Airforce TexanSS .45 Caliber Big Bore Air Rifle, [Music] welcome to the pyramid in sidearm patner today we’re gonna be taking a look at a brand new one from Air Force airguns the texan SS and 457 [Music] so we saw the Texan SS at the shacho 2017 back in January and now it’s finally here not a lot of changes from the traditional Texan platform at least from the back half of a gun you’re still talking about a four hundred and ninety cc bottle the same non adjustable trigger as you’re gonna find on the rest of the air force line side cocking mechanism and single loading of course which all functions flawlessly the Texan is a tried-and-true platform at this point with the 45 caliber being the most popular of the three so the texan SS made sense to come out in that 45 caliber now what Air Force has changed about this gun of course is a shorter barrel so we’re going from 34 inches to 24 and 3/4 inches and of course a full length shroud system that’s gonna sit off the front of the barrel making the total gun about 45 inches the moniker SS fits on many of the airforce guns they have an escape SS a Talon SS a condor SS and now of course the texan SS SS standing for super silent meaning that the gun is supposed to be quieter than the non shrouded version now with the small bore guns that’s always proven to be very true in all cases they’re very very quiet but we don’t know how that’s going to happen with a big board here we have a very large shroud a lot of volume it is a very large diameter can here and you have about four baffles inside as best as I can tell that should dampen the noise significantly now I’m gonna guess that we’re talking still on the relative loud side for most air Gunners out there probably not going to be a backyard friendly gun but for those of you that are hunting out in the field using this in big wide-open spaces this is going to alleviate the need for hearing protection which is something that quite frankly I don’t like wearing big earphones and I don’t find that the little earbuds do it for me in most cases especially when you’re talking about guns that go over a hundred and twenty decibels for example like the normal Texans do so this SS model should give us the ability to remove that hearing protection as well as keep a little bit of that silence factor especially if we’re going after some larger game now we’re gonna take the Texan SS out to the range put it through the normal battery of tests we got a couple bullets lined up I’ve already done a little bit of pretty shoe haven’t put it on our sound meter yet and obviously having chronograph to get for you guys either so they’re claiming 400 foot pounds out of this and you really shouldn’t see any diminished accuracy with that shorter barrel but we’re gonna find out what it does at 45 yards let’s head out to the range and check it out all right guys before we get to the accuracy in the velocities and all that stuff you’ll notice I’m not wearing hearing protection it with the SS it’s really not needed in my opinion even though we are in a pretty tight confined space so if you’re gonna be outside you’re probably not going to need hearing protection at least I wouldn’t but right now indoors with the noise bouncing off the walls it’s definitely a little bit louder than it’s going to be outside and we’re gonna throw it on the sound meter compared to a regular Texan and show you guys that difference but just my take on it don’t need hearing protection which means that SS is doing its job well so let’s head down range and see what we can do with these slopes [Music] alright guys so we tested pretty much all the ammo options that we offer here pyramid in this 457 size came down to 4 that basically did the best for us out of the Texan SS here first off they got the JSP the 234 grain double xl’s about an inch and a quarter group maybe a little bit smaller than that in 323 foot-pounds so definitely move them pretty good although not our most accurate option you do have the 350 grain errs coming in right again above an inch and a quarter so and generating 431 foot-pounds that’s a lot of power and our most powerful projectile here out of this text and SS but still not terribly satisfied with the group and then coming in at 407 foot-pounds is that 411 grain slug that’s a big freakin chunk of lead guys pretty impressive results obviously three shots with one going into that same hole there this is gonna be a lot of power and very accurate but our most accurate is definitely gonna be the 405 grain 406 foot-pounds of energy out of the 405 is about 670 feet per second if their highest guys this is absolutely phenomenal grouping right here out of this Texan SS again about 3 shots is what you’re gonna get on a fill from something this heavy but awesome groups definitely get yourself some of these 405’s and 411 s if you’re gonna get you a texan SS [Music] [Music] all right guys you’ll notice we use the 357 Texan and not a 457 Texan here for the uncrowded testing purely because it’s what we had on hand the 457 is definitely a little bit louder in that untraveled version but that said if we look at the audio files here you can see just how much higher those Peaks are for the sound on the 357 unshredded texan versus the texan SS so you know while that 5 DB difference may not seem like that much it’s actually very significant it’s a completely different sound profile which really gives the texan SS a huge advantage alright guys so to wrap things up on the texan SS here obviously very impressive results downrange 45 yards 1/2 inch group basically cloverleaf in them at that 45 yard mark with 400 plus foot-pounds at the muzzle these 405 is the 411 grain slugs definitely going to be the ones to get the 350 SR all right and they do produce a little bit more energy but I’m sticking to those 400 plus grain slugs they were very impressive downrange one thing definitely want to note there we did three shot groups obviously the gun only does about three shots per fill you sure you could eke out a fourth if you really had to in the field but for our purposes to get that best accuracy we’re refilling after three so that’s why we did three shot groups overall though I got to say that SS the super silent the sound moderator on the end of this guys is doing its job well to be able to take the earphones off and be able to shoot comfortably without any hearing protection is a big plus in my book and if you’re looking for some extra stealth in the field this is definitely gonna give it to you without compromising too much in the way of power so if you are going after some big game or if you want to shoot long range with the air force air gun the texan SS is definitely going to be one to check out and compare as always guys we want to hear back from you tell us what you thought of the video and if there’s anything else you’d like to see comment down below don’t forget to subscribe hit us with that like button for the insider i’m tyler patner we’ll see you guys at the next one [Music] you These ingredients are fancy!
Airforce TexanSS .45 Caliber Big Bore Air Rifle
Meet this helpful module. Introducing the TexanSS, AirForce’s silenced solution for big bore fans. As easy on the eyes as it is on the ears, the TexanSS features a fully-shrouded carbine length barrel with Sound-Loc® System technology. The TexanSS keeps the penetrating power hunters long for, but with quieter shots.

AirForce TexanSS Big Bore Air Rifle

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