Artillery Hold : [how to] fire a spring air rifle, [Music].right now youtubers how you doing I’m.doing great and welcome to another’s going to be a short video and fire a spring up’s gorgeous weather outside early.spring in the UK and we do get this sometimes so we take full.advantage of it so what’s the problem.well spring us on up PCP and you may.have heard a lot of people saying on.forums on Facebook saying why can’t I.get my shot tight and group why are my.shots going all over the place of try.changing pallets I’ve done this and I’ve.done that nine times out of 10 it comes.down to the way that actually holding.the rifle it’s not like a PCP Springer’s.have a recoil in them and you have to.counter for the recoil now unlike.cartridges with a center cap in it gunpowder and the you normal you getting the ar-fifteens pull the trigger the pellet or the.bullet has not left the end of the rifle.what in fact is actually happening is.there’s a great big spring under tension.and that’s flying forward and that’s the.recall you fill that stage the pellet.hasn’t even left the barrel haven’t you.started to leave the barrel so what.happens is that you’re holding the rifle.incorrectly you get the spring and the.recoil which forces the battle to do.this and if you’re not holding the rifle.correctly your pellet is obviously go all over the place and you don’t.get this problem with a PCP because they.recoilless but with a springer you most.definitely do get that and it is one of.the biggest problems that newcomers a spring us they’re not told how to.hold the rifle and there’s a special.technique called artillery hold and I’ll.try to explain that and how that so what I’ll do is get my lovely.assistant Abbie we’re going to position.there at the table with the rifle and of.course this applies whether you’re.sitting standing or kneeling but we’re.going to do this in a sitting bench.rested position just to show you the.basic principles of it all so we’re.going to cut across there and we’ll get.a be up to show us how to do.okay so what will you do a teepee just.pick the rifle up and hold it how you.would normally hold the rifle so we’ a fixed position here and I’m just.getting a B to hold on to slaves and.Springer and obviously this rifle is.uncropped it’s no pilot in it at the moment so if it yourself.comfortable aim downrange.okay so this is your typical Springer.hold that most people do always is Abby’s things as at the frontier.she’s got a real tight grip of the stock.of the rising here if you look up this.end here was a finger it’s got a real.tight grip around the trigger area as.well and just got that thought or.straight into a shoulder now a lot of.people acquired centerfire normal.bullets and they’re always told to make.sure that you get the rice with nice and.tight and it into your body nice and.tight obviously you got a deal natural.range make sure the prices went in the.right way but back in the army days I.always hold to that rice will need to top rope rock steady if I do’re part of that rifle now the.problem is that as we said we’re a.Springer we need fire the first thing.that happens is from the front the back.typically you’re getting a spring that.flies forward that is going to set the.vibration and an oscillation up at this.end of the barrel before the color is.even left because you’ve got such a.tight grip of it this barrel can’t do.its natural thing I wants to do it.actually wants to go backwards and.forwards complete but it can’t you’ a tight grip on it and so what.happens is the president all move up and.down and your pallets will go everywhere.and this is the big problem so what I’m.going to do is going to change the.specific what we to do we did take this and release the grip nice and flat.I can see here now ah she’s got it’s a.flat hand first thing this isn’t is to the rifle to move backwards of.course if I even move forward a little.bit under the recoil but it’s not to.stop that vibrations happening here with.Delano Jaster to release the pressure at.the back of the buckley it’s lost the.shotgun it’s not an ar-15 it’s not hurt your shoulder it doesn’t need like that it needs to be just there.just gently so literally the whole of.the rifle was wrestling you right lift.your arm asabi the drama stock pot man.and hogs they should be balanced fingers.out flat and just suspend it and there.we go the rifle is just balanced nicely.but this hand up and just gently caress.the trigger don’t squeeze the stock.gently caress it and then the part of.the rifle just should be just resting in.the shoulder where it’s comfortable not.squeezed into the shoulder and it goes.against complete logic for those that.are firing normal pallets are normal.bollocks that’s they are fifteen or.shotgun because what’s what happens now.I do this rifle goes everywhere and it.will do that but this isn’t a shotgun in.once this rifle naturally move in the.position it wants to move on the recoil.but you’re keeping it laying down and.this is what they call artillery method.of firing so you can come to all their a.bit ok so let’s go back to the original.way that you did it before the the original way tight.hence part of the rifle and we’re part.of it you’re going to set vibrations and.resonance of it and the pallets going to.go everywhere it’s going to bounce out.this barrel and back to the way that we.should be doing it nice and gentle.treated like a woman nice and gentle.just hold on to it and squeeze it.obviously the ricin schoolies be put in.the right position you need to be in.control of that rifle but the rifle is.naturally aiming where it suppose be.aiming and it allows the rifle to why is this called Athenry hold take a look at the clip that I’m.showing and repeat it you can see what.this howitzer that as a shot fires the.actual barrel is allowed to recoil it’s.allowed to move backwards and that’s.what we’re trying to do with the air.rifle as well is that are trying to.allow the recoil to happen naturally not got a tight grip and sending the.shot all over the place and that’s the.primary reason it’s called a tannery.couple of stances here so this is the.normal stance standing stance I’m either hear that she’s employing the.incorrect’ you can see how much she’ tight grip of the fore end of the.rifle so if we just zoom in there we can.see tight grip she’s got that tuck.tightly into a shoulder and she’s got a.real tight grip around the trigger area.there so what I’d like you to do now is.change that to the artillery style so.hand flaps nice and gentle and if we now.go and have a look it doesn’t look much.but it makes a lot of difference this.rifle can now move and can you take your.hand off the trigger area and just.balance the rifle and if we just zoom.out we can see how that’s now nicely.balanced and into the aim position again.please a be looking down the scope and.we can see nicely there how that works.okay so here we are in the kneeling.position and you see that Abby’s got the.slide all wrong again here if we take a.closer look we’ll feed up our hands are.gripping really tight she’s almost got.this like a shotgun on an ar-15 look really trying to a shoulder.everything can can’t lose there’s no.movement there for the area I could do.its job so Abby can you change now to.the artillery style and just take your.hand away to show that that rifle is.nicely balanced you just caress from.that rifle okay and release your safety.catch and what I’d like to do in your.own time take your shot into a safe.direction.and we can see that the rifle was.naturally allowed to move and it’s a.more of a fluid action now’ve got to concentrate on your.shooting style your breathing your.follow-through with the trigger all.right guys this is really really a and hopefully I explained how the.artillery style works basically you.should be holding out rifle as gently as.possible to allow the recoil to allow the rifle to do what it do the more you grip and tighten.yourself on this rifle the more they.Farrell is going to move like so and the.more your shots are going to miss or very well it’s nice gentle caress.treated nicely a squeeze follow and.follow through with the shot on that and.hopefully if you practice that it may.seem a bit weird to start off with but.if you practice that your shots your.groups and your accuracy with your.spring up will be so much better so as.always please like thumbs up thumbs down.comments down below.keeping civil if you wanna donate.there’s a link in the video description.more than happy to accept donations.towards the channel and as always next time thank you.[Music]. 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Artillery Hold : [how to] fire a spring air rifle
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This short video explains how to can improve the accuracy of your Spring Powered Air Rifle by simply changing your grip and hold to the loose artillery hold method.