Airgun Deer Hunting with a Big Bore Air Rifle : American Airgunner TV, I be nuts about addons, because they are elegant!
Airgun Deer Hunting with a Big Bore Air Rifle : American Airgunner TV
I adore plugins, because they are the elegant!! Can you airgun hunt American whitetail deer with a big bore air rifle that shoots big chunks of lead? Join Jim Chapman for this segment of American American TV as he hunts for his chance at a whitetail with a .40 caliber air powered rifle. Jim talks about the gun, the ammunition, and the beautiful hunting grounds within the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

Jim also discusses with his friend, Nathan Wenger, about the deer and their efforts to manage the herd for the health of the game and population.

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This is a segment from episode three of the 2016 season of American American
Airgunner TV. See content first on Pursuit Channel!

Nathan does not run a commercial hunting operation, and deer hunting on the farm is restricted to his family and a (very) few close friends. There is public land and national forest in the region where hunting is allowed.

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