Airgun Depot | Top 3 WWII BB Guns, just kidding this is reckless you’re 17 21 look what we got here we got the m1 carbine you know what this is all about air gun Depot and sure 17 21 top three World War two replicas let’s get to the bench and take a look well here we are with the c96 Umarex legends right here this is a semi-auto blowback but Oh hold on we also got the four dose selector switch which is right here we got a 19 round mag which is right here so we got this right here that’s co2 this is a awesome gun weighs about two pounds costs about sixty dollars at air gun depot so we’re gonna lay that down here and what we’re gonna do is we’re just gonna go over real quick is we’re gonna go over the installation of the co2 and the ammo and then we’ll get right into shooting this gun so we’ll do that so you can see we got our co2 here there you go it’s advised to use one drop of oil on there and I use pellet gun oil and you put one drop on there I don’t have it out here with me today but that’s alright because what we’re doing we’re just showing you how this is gonna so this is what you want to be careful this is plastic okay here your threads are plastic here’s your wrench that comes with the pistol and then all you’re doing is putting that in there and going and going clockwise and then tighten up just nice and snug not too far not crazy and then what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take some bb’s we’re gonna get some in here so we’re gonna show you how it loads so you gotta pull your spring the whole way back and then you’re gonna be able to your bb’s go in just like this okay and then I’m not gonna fill the whole mag here on camera but just so you get the gist of how that is and then what you do is you just put your spring up and let it go back in and there you go cuz I’m not gonna bore you with these big hands trying to put all those bb’s in that mag down okay so now we’re ready to shoot so let’s get you we are for the fun part we want to talk about the accuracy parts that we’re gonna shoot at a target we got our HD targets I want to give a shout out to HD targets because those guys have supply this in a ton of videos thank you so much your targets work awesome we’re gonna give you that shoutout we owed you that one but right here what we’re talking about is the weight of this is 1.7 pounds which is pretty awesome I love that the feel here of the grip of the broom handle basically and I’m looking at this going wow 5.5 barrel length smoothbore it’s a plinker and it’s for fun and it’s for that replica weight and feel guys that’s what this is about so if you want something that’s a replica remember this is a BB gun shooting 380 feet per second with a smoothbore 5.5 barrel this is all about fun so we’re gonna sit down here and fire a couple of shots at the target there and then go into the fun mode which will go we’ll go semi first and then fo auto so let’s cock it right there okay and then we have it on semi right now so we’re gonna take a couple shots at the target there there you go so there’s your semi-auto and here’s the cool feature let’s go to four just like that you push in turn it over and let’s let’s get let’s see if we can hold on to the mag here a little bit and get a little bit of accuracy in there you go tell me it didn’t rip those off it just ripped into that target on full auto it’s a definite definitely throwing it out there and putting a lot of bb’s downrange actually that Ryan that did really nice that was pretty cool well there you go there’s your accuracy of your gave you a couple shots in semi but the full fun feature of this gun if you want to get airgun Depot you want to get it right now I think it’s $60 whoo alright let’s see what’s next alright check it out this is one of my favorite this is pretty awesome this is in the $200 range there’s a lot of features here this is the battle warm one that has the battle look to it it was in our epic little movie that we did Ryan I did with the mp40 and this this performed awesome we had a lot of fun so a lot of different features we got the folding stock on this guy so you know you got your folding stock but you also got right here there is right there that feature right there is your full auto there’s your single there’s your safety so it’s right there on the bottom okay and then you have adjustable sight for just just a little bit of elevation now so you got your your short and your long okay you’re able to put that on there look at this leather strap I mean these guys these guys thought in the weight the weight is awesome I think we’re coming in it I think it’s like five pounds a little over five pounds right there amazing and then of course this is your you can get extra these and you should because these are a ton de fun to have this is your 60 round mag dual co2 so right there it’s an Allen wrench again that comes with it it’s a 10 inch barrel in here and smooth board and it’s 450 feet per second so don’t get too excited you know because I sometimes I hear oh well you know what you’re buying something for their realistic weight and feel you’re looking at a replica you’re looking at something fun just to shoot in the backyard and and have your family over and shoot and are friends and just having a blast shooting it that’s what it’s about you know so don’t be there’s so many people that send so many messages are like I didn’t see a quarter inch group well no it’s a smoothbore BB gun so remember that and when you make comments and you say things that we’re doing the videos with what they are alright that’s enough talking about that let’s load up the mag with the co2 so let’s show you that just down here so you just insert your break down your outlines in the back for comes out you can see your cap okay you know what’s in see your first co2 you put a drop of oil in and then you drop it in okay and then your second co2 gets turned the opposite way so now he’s up so you see there’s a piercing pin there so you see what’s going on there so you turn them around one goes first one goes into the first piercing pin the second one this is the piercing pin then there’s your o-ring that locks it in place then you always make sure now this is metal so you make sure that when you got this you feel that smooth transition as you’re rotating this to get this into place and then you take your allen wrench you do this you turn it just like this and then you turn it until you feel it nice and snug that way you know right there you know you got Bo co2 so if you only go just a little bit more than likely you’ll just puncture the first one you’ll just puncture the first one not the second one you won’t get the full performance out of your magazine okay then to load it you come down here and you’ve got to hold this so this one you got to hold and your BB just go right into here so they’ll go right into there and I’ll be loading this up so you’re gonna take your bb’s and it’ll go Ryan can we see that clear so go right and let me move that out of the way I see we’ll do it this way so you can see it see the hole there that’s where you put your bb’s in you load them into there so I’m going to load this up we’re gonna do an accuracy test and see how it does okay here we are at the bench for the fun part of this realistic right there they did everything with a realistic welcome feel I like it we got a target set up I got an HD target down there so we got it in semi mode we’re gonna rack a couple rounds out of to see how she does oh my goodness look at the group all right take a look at that are you kidding me did we just do that the heck’s going on guys did you see that I mean I’m kind of impressed there that’s that’s pretty amazing I didn’t think we’d get such a tight group but when we were shooting it out in the field during that movie it did really really awesome so well there it is on semi so the fun part is that click did you hear that did you hear that sound you understand what that means okay that is very impressive take a look at the grouping down there that I did not expect I did not expect to see that hold that kind of grouping that is pretty amazing for full auto I know you see my eyes keep going down there that that is so cool okay this is legit like Wow Wow we had a ton of fun in the movie with this this thing performed flawless it has since we got it price point $1.99 air gun Depot you know what guys grab one okay last but not least is my this is my personal favorite I always wanted always wanted an m1 carbine replica I looked at there was mint there was other ones out there I looked at and I was like when this came out I thought this thing looks really cool and you know what it performs like it looks I was impressed so Ryan and I were doing some filming just a quick story on this we were doing some filming and it was getting late and we were doing our warm movie that we were doing and I was like hey Brian worth where’s the m1 and he goes ha I don’t know and I was like oh no we left it laying at the range so we turned around went back to find it blew my mind we actually one of the vehicles had run over the end of the stock here and pressed it into the ground so you want to talk about durable with no cracks no nothing I’m not saying one over your guns but I’m just saying for the durability of the gun blew my mind but let’s talk about a couple features of this gun so you’re looking at 36 inches overall probably we’re looking at I’d say probably five pounds five point seven pounds you got a 15 shot the taxable mag that’s where your co2 goes in the base there so you’re gonna put your mag in there here’s your safety boom pump right there works nice just like that guys rock and roll mode you have your you have your peep sight and you have adjusted for windage so you can go back and forth this gun shoots pretty dead-on it’s very impressive actually I made a couple 80-yard can shots with it that alone sold me once I saw how accurate it was we did do some trick shots with it I really like this but that’s enough talking about that let me show you how the mag loads up we’ll load it with the co2 and the ammo and then we’re gonna do the fun part the accuracy whew okay so here we have the mag right here and you can see that you can your allen wrench that comes with the with the gun you’re able to do that you always want to just take your time take your time when you’re putting your co2 cap back on your co2 goes in with a drop of oil on the head that’s the lubricate you don’t have to do that every time just with the first time when you fire which I’ve already fired this weapon many times so then take your cap and you take your time and you make sure that you’re not cross threading it and you’re going like that and you’re like oh that moves very freely there and then you take your allen wrench you stick it in here and then you just start your co2 into place and then just nice and snug that’s all you need to do that’s all there is to installing the co2 then your mag comes down it has a place to lock in you put your bb’s in here it’s 15 rounds so we’re gonna stick some bb’s in there and then what they do is they go right into here see if you always see them as I put them in there and struggle okay and there there’s where they’re going so they’re going right in the hole there and then you just turn the clip over and then you’re ready to go so I’ll put the rest of these in here and then we’ll shoot some accuracy okay here we are to bench with the Springfield Armory air venturi m1 carbine and we got the accuracy test and we’re just going to shoot our HD target down there and see how it does let’s see if we got here all right and of course soon as I want to squeeze the trigger we got some wind want and mess with us and you come back [Music] there you go I think this is definitely what I want to talk about what you want to take a look at is the extreme accuracy of a 450 feet per second BB gun I think it’s definitely worth looking at okay here we are downrange and you can take a look we’re probably sitting around right around twelve yards but take a look at this grouping as I just shot I mean you’re looking for an accurate realistic World War two replica air venturi m1 carbine I mean take a look at that that’s just to me that’s that’s an all-day plinker in the backyard having fun and I think that kind of shooting is amazing for a smoothbore BB gun now it does have a 17 inch barrel compared to the other two barrels out of five five and the ten but as a a fun gun to have the price-point air gun Depot is 199 and it’s just a great shooting great shooting gun wow I’m impressed by that Ryan I think two tats I can say that’s absolutely incredible I didn’t think it would shoot just a nice tight group like that very impressed here we heart the end of the video oh my goodness I was surprised by the accuracy I didn’t think that the BB guns would give us some accuracy like they did the m1 with its accuracy was unbelievable the mp40 even it’s five shot full auto group was amazing and then you get down to the C 96 and they kind of blew me away with the Fordo that thing was ripping what a ton of fun we want to thank our sponsors we want to thank airgun Depot we want to thank HD targets and we definitely want to thank boomer axe I mean that was your legend series is awesome Springfield Armory Wow air venturi this m1 carbine I it’s my personal favorite but I’ve always wanted an m1 carbine dude and for it to shoot like it did in this video what an amazing gun and what an amazing time you know what if you want a world war ii replica air gun depot go there pick up one of these beautiful guns you want to have a ton of fun definitely pick one up this is Rick what’s your 17 21 thanks for watching These add-ons are smart.
Airgun Depot | Top 3 WWII BB Guns
These plugins are quite beautiful. Airgun Depot | Top 3 WWII BB Guns

Legends C96 BB Pistol
This BB gun replica of the legendary German pistol will not disappoint you! There were several variations of the C96 (also known as the Broomhandle Mauser)- and this is a copy of the Schnellfeuer (German for fast or rapid fire) version of the C96- which was produced from 1932 to 1936. How long have you waited to get a C96? Load it with CO2 and steel BBs- pull back the charging handle on the end of the bolt and commence to shootin’! Airgun writer Tom Gaylord tested this gun- and he was shocked at the great accuracy it delivered.

Note: This gun is the less expensive semi-auto hard plastic BB pistol version not to be mistaken for the All Metal Full Auto M712.

Legends C96 Features
Shoots .177 Cal (4.5mm) Steel BBs
Uses a 12-gram CO2 cartridge
Realistic Blowback Action
19 Round Removable Magazine
Manual Safety
Fixed Front Sight
Elevation-Adjustable Rear Sight
Authentic Rounded Imitation Plastic Wood Pistol Grip
Includes Legends C96 Air Pistol & 19 Round Mag

Umarex Legends MP40 BB Submachine Gun
The Legends series by Umarex has brought historic firearms to life as some of the most accurate air gun replicas to date.

In keeping with the accuracy standards set by Umarex, the German MP40 submachine gun is no exception. With a 60 round magazine and full auto capability, this .177 caliber BB rifle promises hours of fun! Utilizing two 12 gram CO2 cartridges, simply select full or semi-automatic firing, and mow down tin cans like never before.

The original MP40 was first developed in 1940 for a select few assigned to the German paratroopers regiment and then later became the standard submachine gun for the Wehrmacht infantry. The Legends MP40 is a faithful replica that will transport you back in time the minute you pick it up. The full metal body and folding shoulder stock highlights the realistic feel. The hooded front sight and adjustable rear sight stay true to the original design and keep your eyes on the prize.

For fans of WWII military arms, this legendary gun can finally be yours!

Umarex Legends MP submachine Gun Features
Two firing modes: Full-Auto and Semi-Auto
Uses (2) 12-gram CO2 cartridges
60 rd BB magazine (.177 caliber)
Full metal
Fixed front sight
Adjustable rear sight for elevation
Folding stock
Manual safety

Springfield Armory M1 Carbine BB Rifle
Used consistently from WWII to Vietnam and sporadically up until the mid-2000’s, the M1 Carbine has been a staple in the US arsenal. Now being offered in a CO2 version is among the first in the Springfield Armory replica lineup. Using a single CO2 cartridge and a 15 round drop down magazine, this replica is capable of slinging BB’s downrange at 425 fps. Replica collector or a fan of US Military history, this M1 Carbine won’t disappoint!

Springfield Armory M1 Carbine Features

Authentic Replica
Uses (1) 12 gram CO2 cartridge
15 rd. Drop Free Magazine
Wood-Look, synthetic stock
Full Metal Action
Windage Adjustable Rear Sight
Manual Safety
Weight: 5.7 lbs
Length: 35.8″