AirgunWeb Review of the Walther Rotek Air Rifle : Umarex Airguns, [Music].hey guys my name is Rick user and I’ to talk to you about the new Wall.Thoreau tech this is a new regulated pcp.air gun coming in from Umarex USA stay.with me.what tell you all about.[Music].so let me tell you about some of the.features I really like about this new.Walther Rotech one of the things I it’s very compact size it’s very very.compact as you could see it doesn’t have.a really long barrel so when you’re you know brush or a tight hunting.situation you’re not going to get hung.up I really like the way it pulls to the.shoulder tube it’s very very comfortable.the stock is really gorgeous as you can.see and it’s fully ambidextrous too left these out there this rifles.gonna work great for you some of the.other things that have me excited’s got a removable bottle the fact.that you can take this off and have.several of them in your backpack it’s.really cool especially for those long.hunts that you may want to go on you.don’t have to carry a tank or a pump fill your rifle up now if you’re.concerned about shot count.don’t be this rifle is fully regulated.and I’m getting 56 64 good shots out of.this gun and is putting out right at 20.foot pounds now that may not sound like.a lot but when you can basically draw a.picture on your target with this thing.the accuracy is there this thing will.put it right where you need it to go so.let me tell you how you get this thing.ready to shoot the first thing you know this is a pcp air gun so you’re.gonna need to fill it there’s a hole.right here by the gauge it comes with a.probe that goes in this fill your gun up to 200 bar’re good to go from there now this.pressure gage well it tells you much pressure you have it you’re.done so as you’re shooting you can.always reference that to know if you.need to top it off or maybe swap the.bottle out now it has an eight shot.magazine let me pull this out here and.that’s where your pellets go now I’m.using the jsb fifteen point eight nine.grain and those are what I’m getting.that twenty foot pounds out of there.shooting right at 7: 42 750 right in that.range and and it’s really very very.consistent thanks to the regulator so can see I have a scope on this rifle.and you’re gonna need to scope it.because it doesn’t come with open sights.and I’ve mounted the hawk’s a three to twelve by fifty scope.and it’s really ideal for the kind of.hunting I like to do the.trigger on this gun is a little bit.stiff but not too bad it’s breaking.right at around four pounds which is.certainly usable there are some.adjustments but it’s really more for.position and not pull weight it has a.manual safety back here on the rifle.which I think I prefer I like to be just either have it on safe or on fire especially if I’m having to.get a bunch of shots off in a hurry so.that’s what you need to know about the.rifle itself how to get it ready to.shoot now let’s do some accuracy of the things I learned today with.the Rotech while is out hunting it.shoots right at 20 foot pounds and like collar doves which is what I’m.hunting today make it’d be pretty you really need to be precise with.your shooting in order to do that you.really need to set up and make sure’ve zeroed your rifle properly so.what I’m gonna do now is I’ve set up a.table riding around 25 30 yards and.we’re gonna put some some pellets.downrange and see how the gun groups.from there I can throw my numbers into.chair gun and I can get an idea of what.I need to do to adjust for the various.ranges we’re gonna be shooting so let’s.see here.well I think that pretty much tells me.what I need to know I am grouping.probably about the size of a nickel and.I’m just a little bit high here I think.this is probably right around 25 now let me know exactly what my doing I know that I can have.confidence when I go in the field and.make the critical shot.[Music].we wallet pasta then we angle back this.way we don’t get any interference in[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].so as you can see this rifle will.definitely put LED right where you if you want more information about.the Walther otech visit WWE at name is Rick you sir thanks for.watching.[Music]. My beautiful grandma says this plugin is interesting!
AirgunWeb Review of the Walther Rotek Air Rifle : Umarex Airguns
I be mad for addons, because they are the awesome. Rick Eutsler of AirgunWeb reviews the Walther Rotek PCP Air Rifle. Built in Germany, this airgun includes a Lother Walther barrel with integrated 1/2” UNF thread for mounting a suppressor, an integrated 200cc air tank, a filling adapter, and an integrated manometer to view the current pressure. Everything about this airgun is built for shooting pleasure and accuracy with an adjustable match trigger, rubber recoil pad, a removable 8-shot rotary magazine, and a vibration reduction system. Rick takes you through its features and operations and gives a demonstration for its accuracy.

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