Airgun Reporter: Crosman/Remington Nitro Piston Short Stroke Air Rifle, [Music].let’s try for some stegasaurus steaks.ooh that one almost got away got them on.the run there we go now for some size.set atop they can put some meat on the table.right and case we’re hungry a little bit later.some taranis or t-bone.[Music].all right hi there folks and welcome.back to another episode of air gun.reporter I’m your host Paul Capello.and I feel like a total.johnny-come-lately why because the.Crossman nitro piston short stroke has.been out for some time now and I’m just.getting around to reviewing it but I was.lucky enough to check out this rifle.while it was still under development at.the Crossman factory in Bloomfield New.York earlier this year it was amazing.then it’s quiet it’s powerful it’s even.better now with some refinements from.Crosman let’s take it up to the air.lodge and check it out okay before we.move on to the testing let’s go over.some features of the nitro piston short.stroke two very important ones to start.with first of all it has a shrouded.barrel and what this is is a shroud.fitted over the rifle barrel inside and.what that does is keep your shots very.very quiet this is probably the air gun.this reporter has ever experienced now.secondly what is a nitro piston that’s.basically a gas ram this is a.proprietary design from Crosman and.they’re very similar to the struts that.hold up the back door on a minivan and.this gives you some very important.advantages over a metal spring there’ torque when it’s fired there’s no.metal spring fatigue it can be cocked.for extended periods although I don’t.suggest that if you are hunting you can.cock this going through the woods and.stalk your prey and you want to lurk.them by cocking your rifle it increases.your stealth also it’s not affected it’s not affected by cold or.heat and it gives a very smooth firing.cycle it feels like a tomb rifle right.out of the box now you’ll notice here.also there’s no open sights but the.nitrile piston comes with a center point.3 to 9 by 40 scope and that’s ready mounted on this and I think this is a.perfect skull for this’s sized just right it’s fairly.lightweight and I think works so that’s good you don’t worry about searching for the proper.scope this one will work fine for you.all right the first thing we’re going is some Kranti test.then we’ll move on to the accuracy.testing trigger testing sound testing.and we’ll wrap up the show before we.move on to the chrony test allez something else about the Nitro.piston short stroke and that’s the stock.this is made from synthetic material.there’s no wood in here and this is the.carbon fiber look they also have camo version of this which is.kind of a tan and green look to it’s based on the military’s digital.camo design also has a rubberized here and a ventilated rubber butt.head okay our first pallet over the craw.knee is going to be the jsb jumbo exact.Express these are a fourteen point three.grain pellet let’s see how it does so.what’s the cocking effort of the nitrile.piston short stroke well we’re gonna.measure that for you right after the.chronic testing I learned a neat trick.from Tom Gaylord and that’s to use a.bathroom scale to help measure the.cocking effort on break barrel air.rifles and side lever air rifles for.that matter and we’ll get to that in.just a moment.a good habit to get into when you’re.using a non automatic safety that’s.located in the trigger guard is to back on safe after each shot and.maybe after 50 60 70 a hundred thousand.rounds or however long it takes you to.learn you’ll find that it’s unsafe every.time you cock it and return to the.shooting position it’s a good habit to.learn do it okay here’s my results with.the 22 caliber Nitro piston short stroke.using the jsb jumbo Express 16 grain.pellets looks like our average was 654.feet per second our fastest was 660 our.slowest 648 the extreme spread 11.9.let’s say 12 feet per second and our.standard deviation was 3.3 feet per.second between each of the 10 shots.based on our average of 654 feet per.second that gives us 15 point 2.foot-pounds of energy that’s plenty for.small game hunting all right let’s move.on and do some accuracy testing and for.that we’re gonna use the same pellet the.jsb jumbo expresses let’s go see how I almost forgot I was going to how to measure the cocking effort of.break bail air rifles I’ve got scale here now this is just a.cheapo digital bathroom scale and I have.a board on top of it and that’s to.spread the weight evenly over the.surface of the scale now scales are.meant for you to stand on and if I put the barrel just on the scale.itself it’s not going to measure it but.I found that this helps first thing.we’re gonna do is break it open that I’ve turned it upside down and.very carefully put weight on it until it.breaks open alright it looks like we got.about 26 pounds of effort to cock the.nitrile piston short-stroke and that.tells me that you can cock this thing.all day long and not worry about big gorilla arm or something like.that let’s move on to the accuracy.testing all right it looks like we’ve.been pretty good here with our jsb pellets you know I’ve had people.come to me and say Paul I can do much.better with that rifle or this rifle or.that pistol or whatever good I want be better than me go out and practice.shoot a lot of pellets shoot thousands.of them and practice practice practice.but our little group here is pretty.respectable it fits within a dime at 20.meters and of course this is bench.rested I’m not a braggart.but this rifle is very very accurate and.if you do your part you’re gonna get.some great things out of this rifle that pretty good I’ve gotten quite a.few emails asking me to use these.predator poly mag pellets these are a.polymer tipped pellet and I do use these.but I don’t use them often for reviews.these shoot well out of many air guns.and it happens to do pretty good in the.nitro piston short stroke and I’ll that result in a moment these are.really neat it’s a hollow point and a.polymer tipped pointed pellet this is.very good for hunting game that have a.tough thick skin like crows or those big.fat winter squirrels if you want to.break through that fat and that hide.these are very good for that here’s what.we did not too bad I’ve got one that.flew off to the left over here but.overall I’ve been shooting these.predator pellets with the Nitro piston.fur for quite some time now and it does.pretty good do your part you’ll do even.better like I said I want you to do.better.the Nitro piston short-stroke does have.a two-stage trigger and it’s adjustable.just follow the manual and you can get.this trigger to your liking now I’m.gonna go ahead and use my.Liman trigger gauge here and see what.our results are remember I haven’t.changed any of the settings on this.rifle this is stock but if I were to.continue using this rifle I probably go.ahead and adjust the trigger whew six.pounds four ounces that’s a little bit.heavy.five pounds 11 ounces.5 pounds 5 ounces 5 pounds 12 ounces 4.pounds 15 ounces say about 5 pounds.there all right well it’s a little bit.on the high end.looks like our average was 5 pounds 4.ounces but like I said. 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Airgun Reporter: Crosman/Remington Nitro Piston Short Stroke Air Rifle
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