What type of airguns are good when you are looking for airguns with high power? Well, that is what we are going to talk about in this article! 

Airguns With High Power

How is airgun power measured? 

You need a chronograph. 

A chronograph is a special tool which you can use to determine the velocity of the bullet that you are using. This will be measured in FPS. So, if something is 100 FPS, it means that it can travel about 100 feet before it starts to lose its power. 

Using a chronograph is surprisingly easy too. They are normally going to be digital. You switch the chronograph on. You put the muzzle of your gun just in front of the chornograph and pull the trigger. As the bullet travels through the chronograph, you will be given a digital readout of how fast the bullet is travelling. 

It is worth noting that the power that a manufacturer gives for their weapons will not be 100% accurate. This is because small changes in the manufacture of the air gun can drastically change the speed at which the projectile travels at. For example; if there is a bit of roughness inside of the barrel, then this may slow down the projectile ever so slightly. 

If you are skirmishing, then it is likely that you will be asked to check your velocity against a chronograph before you are allowed to take part. 

Spring Loaded Airguns 

If you want airguns with high power, then you are probably going to want to steer clear of these airguns because there is not a lot of power there at all. These are made for short range target practice or maybe a little bit of skirmishing, but even then, the power may be severely lacking. At the most, you are going to be getting about 100fps from your spring loaded airgun. 

Gas Loaded Airguns 

The minimum power for gas loaded airguns will be about 200fps, but they can go far, far higher than that. This means that if you want airguns with high power, then this is absolutely a route that you should consider. 

Gas loaded airguns can be used for skirmishing, but because they have a high amount of power behind them, you will need to think a lot harder about the type that you purchase. This is because many of them will be banned from being used in skirmish environments because they do have the ability to kill. 

Electric Airguns 

These are about the same as gas loaded airguns when it comes to power. These are often going to be used where accuracy is key i.e. in the case of plinking. However; you should remember that these are going to be a bit more expensive than their gas loaded counterparts. Many people also report they have a lower lifespan as batteries can only be charged a certain amount before they die. You will need to replace gas regularly, but there is still very little that can go wrong with gas powered airguns.


The truth is there is a lot of different airguns with high power out there. Picking the one that is best for you is the key. Our favorite one on MyAirGuns is the Benjamin Marauder .

Benjamin Marauder