Airgun Hunting Umarex Hammer Air Rifle Red Deer : American Airgunner TV, What’s up, airgunners?.Welcome to the 2018 season
of American Airgunner!.This season, we’re doing
things all kinds of different..Number one, we’re going hunting..We got the Hammer..We got the most powerful
production the airgun world..And we’re taking it hunting
after some some big game.this season..You’re going to see some
of the biggest trophy.animals you’ve ever seen,
ever, on any hunting show..And were taken
them with airguns..We’re going to go do
all of the competitions..We’re hitting Shot Show..We’re also bringing a lot of
guest hunters on the show..You’re going to
meet Brittany Glaze..You’re going to
meet Caitlyn Lowse..You’re going to meet
Brie van Stoddard..And you’re going to
meet a man that’s.going to make it all happen
for us, Eydin Hanson..It’s all happening this
season, right here,.on American Airgunner..All right, so I met
Eydin Hanson, actually,.at the Texas Airgun
show in 2015..So I was walking around there..I was with Charlie Melton..And we were just going around,
checking out different guns..So while we were down
there, I ran into Rossi..And we started talking..And he had talked about
all these exotics,.and these ranches that he
hunted, and all these hogs he.hunted..And he says, you got to come
down to Texas and hunt big game.with me..And I said, I don’t
have the right hunt the animals that
you’re talking about right now..When I get the hammer in my
hands, I’ll give you a call,.we’ll do it..And so I get the
phone call from him..He goes, all right, we’ve got
the gun, we’ve got the gun..And the gun is the Hammer..And I’m like, the one
that was at Shot Show?.He’s like, yes,
yes, that’s the gun..Actually I called him up..I came down here
and scouted a ranch..I called Andy at Executive
Outdoors Adventurers.and said, hey, I need a
really big game animal.that we can go after..And he says, how
about a red stag?.And so I called him back
up and said, come on down,.we’re ready to go..So I came down and [LAUGHS] it
all started this morning was dark..Oh!.Ugh!.Early morning, my favorite!.’Sup, dude..Man, you ready to hit it today?.Totally ready..What time is it?.Is there a clock around here..5: 08..Exciting day, it’s going
to be an exciting day,.going to be a fun day..Biggest hunt I’ve ever been on..(WHISPERING) Here we go..Is it ready?.Ready..It’s go time!.Our time to do this!.Ready?.Let’s go!.Let’s do it!.We got there early this morning..They built, last night, they
built a little brush out.of cedar..One of the things
that we noticed,.it’s going to be tough to
get these guys in the trees..You’re just not going to be
able to get the good shot..So we went out last night..We built a blind..And we built it
out of cedar trees..We built it out of lots
of sticks, made a frame,.set this whole thing up..It was awesome..They put us down there..And we were there, out
there, at 5: 30, I believe..And it was freezing
cold, for one..Not my fave..No going to lie to you..I don’t love cold weather..Not a whole lot came
out this morning..I mean, we didn’t see,
really, anything pass through.until daylight,
really, when we started.seeing some movement from in
the woods, and around the area,.and different animals..(WHISPERING) There they are!.There they are!.And then we actually caught
this heard of red our right in the woods..And we could just see
them with binoculars..We could see them kind
of walking around..And then, as the day
went on, they slowly.worked away around the
perimeter of the woods..(WHISPERING) If they
come down there,.they’ll come down from
over here on this side..If they go up by that
tree line, there be out of range for us..They didn’t come our direction..So it is hunting..So we had to just
sit there longer..We just watched..We sat..And we just watched..And we just watched..And we just watched..And we just watched..And we just watched..And we just watched, and
watched, and watched..And finally, gosh,
around 11: 00 o’clock,.they all kind of stood up
and just started moving..The females were
kind of looking..And we hadn’t seen the
male over there yet..And then, all of a sudden, boom!.This giant pops up
with this huge rack..(WHISPERING) Oh,
there’s the big boy..He’s right there..See him?.He just walked outside of that
tree, like, 250 yards away..This is heard..So there’s, like,
15 or 16 of them..There’s the big buck..There’s a younger buck..There was a couple that
had, still, the velvet..And then there’s
probably 10 or 11 females.that literally walk
around this giant their private security..We have to get them in a
place where we can catch.them passing back there again..That’s why I was
hoping we’d catch.them coming through the field..The way they were traveling..[INAUDIBLE].I thought that they were
going to come like this..And instead, they went–.They pushed up
around [INAUDIBLE]…Closest they got was 211 yards..That’s not an airgun shot..So if they’ll come
out of the woods,.come out here, come
out of the fields,.where they can start
chewing on grass and stuff,.they’ll come out..But there’s a better
vantage point, now,.just inside the woods..So if we come out of the blind
and try to go stock them,.they’re going to bust
us, and be out of there..So we’re at the
sit an wait point..The hunt continues right
here on American Airgunner..Stay tuned for the rest of the
hunt with Eydin and Executive.Outdoor Adventures..But for now, let’s switch
gears and kick off the season.with the good old gun review..This week, I’ll be
looking at the all new, 50.caliber, Hammer..American Airgunner is
sponsored by Umarex Airguns,.zeroed in; by Pyramid
Air, the world’s largest.retailer of Airguns’ and by
Prym1 Camo, be the predator..All right..So we’re back in Texas..I’ve got the Umarex Hammer..And my buddy Eydin
Hansen is with me..We’ve been in the brush
blind waiting for red deer.all morning..Earlier, we watched
the herd move.slowly through the tree
line, and even come the open a bit..But unfortunately, they
were way out of range..So hopefully, with
a little patience.and maybe a little luck,
they’ll venture out of the woods.and right into my reticle..One of the challenges
that you have.when you start hunting big
game, or any type of game,.is if they start to come out,
and you have any animals,.they’re just an additional
set of eyes for danger..So in this situation, they
kind of ran down the woods..They kept glassing..And all of a sudden, now,
I see them start to move..We just need a couple of the
cows to come out of the woods.and start heading down..And then we knew the bull
would follow after that..And guess what happened..It was on..It was just a matter of timing,
and patience, and waiting..And they’re just getting
closer, and closer, and closer..He’s in the middle..But all the females
are around him..All of them..And they’re just moving,
kind of like, as a heard,.they’re grazing..He’s in the middle, grazing..He moves to the right..A couple of times,
I had an open shot..But there was two or
three females behind him,.or another buck behind him..And so, literally, I’m
just watching this animal..I’ve got what looks
like the perfect shot..And I can’t take it..Finally, it opens up,
and I’m ready to take.a shot at this stag..I’m about 40, 45 yards away..It’s unbelievable..It is unbelievable how
much they protect him..And he just turns, and moves
around with them, moves around..I ain’t even saw the first time..I know it..He was done..He kicked..That’s a clear sign of shot..Mm-hmm..You had a good shot..He moved, like, 10 yards,
and turned, to looked..I want to hunt with this..I want to hunt..Put the Hammer
right in the middle..I’m looking for a
double lung shot,.right behind the front shoulder..And he put a perfect
double lunger..It jumped up in the air,
made a quick right hand turn,.ran down a little ways..He immediately racked
another round in there..And then did a good
follow up shot..And dropped it
right in his tracks..So it was absolutely amazing..Oh, my– oh, my goodness..Oh, my goodness..Went air-hunting with the
Hammer for the first time..And we decided, listen, the
Hammer’s putting out 700,.800 foot pounds..That’s as much you need to
kill, to take any big game..So we decide to go out
and really put this the test, challenge it..See what it was capable of..We know they can take
big game humanely..And we’ve proven it..Put the shot right on him..Right where it needs to be–.you have secondary follow
up, just to make sure..Hahaha!.Oh, man, I am excited..I am excited..I am excited..That is it for this hunt,
right here on American–.wait for it–.Airgunner!.American Airgunner just to
get a 600 pound red stag..All right, so just got
off the most epic hunt.I’ve ever been on
in my entire life,.for the biggest animal I’ve
ever seen in my entire life,.and by far the biggest animal
I’ve ever harvested in my life..My first experience hunting
that big of a game from there,.I’ve never, myself,
actually shot one..But I felt like I did..And it was just a lot of fun..I know they’re great eating..I can’t wait..The rack on this
thing is just awesome..That is going to go
on my front door..A 600 pound red stag
with a giant rack..And I just took it down with the
Hammer, with a 50 cal airgun..Eydin brought me on the
best hunt I’ve ever been on..Executive Outdoor Adventures
set up the greatest hunt.I’ve ever been on..Thank you..Thank you..Thank you..You’ve been watching American
Airgunner, the only all about airguns..Follow us on
Facebook, Instagram,.and subscribe at Watch.episodes of American Airgunner
any time on Pursuit Up..Find it in your app store,
or at, engage your brain,
and go shoot an airgun!.[MUSIC PLAYING]. I adore WordPress plugins, because they are adorable.
Airgun Hunting Umarex Hammer Air Rifle Red Deer : American Airgunner TV
This is the clever item ever%sentence_ending Rossi Morreale, host of American Airgunner TV Show goes airgun hunting on a big red deer hunt with the Umarex Hammer Air Rifle and Eydin Hansen the #TXHogDude and Umarex USA Pro Staffer. This is a hunt of a lifetime set up with Executive Outdoor Adventures for Rossi where the anticipation of harvesting a big red stag deer, with a big bore rifle that only few have shot, in combination with the pressure of having to get a hunt for the 2018 season have him tense and nervous with energy. It’s a good thing he and his guide, Bubba, had their Prym1 camo with, because it turned cold just before he arrived for this hunt.

Book your hunt of a lifetime with Executive Outdoor Adventures:

The red deer is a big deer species native to Europe and is considered an exotic in the United States. It can now be hunted in many parts of the world both on private and public lands like the large amounts of hunting lands managed by Executive Outdoor Adventures of Texas.

No, we don’t know when the Umarex Hammer 50 cal will be available. We do know we were lucky to be among the first to hunt with the working prototype… the same rifle that was at SHOT Show range day in January of 2018. It’s a beast for sure. It has a kick like no other air rifle out there. We know that’s because of the way the engineers designed the rifle and its Lightspeed valve. The Hammer moves a lot of air and it moves it quick.

Rossi actually shoots the red deer twice. His first shot was well placed, but he wanted to drop it to make it quick, thus the second shot. He was using a 350 grain lead slug. You may have seen pictures of it from a display at SHOT Show and the NRA Show.

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