Airgun hunting with the regulated Umarex Gauntlet air rifle, [Music].[Laughter].[Music].okay we’re going to take humor ex’s new.tcpi rifles to gauntlet we’re going to.try to shoot some some hi Rex and Ozzy.back here if you look behind me there.are a bunch of holes kind of like a.prairie dog town back in in the Midwest.of the US and the plains area anyway.Aussies are a larger animal they’re in a.fairly unusual class I won’t go into but.they look something like a cross between.a prairie dog and a groundhog they’ sharp teeth like little fangless.anyway the up in the the rock areas you.see a lot of them up with the rock areas.they’re fine back there here they’re.starting to get into some of the some of.the pasture area of being area so we’re.just going to fit a few out not going to.shoot a lot just thin them out a little.bit keep them from from expanding so I’m.going to go sit back in here tuck into.the shade of a tree and put my face mask.on and try to blend in and wait for a.while.hopefully they’ll pop back up they’ll.dote down the holes when they saw is.coming up.walking across the bush and grasslands.we saw several areas where hi Rex had.dead Burns’s and torn up the ground I.hiked to an open area where I’d seen.several drop down through their holes I.was looking for a place I could tuck in.under cover of vegetation and we lie camo to keep hidden.i sat about fifty yards from a giant.burrow and waited.eventually the fattest hi Rex I’ve ever.seen clambered out from behind the mound.and kept on walking.I was sitting lower than the camera and.only saw his back as he walked by I.never got a clean shot I held my.position awaited I’ve run the shooting.sticks through a strap on my pack which.made a stable platform and provided.extra coverage I soon saw another one right side and after repositioning.the cameras lined up my shot I was in the wind and spine the animal.rather than the intended headshot but it.did the job after waiting a quarter hour.I moved and set up at a new spot and put.da ski number two in the bag another hi.Rex had about 35 40 yards using the.Umarex gauntlet 22 caliber pcp air’s going to’s accurate it’s quiet next I headed.over to one of the sheep feeders and.after 15 minutes the sheep and goats.rolled in as a livestock moved out a.troop of brevet monkeys move in these.monkeys can be a huge problem to farmers.but it seems like the ongoing drought.was taking a toll on them as well so I.just sat and watched I crawled into a.cup blind we set up the day before the monkey moved out the crows a big one flew over my head and.landed on a trough unlike the primates.the crow numbers seem to be very high I.lined up the 50-yard head slowly squeeze the trigger 2:22 jsb.pellet pass through the bird’s brain and.anchored your ex gauntlet 22 that is quiet.powerful got the screw at about 35 heart coming in they’re really.hitting this feeder heart this is the.only one that I was able to line up a.shot at so these birds are really tucked away in a blind back here and.moved very very slowly had a lot of.cover all around me including behind they couldn’t see me backlit anyway.took this crow I’m going to go out some more birds I think a little.later I’m going to try for a guinea see what we can do.[Music].[Laughter].[Music].the. My brother says this plugin is elegant.
Airgun hunting with the regulated Umarex Gauntlet air rifle
This is the fancy constituent ever%sentence_ending A new regulated hunting air rifle from Umarex… in the field: small game hunting with an airgun!
I take the new Umarex Gauntlet PCP air rifle out for an airgun hunt. The Gauntlet is an affordable regulated air rifle (these words don’t often appear together) from Umarex that is a real performer, accuracy, consistency, power and a high shot count with very low shot to shot variability.
For this pest control shoot on a farm on the Eastern Cape, I’ll use the .22 caliber Gauntlet to take a couple of hyrax from a sheep camp, then get a crow coming into the feeders, the Gauntlet did everything you’d want from a quality hunting air rifle…. and to make the airgun hunt more exotic, we’re visited by a troop of vervet monkeys along the way!
The gun was shooting the JSB 15 grain Diabolo Exact pellets, which were very consistent out of this rifle. If you enjoyed this video, please take a minute to like and subscribe, you’ll be keeping up with my hunts, the new gear, and really be helping me to grow the channel.
Stay tuned, I’ll be doing a comprehensive review of the Gauntlet air rifle soon!

Let me know if you have any questions about the rifle.

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