AIRGUN HUNT Javalina Hunt with the Badger Air Rifle, [Music].but we’ve been out hunting for for a few.days been fighting the weather it’s been.raining it’s been windy it’s been cold.and we’ve had very few breaks in it.where we could go out hunting and.luckily this was one short period we had.before the storms kicked back in and to get out again and luckily we came.into this this group of javelina that.were feeding down off the hillside great.hunt the the rifle I was using again was.the Badger it’s from epoch it’s a 40.caliber pcp air rifle I took this shot.about 100 yards the the gun is putting.out about 300 foot pound and it’s really.been working well for me in the field.rain had the desert lush and green with.wildlife moving everywhere I couldn’t.believe the size of these mule deer that.ran out in front of us but the winds.were the problem it had shut down the.predator activity we were using a.friend’s hunting vehicle to move around.the desert roads this is rugged.territory it’s far from anything we.spotted this group of animals from Pig broke off but didn’t look like.he was going to stop I knew this.javelina wasn’t going to hang around.long got ready to take the shot.186 grain mister hollow-point dropped.the javelina on the spot it’s been a.hard we’ve been really fighting it’s been raining windy ever.since we’ve been here we we went out.searching for a peccary there are a lot.of there are a lot of groups of javelina.that worked their way through these.hills came over rising saw some moving.down through this hill got a shot at.this guide about about a hundred yards.I’m using the epoch badger forty 40.caliber this gun is a real tact’s powerful putting out about 300 foot.pound you might have seen me take a deer.with this rifle in Virginia a couple.months ago it’s really been doing well.for me in the big game peel just.javelina look at the choppers on this.thing.[Music].[Applause].[Music]. These ingredients are astonishing.
AIRGUN HUNT Javalina Hunt with the Badger Air Rifle
Meet this interesting constituent. On a trip down south, there was a short break in the weather that let us get out after javalina. I was using the Badger .40, which is one of the best values to be found in airgunning, and specifically the most affordable of the powerful big bores. The gun is distributed through Airgun Depot.

The Badger is accurate, powerful, fairly light (compared to most other big bores) and because of the simple design it is reliable. I believe the .40 is a brilliant caliber, that is a strong performer on deer sized game, while flat shooting enough to be a solid longer range predator gun as well.

My gun is not wearing a standard stock, but a DIY thumbhole model I purchased from Richards Microfit and finished myself.

The reason I think this gun a game changer, is availability and price. Now more people can buy a rifle without waiting and without the high costs associated with the fine custom guns, and more hunters in the field the quicker game laws will evolve!

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