjustable if you don’t like these sights you could have add any other iron sight that you choose and again that safety switch is in a really nice location for right-handed shooters the integrated laser is a nice add-on I think it’s a nice touch that it’s right there right dead center you know up close to the barrel in line with the barrel nice and tight shouldn’t work pretty good the top 4.5 has a nice solid construction it’s you know mostly plastic or polymer but it does feel good it’s pretty solid feels good in the hand that Robert bought plate is a nice touch too it’s nice and thick probably adds a little weight to the gun as well robber is pretty heavy and one thing I didn’t really mention is you can take this barrel off which reduces the overall length of the gun might make it a little bit easier to transport it and say a gym bag or something like that if you’re taking it over to a friend’s house or somewhere to shoot it and again it does come an airsoft version if you’re into airsoft shooting alright some of the cons that double action only trigger pull is a bit long which will slow down rapid fire shooting a bit you might even miss the odd shot because you just didn’t quite pull the full length of the trigger if you’re trying to shoot fast you might miss a few there again it does have that pretty much full polymer build with some metal parts inside of course but the gun isn’t overly heavy coming in about 3.5 pounds that said it feels ok in the hand it’s not too bad and I’m not sure why but they only went with the inner barrel coming out to about here so you know roughly twelve thirteen inches why not at least go right to the edge here I can see them not going past because if you take that barrel off you’re exposing that inner barrel which could get bent or something or whatever right so I could see that keeping it within line of the of the frame or the you know the stock and the frame here but why not go right to the edge you would have maybe got some more power possibly some more power out of this gun now that’s pretty much it for pros and cons again this TAC 4.5 from ASG is available in our Canada replica air gun store so check it out you can also get the six millimeter airsoft version there too don’t forget to check out our Canada and us online air gun stores at replica air gun CA for Canada and replica arrogancy us for the US I’ll also be posting a written review for this gun with additional photos so check that out over at replica arrogance calm and keep checking back I will have a shooting video for this gun really soon that’s probably going to be one of my next videos coming up shortly alright thanks for watching don’t forget to subscribe check us out on Facebook and Twitter username is replica air guns until next time take care I be wild about constituents, because they are nice!!
ASG TAC-4.5 CO2 Air Rifle Table Top Review
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Type: BB Rifle.
Manufacturer: ASG.
Model: TAC 4.5.
Materials: Plastic with some internal metal parts.
Weight: 3.5 pounds (1588 grams).
Barrel: 12 inches, metal non-rifled.
Propulsion: 12 gram CO2 x 1.
Action: Semi auto, double action only.
Ammunition Type: 4.5mm BB’s.
Ammunition Capacity: 21 round metal stick magazine.
FPS: 417.

It’s nice when a new action shooting air rifle comes out on the market since there are not a ton of them. The ASG TAC 4.5 CO2 Air Rifle is a nice addition if you’re looking for a BB shooter for plinking around the yard. You can also get an Airsoft firing version too called the ASG TAC 6 CO2 Airsoft Rifle if you want to shoot some rounds that are a little bit less destructive and more game friendly. The ASG TAC 4.5 CO2 Air Rifle offers a lot of customizability with its top and bottom rails for accessories which allow for the placement of the included removable iron sights and Bipod. I would recommend adding a red dot sight and perhaps even a tac light to really dec out this modern looking air rifle.

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